Sexual maturation: where is the norm, and where is the anomaly?

Sexual maturation is an unavoidable physiological process, which, as a rule, begins with the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics. What it is? The most common are: strengthening the hair on the pubic and under the armpits, as well as pigmentation of the genitalia( external).Everyone knows that such changes in the life of the girl begin a couple of years earlier than the boy, and in the future girls develop more intensively.

So, what do you need to know about the female body? Sexual maturation begins at the age of 10-12 years, but significant changes with a child's organism occur already in eight years, when there is a smooth rounding of the hips and the projection of the sucking mug. At the age of ten, the first hair in the pubic region and under the armpits break through, the growth of the mammary glands is noted, the first menstruation can come in 11-12 years, and the menstrual cycle is completely normalized at the age of 15-16, pubic hair continues, the mammary glands. In addition to the sexual characteristics of the girl, there is a change in growth, or rather, its increase, which ceases only when the age of 18 is reached.

What happens to the male body? Sexual maturation is almost impossible to predict and predict, but more often than not, its onset is observed at 12-14 years, and secondary sexual symptoms often occur a little earlier. Thus, in 10-11 years, visual enlargement of the testicles and penis in size was recorded;in 11-12 years pigmentation of scrotum and growth of pubic hair growth are noticed;in the 12-13 years, intensive growth continues;in the 13-14 years there is a sharp mutation of the voice and the development of the muscular silhouette, as well as the appearance of hair under the armpit and under the nose;for the first 14-15 years the first uncomfortable pollutions are characteristic;but by the age of 18-20 puberty is coming to an end. Boys also grow, increasing for a year in the growth of 12 cm, and so until 14 years, a complete stop of growth is observed only to 20 years.

Of course, the above indicators are not the same for all teens, but they are as close to normal as possible. But sometimes there are cases when there is later sexual maturation. It is necessary to find out why this anomaly takes place.

Delayed puberty can be clinical in nature, and in such cases is a sign of many endocrine disorders, as an option, with a decreased function of the sex glands and pituitary gland. This anomaly is often accompanied by a delay or increased growth, as well as visible deviations of mental development and a weakening of the emotional state.

What is the cause of this pathology? As a rule, later puberty is associated with the direct development of the fetus in the womb of the mother, as well as with the effect on him of all external and emotional stimuli. A complete diagnosis of such an anomaly helps to answer the question of how to speed up puberty. The approach to treatment should be individual. It should be clearly understood that hasty treatment can cause side effects, and a complete absence of treatment entails a number of more serious violations that are capable of developing the most unpredictable psychological and physical disorders in an adult. Very often the scheme of the chosen treatment includes medical therapy, as well as a set of physical exercises.

When suspected of abnormal puberty, it is first necessary to donate blood to a chromosomal study that can diagnose anemia, diabetes and other diseases that can cause delays in puberty. Then the doctor prescribes a lot of additional examinations and tests that can reveal pathology.