"Witch hazel" - candles and ointment from hemorrhoids: instructions for use, analogues

Vegetable and homeopathic medicines are becoming more and more in demand among patients. People start to look at their health differently and try to take less medicine less often. However, it is not always possible to eliminate the problem with grandmother's recipes. This article will tell you about the effective and safe medicine "Witch hazel"( candles and ointment).You will learn about the ways of using it, and also you can get acquainted with the substitutes.

Characteristics of the preparation

What does the "Hamamelis" remedy consist of? Candles and ointment refer to natural medicines. They include witch hazel. For the ointment, the manufacturer uses a minor component - Vaseline. Candles also contain fats, which allow you to give the medicine the appropriate form.

The cost of the tool is quite affordable. Currently, it is difficult to find cheap candles from hemorrhoids. However, they do exist. The cost of this drug is about 80 rubles. In some regions of the country the medicine can cost about 100 rubles. Ointment will cost the consumer about 50 rubles. For these amounts, you can buy suppositories in the amount of 10 pieces or ointment, which is in a tube, with a volume of 30 grams. You will have enough of these drugs for one course of treatment. But sometimes you have to buy the medicine in addition.

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How to replace the medication?

The remedy Hamamelis( candles) has no structural analogues. This means that you can not find and purchase a medication with the same composition. Ointment also does not have absolute substitutes. The medicine is unique in its composition and cost.

Despite this, the medication can be replaced by other means. All of them have a different composition, but they will have the same effect on the human body. To such medicines it is possible to carry "Троксевазин", "Гепатромбин", "Прокто-Гливенол", "Постеризан", "Олестезин" and many other things. The cost of these medicines is much higher than the price for "Hamamelis"( ointment and suppositories).

Use of

Homeopathic treatment with "Hamamelis" is prescribed for different types of hemorrhoids. These can be congenital or acquired nodes that have internal or external localization. It is worth noting that, depending on the location of hemorrhoids, the patient is assigned an individual type of drug.

The annotation states that the remedy "Hamamelis" has a homeopathic, anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhoidal effect. It can also be used for varicose veins as an additional means.

Are there any contraindications and adverse reactions?

Despite the fact that cheap candles from hemorrhoids and ointment have a safe composition, the medicine can cause unpleasant reactions. Most often it's an allergy. If after using the medication you notice a deterioration in the state of health, then perhaps you have an increased sensitivity to one of the components. The drug in the remaining cases does not cause unpleasant side effects.

Do not use the medicine at high sensitivity to its components. The drug is not prescribed for infringement and strong prolapse of nodes. It is forbidden to use the medication in any form with the prolapse of the intestinal mucosa and bleeding. That is why before using it is necessary to appear to the doctor and undergo a survey.

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Ointment and suppositories from hemorrhoids "Hamamelis": method of application of

The drug is used depending on the localization of the node. With internal hemorrhoids it is preferable to use a candle with the name "Witch hazel".If the formation is on the area of ​​the anal opening, then it is advisable to apply the ointment.

Suppositories are injected into the rectum 1-2 times a day. The ointment lubricates the affected area up to twice a day. Immediately before using the drug, you must always clean the intestines and conduct hygienic procedures.

The drug is also treated with varicose veins. In this case, the ointment is applied in a thin layer, after which it is rubbed from the bottom to the top. Multiplicity of application - twice a day. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the disease and its symptoms. Usually treatment takes from one week to a month.

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Current opinions

Consumers say that the remedy "Hamamelis"( ointment) has a dense consistency. The medicine does not drain and is not smeared on the nearby tissues. The advantage of the drug is that the ointment has a cap-nozzle. It is used for internal arrangement of nodes.

Candles also earned positive opinions. Consumers always note the low cost of the medicine. After all, the drug is very cheap in comparison with its counterparts and substitutes. Consumers say that after the introduction of the suppository you need a few minutes to stay in a horizontal position. Such recommendations are given by the instruction. But many do not follow the advice and immediately begin their usual business. However, the effectiveness of the drug does not decrease.

The medicine "Hamamelis" has extremely positive opinions. They are satisfied with the doctors and patients. Experts say that the safety of the drug is an important fact. After all, it can be prescribed even to pregnant women and nursing mothers. On the child the medicine will not have any negative effect. However, before applying a homeopathic remedy of plant origin, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. You also need to do this in the absence of a therapeutic effect for several days of treatment.

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A small conclusion

You could read the instructions for using the drug "Hamamelis".Candles and ointment belong to homeopathic remedies. They are safe and have almost no limits. In this case, the composition rarely causes side effects that require medical intervention. Despite the mass of positive feedback, affordable price and security, it is not necessary to independently appoint a membership. The drug will be effective only in the case of uncomplicated hemorrhoids without pronounced prolapse of nodes. All the best to you, be healthy!