"Unident" clinic: customer reviews

A beautiful smile will beautify anyone. But to keep your teeth healthy is not always possible. Even high-quality hygiene, the use of the best pastes can not be a guarantee of safety. Caries can develop even on perfectly clean teeth. Blame for all the wrong food, the minimum amount of calcium in the diet.

The key to success will be a regular visit to the dentist. Specialized examination is recommended once every six months. Its services are offered by a number of dental clinics. In Moscow, many prefer the "Unident" network. Feedback is sought to leave every customer. In the medical institution the whole range of services related to dentistry is provided.

Information about the

Clinic Perfect smile is hard work. It is important not only to comply with all hygiene rules, but also regularly seek medical help. The "Unident" network of customer references is mostly positive. This is due to the fact that specialists are able to find an approach to each patient, regardless of age. In addition, the newest medicines are used, modern equipment is installed in the clinics of the network. All this allows you to perform dental treatment without fear and pain.

Unident feedback

The whole range of services is ready to offer "Unident"( dentistry).The reviews show that specialists serve patients with any, even the most difficult problems. Caries treatment, prosthetics, correction of the dentition are carried out. Children's dentistry deserves special attention. If you believe the responses of parents, the kids stop being afraid of dentists after visiting the clinic "Unident".This is due to the fact that the technique is used without the use of a drill. In addition, modern methods of anesthesia are used. The solution is applied directly to the diseased area, without using a syringe.

Quality service can not be cheap. It is impossible to call democratic prices of the clinic "Unident".The feedback from our employees gives us an opportunity to understand that, despite the high cost of service, the number of clients increases every year. It is better to pay once for a qualitative dentistry with a guarantee.

Where are the clinics located?

Medical facilities are located in different regions of Moscow. The most visited is dentistry "Unident" in Tashkent. The patient's feedback gives an opportunity to understand that the largest range of dental services is provided here. Here you can cure tooth decay, whiten your teeth, install braces. A lot of good statements can be heard about the children's dentist.

Today there are 15 network clinics. They are located at the following addresses:

  • Baryshiha street, 20;
  • Street Tourist, 22, building 2;
  • Leningradsky prospect, 76;
  • Dmitrovskoe shosse, 72;
  • Leskov Street, 30;
  • Pokryshkina street, home ownership 8;
  • Arbat Street, 42;
  • Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, 22;
  • Bobrov Pereulok, 4;
  • Sevastopolsky prospect, 15;
  • street Velozavodskaya, 8;
  • Street Brateevskaya, 21;
  • Tashkent street, 24;
  • Schelkovskoe shosse, 82;
  • Free brochure, 30.

Specialists accept daily from 9:00 to 21:00 seven days a week. Clinics visit a huge number of patients every day. Only people with acute pain are served without queue. In other cases it is desirable to pre-register.

Treatment of caries

It is with this disease that most patients visit the clinic "Unident".The feedback from specialists gives us an opportunity to understand that timely treatment in a medical institution allows to avoid many problems in the future. The key to success is regular inspection. The problem is that with the development of caries, pain does not occur immediately. A person can go for years with a sick tooth, which is the source of infection. Carious cavity can be an excellent medium for the development of pathogens that spread throughout the body. Banal caries can cause lowered immunity, stomach ulcers, intestinal problems, etc.

Help to save the tooth timely treatment in the clinic "Unident".Reviews about doctors show that network specialists work with the disease at various stages. Seek help is even if a small carious stain is found. At an early stage, the doctor can fix the problem in just a few minutes. More time is needed if the specialist reveals a superficial, medium or deep caries.

Unidentified dentistry reviews

Treatment of the disease at the stain stage in the clinic "Unident" is carried out with the help of an application on the patient site of a special remineralizing solution, which instantly freezes. A minimal mechanical effect on the tooth is made. Those who care about the appearance of teeth, it is also worth contacting one of the clinics of the network "Unident".The reviews show that in their work the specialists use materials that completely repeat the color and structure of the teeth. The place where the seal is installed, practically does not stand out.

In work qualitative light-curing composites are used. With this material, you can fill not only the carious cavity of the living tooth, but also restore the damaged part of the crown. The material is highly durable and can be used for many years.

