Evminova board with their own hands - detailed description and drawing

Board for Evminov's spine only at first sight seems ordinary. In fact, it is a unique and effective tool not only to restore the health of the back, but also to prevent the development of many diseases. Thousands of people have already tried its effects on themselves. It is enough to allocate 15-20 minutes during the day, and you can get rid of various health problems: scoliosis, disorders of posture, osteochondrosis, disc herniation, spondyloarthrosis, radiculitis and others.

Principles of employment


Today, a beautiful simulator - Yevminov's board - helps to heal the spine. Reviews of many buyers prove its effectiveness. Two main principles for the treatment of diseases associated with the spine, are realized during classes. The first one helps to control the stretching of the spine, which is necessary in order to unload it. The degree of extraction can be different. It depends on the angle at which the simulator is installed. During the procedure, the pressure in the intervertebral discs decreases, the nerve roots of the spinal cord cease to contract. As a result, pain syndromes disappear.

Another principle is training and strengthening of muscles supporting the spine in a position that is considered anatomically correct. This is achieved by means of certain exercises performed with a low amplitude of movements. During training, the short back muscles that form the muscular corset are strengthened, which is important for the spine.

Elementary simulator

The board that extends the spine is the ideal solution for those who have back problems. It can and do not buy. Yevminov plaque with their own hands can even be used by an ordinary schoolboy. It is simply fixed to the wall at an angle of 30 degrees from the floor. The projectile should be polished, about 2 meters in length, on it it is necessary to fasten two handles to be able to grab. Most men are faced with the problem of reducing the height of intervertebral discs. This can be avoided if, after coming home, lie on the board for 15 minutes, stretch your back, raise your legs several times, bend them in your knees, spread them apart, and then just lie on your stomach. Such simple exercises perfectly stretch the spine. board of the Yevminov with his own hands

Features of exercises on the simulator

Many may object that it is enough to hang on the crossbar, and no board is needed. Yes, this exercise really stretches the spine very well. But if a person weighs more than 100 kg, then you can not do this categorically. In addition to stretching the muscles, nothing happens. In order to hang on the crossbar, you must first warm up the muscles in the gym. But if a person is more than 45 years old, it is better not to risk their health. Here the board of Evminov will come to the rescue. Yevminov It's quite easy to make this very simulator. And in six months the effect will be simply stunning. With the help of such a shell, many people managed to get rid of the hernia. Stretching the spine helps to ensure a person's health for life.


Evminovaya board, made by yourself, is a fairly cheap simulator. This product is two meters long and 25-30 cm wide. It must be polished, without splinters and slide very well so that the spine is stretched. The person lies down, begins to crawl over it, tries to hold onto the handles and simultaneously works with his feet.

All materials that are necessary for manufacturing are sold in a construction shop. Many of them are found in the household. If the simulator is made by own hands, then the person will be engaged on it with a great desire, and for an excellent result this is an important condition. For training, you need to shoe something on your feet. If you pay attention to the photo from the center of Dr. Evminov, then all people perform exercises on the board in sneakers. In order not to shoe them at home, you can simply make soft attachments that will not allow your feet to slide. blackboard drawing

Preparing for operation

The Yevminov board with its own hands( dimensions - 25 cm wide and about 2 meters long) can be made of chipboard. Often such slabs are already available on the farm. For this purpose, doors from the cabinet, which has not been used for a long time, will also be perfect. If anything suitable was not found, then you can buy in the building store the remains of chipboard. You do not need to buy a whole board. You can take individual pieces and glue them with a special plastic edge. The product will look attractive enough. The main thing is that the surface slides well and does not absorb moisture.

Next you need cuttings from the shovel. One of them is about a meter long and 4 cm in diameter, and the other is about 1.5 m long and 3 cm in diameter. From the steps for the ladder you can make the carriage edges. Still need bolts, a metal rod with a thread, nuts, washers, long chain, screws, carbines, screws and dowels. For upholstery, the crossbar will need rubber. With an old cashmere coat, you can enclose the base of the carriage and the supporting bar. board evminova reviews

Assuming the work of

In order to get the Yevmin board by hand, you need a saw, a drill, a hammer, a hacksaw and drills. For the base it is necessary to saw off a piece of a length of 6 cm from the shaft of the shovel. Then tighten the ends of the crossbeam with rubber. Well prepare the bar to put the crossbar there. From below, you need to attach a chain. In order for it to move easily, from above on the chipboard cut the indentation. After the supporting beam, wrap it with a stapler. Attach the spiral hook to the wall or ceiling. Using a carbine, fix the board in such a way that the angle of inclination can be adjusted.

Making the carriage

We already know how the Evminov board is made. Drawing to the product will help in the work of making the carriage. To begin with, you need to cut the maple board in half. At the ends, drill a hole 32 mm in diameter. To do this, you need a drill and a special set of drills. For the base of the carriage, take a bar length of 270 mm. In it, drill two holes 9 mm in diameter to insert metal bars of 8 mm. Make a groove to pass through the hole rods. The ends need to be planted on the glue. You can use the usual "Moment".After all, connect and tighten the nuts. The work must be done very carefully. It is necessary to carefully guard the right angles, all very firmly bond and securely tighten. This section will have quite serious loads, so it should be performed as high as possible. board for the spine of the Yevminov The upper crossbar must be securely fastened to the nails, and the lower one must move freely. To avoid rolling down the carriage, cut the mounting rail into slices and screw it under the board at the same distance along the entire length. Here is Evminov's board, made with your own hands, and ready!


Note that in the work on this simulator should pay attention to reliability, simplicity of production and cheapness. Of course, you can polish wooden parts, varnish. Or to execute such board, which will be in harmony with the interior. And to lie on it was convenient, we advise you to use the usual tourist car. Do not be afraid to give vent to fantasy. This is a perfect ground for creative experiments.