Maxler Vita Women: reviews, composition, instruction manual. Complex of vitamins and minerals for women

Supplements( biologically active additives) have become firmly established in our life. They are not a cure and can not be cured of an ailment. Their main task is the restoration, saturation of the organism with useful microelements and vitamins. Sports women actively use dietary supplements. Especially if they are engaged in professional sports or bodybuilding.


Women who are used to spending free time in the gym know about the vitamin complex Maxler Vita Women. You can read about it in this article. As the manufacturers say, this dietary supplement is a unique vitamin complex, designed specifically for women. It is created taking into account the needs of the female body. Ideal for ladies who are engaged in the gym. The peculiarity of the dietary supplement is that it is allowed to take it at any age. maxler vita women reviews

Complex helps to deal with stressful situations, has a beneficial effect on brain activity. The main advantage of the additive is that it acts as a powerful energetic, eliminates lethargy, apathy, loss of vitality. The complex is balanced. It contains important vitamins and minerals. One tablet contains the optimal amount of nutrients.

Specialists remind that food additives do not harm the body, but it is not worthwhile to pin their hopes on them. Sometimes they can do harm if the dietary supplements turns out to be a fake. At best, such a food additive does not bring the claimed effect. A good result can be obtained if you combine the intake of a vitamin complex and a balanced diet, and also include physical exercises in improving the body. Remember that biologically active supplements help to eliminate functional disorders, but they can not permanently fix the result. It depends on the woman. If you continue to take care of your physical and psychological health, taking food supplements will be just a recommendation.


Sports nutrition for women is balanced, therefore it is not necessary to take additional vitamin complexes.

Maxler Vita Women should be taken twice daily with meals. Course - one month. Then you should take a break for two weeks and return to taking the supplement, if necessary. Remember that hypervitaminosis is more dangerous than a deficiency of vitamins in the body. sports women


Vitamin complex from the German manufacturer Maxler Vita Women( reviews about it at the end of the article) affects the body systematically. It improves metabolism, strengthens immunity, helps to absorb nutrients better, as well as sports nutrition and protein products. Nutritional supplement restores body strength, promotes the cleavage of adipose tissue and a set of muscle mass.

The composition of the complex slows the aging of cells. It is recommended for admission not only to athletes, but also to women who are faced with abnormal hair loss, brittle nails, severe exhaustion. BAA is able to restore the body after the psychological and physical exertion. The product is recommended for use in the prevention of various diseases. The manufacturer guarantees the result after taking Vita Women Maxler. How to take the correct package is indicated in the instructions and on the packaging. sports nutrition for women


Complex of vitamins and minerals for women Maxler Vita Women should be drunk carefully, strictly following the recommendations of the manufacturers. The dosage of the drug is calculated for the athlete. Women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is better to focus on simpler supplements. You can take this dietary supplement with high-calorie foods, proteins, sports nutrition. If you apply the complex correctly, then there will be no side effects. Uncontrolled reception leads to serious problems: dizziness, GI disorder, insomnia, nausea, headache, skin rashes, menstrual irregularity, weakness, irritability. However, everything goes away if you stop taking the pills. vita women maxler how to take

What is

Maxler Vita Women has a completely balanced composition. All vitamins and trace elements perfectly complement each other. In BAD, there are, in addition to minerals and vitamins, special components that positively affect the reproductive system of women.

  • The manufacturer included in the digestive enzymes and fatty acids, as well as Chinese doe( strengthens sexual functions, protects the heart muscle, normalizes the intestinal microflora, cleanses the skin, has an antioxidant effect).
  • The substance L-Glutathione participates in respiratory processes, synthesizes growth hormones, affects the formation of muscle mass.
  • Citrus bioflavonoids slow the aging of the body;lutein has a beneficial effect on eyesight.
  • Choline( B4) normalizes the rhythm of the heart, soothes the nervous system, normalizes blood sugar.
  • Inositol( B8) has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, regulates the work of all body systems.
  • There is also a red clover in the composition. It acts as an antioxidant.

complex of vitamins and minerals for women

The Maxler Vita Women complex( reviewed below) includes all trace elements necessary for life( iodine, copper, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese and others).Here there are vitamins of group B, and also A, C, D, E, K, berries extracts. Present in the composition and other ingredients that enhance the effects of vitamins and trace elements.


Sports nutrition for women, supplemented with food additives, returns the lost strength, energy, leads the body to tone. Maxler Vita Women does not belong to the category of cheap dietary supplements. Along with others, more famous and accessible, he loses exactly in price. A food additive is on sale in the pharmacy chain, specialized stores( sports nutrition), and also on the Internet. The cost varies. For example, a complex of 60 tablets costs from 529 to 890 rubles. Packing 120 tablets - 1390 rubles. Tablets pink color, oblong form. Before the reception, be sure to read the instructions. maxler vita women composition


The Maxler Vita Women product reviews are mostly positive. Women note that after the course of treatment improves the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Supplements are recommended for use during menopause. It is in adulthood that complex support of the organism is required. A good and balanced composition, German quality, fast effect are undoubted advantages of the food additive. This dietary supplement is recommended for admission to nutritionists. It is able to regulate appetite and reduce weight without depleting the body.

Despite the lack of therapeutic effect, after the reception improves well-being and appears working capacity. Women confirm that after a week of use, energy appears, hair becomes shiny, and the skin acquires a healthy shade. The disadvantages of Maxler Vita Women include the high price and size of the tablets. In addition, the food supplement is intended for sports women. It is physically better to choose an easier preparation that is not prepared.