The drug "Immunal": reviews and instructions

The drug "Immunal"( tablets and solution) is a drug used to enhance immunity, which is made from medicinal plants. The solution is usually brownish in color, can be either cloudy or transparent. Sometimes a sediment forms during storage. Tablets have a flat round shape, light brown color, a smell of vanilla.

Preparation "Immunal": instruction for use

A drug is available in the form of tablets and solution. The trade name of the medication is "Immunal".Composition of the preparation:

  • the juice of the herb of the Echinacea plant is purple;
  • excipients( for tablets: lactose, silicon dioxide, sodium saccharinate, magnesium stearate, cherry flavor, vanillin, for solution: sorbitol, ethanol).

Pharmacological properties of medicament

Has a number of valuable properties of juice from the herb of the Echinacea purpurea plant, which is part of the immunostimulating natural preparation "Immunal".The scientists' comments about Echinacea contain information that the plant has properties similar to antibiotics, it shows excellent results in combating bacterial and viral diseases. Echinacea supports white blood cells in a tone. This property allows you to cope with the disease in a short time. So, the medical preparation "Immunal"( experts' reviews confirm this) increases the number of leukocytes, activates phagocytosis. Reproduction of pathogens slows down considerably, it helps the body to quickly overcome the disease. The remedy shows colossal results in the destruction of herpes and influenza pathogens.

Medication "Immunal": indications

The drug is able to significantly strengthen the immune system during acute infectious diseases. It is shown to people with frequent colds;in preventive purposes from viral diseases, including influenza;people who are prescribed a long-term course of antibiotics, as well as to everyone who has a decrease in immunity for various reasons.

Contraindications for the use of the drug "Immunal"

  • tablets are not assigned to babies until 4 years;
  • solution is not used in the treatment of infants( under 1 year);
  • individual allergy to plants from the family of Compositae or other components of the agent;
  • autoimmune systemic diseases( lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, Behcet's disease, systemic vasculitis, autoimmune hepatitis, sarcoidosis of the lungs), HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis.

If we talk about the drug "Immunal" during pregnancy and breastfeeding, there are no direct contraindications for taking this medication. However, each case requires medical advice.

Method of application of the drug "Immunal"

The doctors' recommendations contain the following recommendations for use:

  • children( 1year - 6 years) - 1 ml of solution 3 times or 1 tablet 1-2 times per day( from 4 years);
  • older children( 6 - 12 years old) - 1.5 ml of solution 3 times or 1 tablet 1-3 times per day;
  • adolescents and adults( 12 or more years) - 2.5 ml of solution 3 times or 1 tablet 3-4 times per day.

The course of this medication is no more than 2 months.

Preparation "Immunal": side effects of

In some cases, the following reactions develop: skin itching, rash, bronchospasm, dizziness, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, angioedema, anaphylactic shock is the least common. With abuse of doses or with a long( more than 8 weeks) course, there is leukopenia.

Special instructions for taking medication "Immunal"

Testimonials of those who have tested this medication contain recommendations for admission. For young children who do not yet know how to swallow tablets, first rinse the medicine to a powdery appearance, then add some liquid( but it is more optimal in this case to use the solution).Doctors recommend stopping the medication in case there are side effects or the symptoms of the original disease persist for more than 10 days from the beginning of treatment.