Separate attention deserves the procedure of anesthesia. The experts of the "Unident" clinic are in favor of living dental treatment. The doctors' comments give us an opportunity to understand that anesthesia is used only if there is a need to treat deep caries. With a superficial or moderate lesion, the patient does not get unpleasant sensations. The expert performs the most delicately.

Acute pain in caries can occur if the cavity reaches the pulp( the living tissue of the tooth).If you endure the pain and do not go to the doctor, pulpitis is rapidly developing. As a result, the living tissue of the tooth, which is filled with nerve endings and blood vessels, dies. The dead nerve serves as an additional source of infection and can cause the development of gingivitis and periodontitis. Experts do not get tired of reminding that a sharp pain in the tooth is an occasion to immediately seek help.

How is pulpitis treated in the network of "Unident" clinics? The response after therapy is sought to leave every patient. After all, the procedure is really painless, with the use of modern anesthetics.

Treatment of tooth mobility and bleeding gums

Blood during tooth cleaning is an alarm signal. Although many do not attach importance to such an unpleasant symptom, considering that the gum was damaged by a stiff bristle brush. In fact, the bleeding will indicate the development of a serious inflammatory process. It can be gingivitis or periodontitis. If you do not seek help in time, you can lose a healthy tooth. Know how to solve the problem, specialists of the network of clinics "Unident".Feedback from a positive nature is proof. Many patients managed to cope with bleeding in just a few visits to a medical facility.

employee feedback

Gingivitis and periodontitis are excellent for treatment. It is important to seek help immediately, as soon as unpleasant symptoms are seen. Treatment begins with hygienic procedures using special equipment. Initially, the specialists of the Unident clinic remove dental stones. The patient's feedback shows that all manipulations are absolutely painless. Particular attention is paid to the exposed areas of the root of the teeth. Any inflammatory processes in the oral cavity are the result of improper hygiene. The doctor teaches the patient how to properly brush their teeth. Special therapeutic pastes are prescribed.

Great attention is paid to local anti-inflammatory treatment in OOO Unident. The reviews give us an opportunity to understand that the specialists of the clinic prescribe really high-quality and effective drugs. Individual approach is of great importance. Before appointing treatment, the specialist is interested in whether the patient is inclined to allergic reactions, whether there are chronic diseases.

If the gum disease is started, there may be mobility of the teeth. Performs high-quality mining of the clinic "Unident".Dentistry reviews in this regard are mostly positive. For the designs, really high-quality materials are used, which make it possible to restore the functionality of the dentition.

Many good statements can be heard about the use of new materials in the network of clinics "Emdogain."This product has a biological basis. It promotes the return of hard and soft tissues to a normal state.

Prosthetic dentistry

Untimely seeking medical help leads to loss of teeth. Prosthetics are of great importance. The procedure is considered not only from an aesthetic point of view. Absence of a tooth is really ugly. In addition, there may be health problems. Often the cause of gastritis and ulcers is an inferior dentition. A person chews food poorly. As a result, the gastrointestinal tract suffers.

ooo junitor reviews Offers various options for prosthetics of teeth "Unident"( stomatology).The reviews show that treatment methods are presented here in various price categories. If there is a need to restore one or more adjacent teeth, bridges can be used. Used high-quality cermets, which will last for many years. But this technique has a number of shortcomings. The bridge is installed on a healthy tooth, which must be depulped. A molar without a nerve is much faster destroyed.

Implantation is a modern method of restoring a series without harm to the teeth. In the bone tissue is installed a root substitute( implant), which is subsequently installed ceramic prosthesis. It offers really high-quality materials from the "Unident" clinic. Staff feedback shows that more and more patients have recently opted for implantation of bridge prosthetics. Despite the high cost, implants serve long enough and practically do not differ from living teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dental surgery deserves special attention. Even the most complex surgical interventions are performed by the doctors of the Unident( Moscow) clinic. The staff's feedback shows that people with jaw injuries and soft tissues of the facial area are turning to a medical facility. Complex extraction of teeth in the clinic can also be performed as delicately as possible.

Modern doctors tend to keep the tooth as far as possible. Has for this purpose all the necessary equipment "Unident"( stomatology).The feedback from employees shows that modern methods of treatment allow preserving the tooth even in the most difficult situations. Now you can delete only one root. In this case, the molar can remain in its place and continue to function for many years.


