The drug "Omeprazol-Akrihin": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

Statistical data makes it clear that over the last couple of dozens of years, the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are headed by a list of pathologies. Especially many patients living in urban environments are prone to eating disorders. This is due, first of all, to the hyperactive rhythm of life, stress, improper regimen and quality of nutrition, poor ecology, etc.

Problems with the digestive tract

All this eventually leads to the fact that after 30 years, every fourth person on the planet suffers fromdigestive disorders. Especially common are gastritis, heartburn and ulcers. These pathologies do not allow a person to fully enjoy life, because their appearance is often associated with discomfort and unpleasant sensations, pains and colic. If you do not take measures, gastritis can develop into an ulcer, and then into a stomach cancer. omeprazole acrichine instructions for use

"Omeprazol-Akrihin", the instruction on which application will be considered in this article, is precisely designed to help a person in the fight against these ailments.

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At the moment in the pharmaceutical market a fairly wide range of drugs that help to overcome gastrointestinal diseases."Omeprazol-Akrihin" is one of the most modern and effective medicines prescribed in the treatment of gastritis, ulcers and erosions of the stomach. This drug is also used as a remedy for inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Reduces the amount of hydrochloric acid produced, thereby reducing its level in the stomach. This points to the "Omeprazole-Akrihin" instructions for use. So what is it for? We'll figure it out.

Action and Form Release

After taking omeprazole( the main active ingredient) begins active penetration into the stomach cells responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid. Dissolving, the drug releases pepsin, responsible for the breakdown of protein and keeps under control the level of produced gastric juice."Omeprazol-Akrihin" has a harmful effect on the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which becomes the most common cause of gastric ulcer and gastritis.

Erosive esophagitis and ulcerative reflux are diseases in which the contents of the stomach enter the esophagus. And the food comes out already in a mixed with the gastric juice state, eating away the esophagus mucosa. To avoid erosion and ulcers, "Omeprazol-Akrihin" is prescribed.

Thus, this drug reduces the activity of hydrochloric acid, normalizes the acid-base balance in the stomach, relieves the symptoms of gastritis and ulcers. A characteristic feature of "Omeprazole-Akrihin" is the preservation of positive dynamics even after the end of the drug intake. Activate the drug begins within an hour after admission, and the effect persists up to a day. The more dosage, the more obvious the therapeutic effect. tablets omeprazole acrichine instructions for use

The drug is largely excreted by the kidneys and in the smaller intestine. Therefore, in the presence of pathologies of the kidneys or in old age, the drug is administered with caution and only after consulting a specialist, since the removal of the agent may be slowed down. This is confirmed by the instruction for application to "Omeprazolu-Akrihin".

In pharmacies the preparation is presented in the form of capsules, tablets and powder for the preparation of a solution. Available without a prescription.

Indications and contraindications

The drug "Omeprazol-Akrihin" is prescribed to children from the age of five. It is effective in the treatment of diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and duodenum. The drug is indicated in the following pathologies: omeprazole acrichine instructions for use review

1. Gastric ulcer( as part of complex therapy).

2. Acute and chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis.

3. Erosion in the duodenum.

4. Reflux.

5. Heartburn, which lasts more than three days.

6. Erosive esophagitis.

7. Hyper-secretory changes in the digestive tract.

8. Polyendocrine adenomatosis.

9. Prevention of diseases of the stomach and duodenum.

It should be noted that self-medication with omeprazole can be dangerous, so it's best to consult a specialist. The reasons for the pain in the stomach are too many to independently differentiate the disease. The main contraindication to taking is individual intolerance. This indicates to the "Omeprazole-Akrihin" instructions for use.

Unlike many other drugs, it has been proven in clinical settings, it can not be used in pregnancy, as omeprazole can cause fetal pathologies. During lactation, this drug is also prohibited, since it can enter the breast milk.

This is also indicated in the application instructions for "Omeprazole-Akrihin".

omeprazole acrichine instructions for use and alcohol compatibility

His children are often appointed. Since it is activated only in acidic medium and generally lowers the level of acidity in the stomach, it is not recommended with a lowered level of acidity. You can not take the drug with atrophic gastritis, stomach and duodenal cancer, even if the diagnosis is not confirmed, with pathologies in the bone system, as this medicine flushes calcium. In the latter case, the drug may be prescribed in conjunction with vitamin D and calcium. Salmonella and compilobacter are also grounds for refusing the drug. Do not use omeprazole in case of renal and hepatic insufficiency and allergies to the components of the drug.

Side-effects and method of application

According to the instructions for the application of "Omeprazole-Akrihin" is transferred, as a rule, well. However, with prolonged admission, side effects may occur. The most optimal course of admission is a thirty-day period. In the future, it is possible to resume reception as prevention of recurrence of the disease. If there is a wrong reception, the following side effects may occur:

1. Vomiting and nausea.

2. Bloating.

3. Pain in the stomach.

4. Constipation.

5. Liquid chair.

6. Dizziness.

7. Weakness.

Special instructions

If you experience any of the above side effects, you should cancel the drug and consult your doctor. Sometimes the medication causes dry mouth, migraines, encephalopathy, loss of smell, depressiveness, etc. Such a symptomatology is typical for people with problems in the nervous system. This is confirmed to the tablets "Omeprazol-Akrihin" instructions for use.

