Reticular varicose veins of the lower extremities - what is it? Reticular varicose: treatment with folk remedies, photo

According to statistics, about 40% of the fair sex suffer from reticular varicose veins. The disease does not pose a serious threat to life and delivers exclusively cosmetic discomfort. The main causes, signs and methods of treatment of this pathology are considered in the materials of this article.

Reticular varicose veins of the lower extremities - what is it?

The disease, called varicose veins, has several varieties and stages of development. One of the most common forms of it is the reticular one. Pathology is accompanied by the expansion of thin veins, which are located under the skin. To a greater extent, young girls and women are exposed to it, sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex are at risk.

reticular varicose veins

At first glance it may seem that reticular varicose is a dangerous and terrible disease. In fact, it is rarely accompanied by serious complications, but the symptoms bring a lot of inconvenience. Blue-red stripes on the skin make millions of women unhappy around the world, because getting rid of such a defect is not easy. Pathology sometimes manifests itself not only on the legs, but also on the hips. At later stages, the veins protrude so much that they can be easily palpated. To avoid such consequences, treatment is recommended to start in a timely manner.

Causes of cosmetic defect

Reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs are familiar to many ladies. The reason for this is the excessively sensitive walls of blood vessels to sex hormones. In themselves, they are very thin and large. Under the action of sex hormones, their walls become less elastic and lose their tone. Due to these processes and taking into account daily physical exertion, the vessels expand, appearing on the skin with a bluish net. Exacerbation of pathology can provoke any malfunction in the hormonal system( pregnancy, menstruation, puberty).

Also among the causes of reticular varicose specialists note the following:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • low-activity lifestyle;
  • overweight;
  • irrational food;
  • excessive physical activity.

The causes of this cosmetic defect can also include professional harm. The disease most often occurs in flight attendants, sellers and teachers - people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

reticular varicosis of the lower

The first signs of the disease

The main symptom of reticular varicose is a vascular pattern of purple hue that appears through the skin on the legs. Most often, the venous network is located on the outer surface of the thighs and lower leg. It consists of vascular asterisks, sinuous lines. In addition, a woman may be disturbed by other manifestations of the disease:

  • discomfort in the legs, intensifying in the evening;
  • strong puffiness;
  • convulsive contractions in the area of ​​feet at night.

Reticular varicose, the photo of which is presented below, may be accompanied by subcutaneous hemorrhages and severe itching. Depending on the severity of the pathological process, the characteristic pattern is present in the form of weakly discernible elements or extends over the vast areas of the lower limbs. Venous capillaries, as a rule, are quite dense and well probed.

reticular varicose photos

Treatment at home

Timely therapy of varicose veins is needed as a preventive measure for more serious venous changes. At the initial stage of the pathological process, water procedures are shown. They have a hardening effect on the vessels. After taking a shower, doctors recommend to direct water jets from the feet to the thighs, while alternating the temperature. Also, contrasting trays for feet. Douches of chamomile or St. John's wort can be added to the water.

Reticular varicose can not be cured without changing the diet. You should give up fasting and frequent breaks between meals. Under the ban fall alcoholic beverages, coffee, spicy dishes and fatty meat, baked goods. The diet should be varied with fresh vegetables and fruits, porridges on the water. Such nutrition ensures the provision of the body with the necessary nutrients, normalizes the metabolism.

reticular varicose treatment

Exercise for varicose veins

Moderate exercise is also an excellent prevention of varicose veins. Physical activity helps normalize blood circulation, restore lymph flow. However, all exercises should be selected by a specialist taking into account the development of the pathological process.

What sports are most effective? Walking in the open air is considered the best option. It is not necessary to sign up for the gym and to weaken the body every day by lifting weights. At home, you can jump on the rope. Such an exercise stops the reticular varicose veins. Treatment with folk remedies may not be required at all. In addition, jumping rope stimulates blood flow, preventing the appearance of stagnant processes. Morning exercises are also useful. It takes only 15-20 minutes a day, but the first results are visible after several sessions.

reticular varicose of the lower extremities what is it?

Traditional medicine help

Thanks to the use of natural remedies, it is very easy to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, reticular varicose can be cured with the help of folk healers.

Folk remedies are divided into two types: for indoor and outdoor use. For the preparation of medicinal broths or sprouts does not require a profile education, it is important only to follow the proposed instructions. However, before the start of the course of treatment, it is still worth consulting with a doctor. Consider the most popular recipes of folk healers.

For ingestion:

  • Medium nutmeg must be grinded in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder should be taken on a teaspoon before meals, washed down with water. Treatment continues until the weight disappears in the legs.
  • Verbena is used to strengthen the vascular walls. It will be necessary to pour a glass of boiling water two tablespoons of plant flowers, warm in a water bath and drain. The resulting medicine is taken on a tablespoon every three hours.

For external use it is recommended:

  • Broth of a white willow for foot baths. Two tablespoons of bark should be filled with a glass of boiling water, put in a water bath. The resulting remedy is recommended to be added to water during medical procedures.
  • You can prepare rubbing. This will require 0.5 liters of vodka and collection of birch buds. The mixture is recommended to insist in a dark place for at least 10 days, stirring occasionally. Then the infusion should be filtered and only after that it should be used as a flour.

Folk remedies have always been used in the fight against reticular varicose veins. Described recipes for many years practiced by healers.

Drug treatment

Progressive reticular varicosity involves treatment with medications. Properly appointed therapy can reduce the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms and prevent the development of complications. For treatment, preparations from the group of venotonicks( Venoruton, Detralex, Antistax) are usually used. They are realized in the form of tablets, ointments and gels. The dosage of the pills is selected by the doctor. With extreme caution, they should be used during pregnancy and during lactation. It is impossible to completely cure varicose veins with the help of medications. Drug therapy can reduce puffiness, provide legs with ease and comfort. reticular varicose treatment with folk remedies

When is surgery required?

Running reticular varicose with complicated course requires surgical intervention. Modern medicine offers three options for getting rid of dilated veins:

  1. Removing vessels through microprojectors. After the procedure, hematomas often remain on the skin, but they last for two weeks.
  2. Sclerotherapy of veins. The procedure involves the introduction of a special drug. Its duration depends on the extent of the lesion. The positive effect is gradually manifested.
  3. Application of laser. The procedure is carried out in three stages, absolutely painless for the patient.

After surgery, it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations: wear special compression underwear, lead an active lifestyle, give up harmful habits and so on. reticular varicose folk remedies

Prevention measures

Is it possible to prevent reticular varicose? Treatment of this disease takes a long time, a woman has to give up dresses and skirts, and discomfort in the legs in the evenings prevents proper rest. Therefore, representatives of the fair sex from an early age should think about the prevention of this pathology.

Doctors-phlebologists first of all advise to adhere to an active way of life, walk more often and engage in feasible kinds of sports. In addition, it is necessary to revise the daily diet in favor of healthy food. After a long day of work, you should rest your legs. To do this, you can take a cool shower or make a special bath. Varicose veins are an insidious disease that manifests itself gradually. Therefore, do not delay treatment, but it is even better to take preventive measures.