A beautiful smile will beautify anyone. But the natural color of the enamel does not suit modern mods. Many seek to whiten their teeth. You can get a Hollywood smile in several ways. There are various films, patches and pastes that lighten the enamel in several shades. However, experts do not recommend using such tools. They are too aggressive and can seriously damage the enamel. As a result, pain appears, teeth become too sensitive.

network june reviews For professional teeth whitening, you can contact one of the clinics of the "Unident" network. The response of a satisfied customer after the procedure can say for himself. Those who have had a whitening session claim that all manipulations are painless, and it is easy to get a beautiful natural shade of enamel.

The ZOOM whitening system has been very popular recently. This method is also used in ZAO Unident. Patients' feedback indicates that this is a great alternative to whitening enamel at home. The professional approach of the clinic specialists allows performing clarification without harm to the teeth. In addition, the doctor chooses the most suitable shade. Individual approach is the key to success.

In some cases, the tooth can darken not from the outside, but from the inside. Often, the color of depulled molars changes. In addition, the shade of the tooth may change as a result of mechanical trauma. In this case, the classical bleaching technique will not work. Can offer intrachannel whitening "Unident" ZAO.Staff feedback shows that such a procedure is quite effective. It is possible to return a normal shade to the tooth in just one visit to the dentist.


The wrong formation of the dentition is a problem that bothers many people. Correction of an incorrect bite in children and adults is one of the activities of the clinic "Unident Orthodontist".The patient's feedback shows that the specialists find an approach to each patient. We use the best techniques and modern equipment, which allows us to improve the smile in the shortest possible time.

junident orthodontist reviews

Unfortunately, teeth that are ideal by nature are not so common. A good bite is not only beautiful, but also functional. Incorrect arrangement of the dental row contributes to the appearance of problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem not only from an aesthetic point of view. To restore the bite, special devices have been developed that are now available to everyone. Adaptations are selected in accordance with the physical characteristics of the individual patient. The clinic also presents options for children.

Depending on the situation, a specialist may offer bracket systems, detachable structures, extraoral constructions. The least expensive are removable structures( plates and kapy).Most often they are used in childhood. When the dentition is already fully formed, it can be corrected only with the help of braces. Before they are installed, the patient must undergo thorough preparation. In some cases, you have to remove several healthy teeth. In addition, the specialist performs professional oral hygiene. In this case, the client pays only for the bracket system.

The Unident Clinic offers democratic prices. The first consultation of a doctor costs only 600 rubles. Then the specialist decides how the bite correction will be performed. The most expensive are the internal braces. The price of the system is from 50 000 rubles.

Pediatric Dentistry

Not only kids, but also many adults are afraid to visit a dentist. And all because several decades ago there were no such methods as today. A terrible drill caused a lot of negative emotions. In addition, there was no qualitative method of anesthesia. Everyone is used to the fact that dental treatment is painful and unpleasant.


Today the situation has changed dramatically. Know the approach to small patients specialists of the clinic "Unident".Pediatric dentistry reviews of parents has only positive. Non-contact methods of caries treatment are used. The use of a drill replaced laser technology. The kid can be afraid only of the first visit to the doctor. Further, he understands that nothing terrible is happening. Treatment is carried out delicately and without pain.

Some babies get spoiled very quickly, even if the mother strictly monitors the mode of eating crumbs. The problem arises from many factors. The cause may be heredity or a lack of calcium in the mother's body during pregnancy. To prolong the life of milk teeth helps the procedure of silvering. In the clinic, the doctor covers the enamel with a special solution. At the same time, molar molars become less sensitive. In most cases, spoiled teeth change to healthy permanent.

Children's dentistry "Unident" allows you to solve problems with baby teeth without pain and tears. Dentists communicate with small patients in the "children's" language, thereby placing themselves.

Reviews of the "Unident" clinic network

About the network of Dental Institutions "Unident" you can hear mostly positive reviews. Pleases a huge range of services and democratic prices. It is not cheap to treat teeth at all. Together with this, you can be sure that the seal will certainly last for many years. Clinic specialists are interested in regular clients. Therefore, all work is done really qualitatively. A warranty is provided.

The clinic of the "Unident" network can be found practically in any district of the capital. All 15 medical institutions are located in places with developed infrastructure, public transportation is nearby.

Reviews of employees show that the number of regular customers is constantly increasing. To get to the right specialist, you must first register. Only patients with acute pain are accepted without a line.