It is taken on an empty stomach once a day. Sometimes experts recommend to divide reception twice. Capsules should be swallowed whole, not liquid, squeezed with water. Adults are usually prescribed a dosage of 20 mg. But it depends on the condition of the patient and the degree of the disease. The break between admission courses should be about two months. With ulcers, erosive esophagitis and reflux, 40 mg of omeprazole-acrychin should be taken daily. From what these pills are interesting to many. We consider further.

The drug can be used even if the patient is in intensive care( the medicine is injected through the catheter directly into the stomach).It is also possible and intravenous administration of omeprazole, if the patient is in a particularly serious condition. This is confirmed by the instruction for use.

omeprazole acrichine instructions for use and what for

Compatibility: "Omeprazole-Akrihin" and alcohol

Drug compatibility with alcohol is not possible. Any doctor will confirm this. The patient with severe disability in the stomach and intestines can not drink alcohol and the drug at the same time.

Dosage of

The daily dosage of the drug should not exceed 60 mg. Overdose will be signaled by the following phenomena:

  1. Confusion.
  2. Tachycardia.
  3. Strong migraines.
  4. Difficulty breathing.
  5. Drowsiness.
  6. Strong sweating.
  7. Dry mouth and nose.
  8. Heat in the body.

Continue use of the above symptoms can not be categorically. It is necessary to immediately cancel the drug and consult a specialist. The doctor will prescribe a therapy aimed at removing symptoms and will reduce the dosage of "Omeprazole-Akrihin" or completely cancel its administration in favor of another drug.

Taking pregnant

As mentioned above, taking omeprazole with pregnant women is not recommended, especially in the first trimester. However, if the risk to the woman's health is higher than the risk of taking the drug, then it can be appointed at a later date. This is indicated in the instruction manual for omeprazole-acrychin tablets.
omeprazole acrichine instructions for use and what it is for

Analogues and cost

The drug is a medium-price product, which makes it affordable for almost everyone. The cost depends on the dosage and the form of the preparation. For example, "Omeprazol-Akrihin" for 20 mg costs up to 50 rubles per packing( 30 pcs.), And at a dosage of 40 mg the cost will be about 200 rubles.

The drug has proved its effectiveness and is one of the most popular today, therefore, it has many analogues. Their cost varies, there are options cheaper, and there are also an order of magnitude more expensive. To find a suitable price and quality - it is best to get advice from a pharmacist.

The most popular generics of Omeprazole-Akrihin in Russia are: Gastrozol, Omesol, Omefez, Omez, Losek and Bioprazol. There are also drugs that are not used in Russia, but are registered in Europe. These are such medications as Prilosec, Romesque, Proseptin, Lokit and Antra MASS.

Many people are wondering what the difference between "Omega" and "Omeprazole" is. This, in fact, two similar drugs that have in their composition the active substance omeprazole. However, its quantity, and accordingly, the efficiency may be different. omeprazole acrichine instruction for children

There are quite a few auxiliary substances in "Omez", therefore it is not recommended to take it to people with a propensity to develop allergic reactions. Because of the presence of sucrose, sodium lauryl sulfate and titanium dioxide, omeprazole is concentrated at a lower rate in the body, however, it is much more quickly eliminated from it. Analogues often cost less than the original drug, and accordingly, and are more common.

"Omez", however, is still recognized by specialists as an effective tool for the treatment of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

Main differences

It is possible to distinguish the main differences between these drugs:

1. "Omeprazole-Akrihin" consists only of the active substance, while "Omez", in addition to proper omeprazole, also contains auxiliary agents.

2. "Omez" is a more affordable drug because omeprazole is less in it than in other analogues. Therefore, the number of tablets needed for treatment will be greater than in the case of Omeprazol-Akrihin.

3. Contrary to the fact that "Omez" acts more slowly, it is still considered an effective and effective drug in the treatment of gastric ulcers and gastritis.


Reviews about "Omeprazole-Akrihine"( instructions for use are in each package) are positive, both from patients and from the side of doctors. It is noted for its high effectiveness in the fight against heartburn and acute gastritis. The low price of the drug is also a positive moment for those taking treatment with omeprazole. However, there are also negative reviews, especially in the case of severe duodenal ulcer. In this case, the drug does not give the described effect, but only slightly relieves the symptoms, without curing the very cause.

The maximum effect from any therapy can be obtained only by the appointment of a specialist. The doctor correctly and correctly chooses the necessary therapy in a particular case. Fulfilling all the recommendations of the attending physician you can get undoubted benefits for your health, get rid of unpleasant sensations in the gastrointestinal tract and start to lead a full and undefiled life.

So, we have reviewed the instruction for the use of the drug "Omeprazol-Akrihin".And for what it is needed, it is now clear.