How and how to moisten the nasal mucosa?

If a person feels well and does not experience discomfort, this indicates that he is perfectly healthy. However, sometimes many do not pay attention to such minor symptoms as dryness in the nose. Nevertheless, do not underestimate this problem. A similar symptom indicates that there was a certain malfunction in the nasopharynx. Therefore, it is necessary to take immediate measures to solve this problem.

than to moisturize the nasal mucosa

Dryness in the nose can lead to failure of many body systems. In this case, a person experiences general weakness, frequent headaches and much more. However, most often an unpleasant crust forms in the nasopharynx, which complicates normal breathing. Moreover, not only adults, but also children, can suffer from the disease. Therefore, it is important to know how to moisten the nasal mucosa at home using folk remedies or medicines that can be bought at any pharmacy. To get rid of an unpleasant symptom it will be useful to know what exactly causes such a sensation.

Causes of dryness

If the problem is chronic, then in addition to what can moisturize the nasal mucosa, it is necessary to identify problems that could lead to similar consequences. According to studies of specialists, smoking leads to these symptoms most often. Also, dryness can be caused by:

  • by the ingestion of aggressive medications;
  • injury to the face;
  • poor climate or ecology;
  • colds;
  • by harmful working conditions( from the dryness in the nose, workers of production lines often suffer);
  • rhinitis or infectious rhinoscope;
  • hormonal disruption in the body;
  • pregnancy;
  • stresses and depressive states.

To similar consequences can result or bring the weakened immune system of the person. This is especially true if it is a question of young children or elderly people.

how to moisturize the nasal mucosa in the home

What is dangerous to dry out in the nose?

This symptomatology should not be ignored. If you do not start using drops in your nose moisturizing the mucous membranes or other means in a timely manner, then this can provoke the disease of the upper respiratory tract. When an unpleasant illness occurs, the drainage function of the nasopharynx is disturbed. This means that harmful bacteria will freely penetrate the human body, causing serious infectious ailments. In addition, due to the violation of the drainage function, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the nose, which will cause even more dryness.

If a dry crust began to form in the nasopharynx, then the sense of smell will be dulled, which in turn will affect the taste sensations. Therefore, knowing what to moisturize the nasal mucosa can be very useful in daily life.


This remedy is used in most folk recipes for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. Salt is an excellent antibacterial agent that can also soften the mucosa. In addition, it is available and worth a penny, so talking about how to moisturize the nasal mucosa to a child or adult, it is first of all to pay attention to this useful substance. It is best to use salt, diluted with water. The concentration of the washing solution must be medium. After you need to perform simple manipulations. The solution must be gently started inhaling into the nose. To apply unnecessary efforts is not necessary, since if the liquid penetrates into the nasal sinuses, it will lead, perhaps, to chronic sinusitis.

how to moisturize the nasal mucosa at home

If there are concerns about this remedy, you can use sea salt and make a solution for inhalation on its basis. In this case, the liquid will not penetrate into the nasopharynx, it is enough for a person to breathe over hot salt steam. It is not superfluous to add medicinal herbs to the solution.


Speaking about how to moisturize the nasal mucosa at home, it is worth paying attention to another folk remedy. Vegetable oil has long been used to soften the skin, but not everyone knows that it is also suitable for mucous membranes. It is allowed to use any type of this tool. Suitable as sunflower or olive oil, and grape. The best is considered a tool based on sea-buckthorn. Sea-buckthorn oil is the most effective, as it normalizes the water balance and permanently retains the nasal sinuses moisturized.

than to moisturize the nasal mucosa of a child

When using this tool, you should focus on your feelings. If after the first oil application the discomfort disappears, it is not recommended to use the liquid for longer. If there is discomfort or burning, experts advise washing your nose with warm running water.


Than to moisten a nasal mucosa to the child and the adult? Propolis, since this plant has a truly unique bactericidal properties, is very effective in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. At the same propolis is perfectly combined with medicinal preparations, so you can not be afraid to use it.

However, it is important to remember one rule. Propolis should be used either natural or diluted with water. Alcohol tinctures are not suitable, because alcohol will only further irritate the mucous.

Aloe juice

Considering how to moisten the nasal mucosa to an adult or child, some even do not pay attention to this indoor plant. But it has excellent healing properties. Aloe juice has been used for many years in the treatment of rhinitis and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, it perfectly moistens the mucous membranes. Just two drops of the drug is enough to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the nasopharynx.

than to moisten the nasal mucosa of an adult

"Silver" water

This product is considered relatively new. Water, ionized by silver, is now sold in almost every pharmacy. However, you can cook it at home. To do this, it is enough to purchase a specialized ionizer. Obtained water is often used in viral diseases, and also used for disinfection of the nasopharynx.

Than moisturize the nasal mucosa during pregnancy?

As you know, women in the situation should not take most of the medications, as they can have a negative impact on the developing fetus. Specialists recommend that pregnant women stop using drugs altogether. But than moisturize the nasal mucosa in this case?

It is best to buy a drop, which includes only natural ingredients. Or you can use salt, propolis or aloe juice. If there are concerns about this, it is recommended to increase the humidity in the room where the pregnant woman is. To do this, periodically spray the water from the atomizer and ventilate the rooms daily.

drops in nose moisturizing mucous

Recommendations of

Doctors do not advise to use ordinary water for moisturizing. When it starts to evaporate, it pulls moisture from the mucous membrane, which further aggravates the situation. Instead, it is worth following only a few useful tips:

  • drink plenty of water daily;
  • start taking vitamin E;Do not use
  • in a home or for treatment of a substance with a sharp chemical smell;
  • pay attention to their health, and especially to increase immunity;
  • periodically apply to the nasal mucosa of substance vaseline or oxoline as an ointment;
  • daily moisturize the face with crepes, sprays or thermal water.

Also, if a similar problem occurs, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor, since the drying out of the mucosa may be caused by more serious diseases. Self-medication only aggravates the situation or leads to an allergic reaction.

than you can moisten the nasal mucosa

Specialized drugs

If we talk about pharmacy products, then among them you can identify several of the most effective:

  1. "Aquamaris".It is made on the basis of sea water and useful microelements. If you use this compound according to the instructions, the mucous membrane is quickly restored and immediately moisturized. The product is suitable for both adults and babies or pregnant women.
  2. "Akvalor".This drug also moisturizes the mucosa, has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the product forms a protective layer, which does not allow harmful bacteria and viruses to pass into the body."Akvalor" is recommended as a prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases and with the initial stages of rhinitis.
  3. "Pinosol".This product is made on the basis of natural oils and contains vitamin E. It has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

There are many other similar drugs on sale that do not have significant side effects and contraindications.