The preparation "Ksamiol": the instruction on application, the description, structure, analogues and responses

For such a disease as psoriasis, red, excessively dry and raised spots above the skin surface or so-called papules are characteristic. Fusing with each other, they form plaques, which are areas of excessive proliferation of keratinocytes, macrophages and lymphocytes of the skin, as well as chronic inflammation. xylol administration instructions

To prescribe therapy for such a chronic non-infectious disease, you should consult a dermatologist. In turn, the doctor must prescribe to the patient medications that help to reduce the main symptoms of the disease.

The most effective drugs for psoriasis include the drug "Xamylol".Instructions for use, price, feedback on the effectiveness of this medication will be presented below.

Composition, form of the medicine, its description and packaging

In what form is the "Xamiol" medication manufactured? The instruction for use asserts that said preparation is in the form of a transparent gel for external application. It can be colorless or white. On the surface of the medication is often observed thin and oily film.

The active ingredients of the agent under consideration are betamethasone dipropionate and calcipotriol monohydrate. Also, the gel contains auxiliary elements in the form of paraffin liquid, polypropylene glycol stearate and castor hydrogenated oil.

For sale "Ksamiol" medication( instructions for use, price, reviews are described below) comes in bottles of high-density polyethylene.

Pharmacological characteristics of

What is remarkable about the medication "Xylol"?Instructions for use, reviews of experienced specialists report that the effectiveness of this drug is due to the properties of its active substances.

Calcipotriol is called a synthetic analogue of the active metabolite of vitamin D. It inhibits the proliferation of keratinocytes, and also increases the rate of their morphological differentiation. xylol application instructions price reviews

As for betamethasone, it is a glucocorticosteroid for external use. It renders local immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and antipruritic action. However, the exact mechanisms of anti-inflammatory properties of this steroid have not been identified.

It can not be said that the use of occlusive dressings significantly enhances the effectiveness of glucocorticosteroids, since in this case their penetration into the skin is increased.

Kinetic properties of the drug

Is the drug "Xamol"( gel) absorbed? Instructions for use indicate that the absorption of betamethasone and calcipotriol through intact skin is less than 1%.If the drug has been applied to psoriatic plaques or under the fixative bandages, the absorption of the outer GCS is significantly increased.

Elimination of the agent in question from the skin takes place over several days.

Betamethasone metabolism occurs in the kidney and liver with the formation of sulfoesters and glucuronides. Removal of the drug is through the kidneys and intestines.


What is the purpose of a medication such as "Xylol"( gel)?Instructions for use, reviews of doctors suggest that this tool is especially effective when:

  • psoriasis on the head;
  • of moderate to mild psoriasis on other parts of the body. ksaolol user


Does the medicine "Xamiol" have contraindications? Instructions for use( analogues of this drug are sold in all pharmacies) indicates that this remedy can not be prescribed when:

  • has a pronounced inadequate function of the renal or hepatic system;
  • diseases, which are accompanied by a violation of calcium metabolism;
  • viral diseases( herpes, shingles), fungal, bacterial and parasitic skin infections, rosacea, rosacea, acne vulgaris, perioral dermatitis, cutaneous manifestations of syphilis and tuberculosis, skin atrophy, ulcer, wounds, itching in the genital area and perianal region,increased fragility of skin vessels, striae and ichthyosis;
  • hypersensitivity to any of the medicament substances;
  • of psoriatic erythroderma, teardrop, exfoliative and pustular psoriasis;
  • at a minor age.

Preparation "Xamoyol": route of administration and dose

The drug "Xylol" is used only externally. Before applying the gel, the bottle should be shaken thoroughly. The medication is applied a thin layer on plaques( psoriatic) or other affected parts of the body, including the scalp once a day.

The maximum dose of the drug per day is no more than 15 g. The maximum weekly dosage should not be more than 100 g.

The duration of therapy with this remedy is 4 weeks for psoriasis of the head and 2 months for skin lesions. ksaolol user manual

The area of ​​application of the drug should not be more than 30% of the entire body surface. The drug should remain on the skin throughout the night or the day. This will help achieve the optimal therapeutic effect.

If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated, but only under medical supervision.


What side effects does the "Xamoyol" gel cause? Instructions for use( the price of this medicine is quite high) indicates such undesirable reactions as:

  • eye irritation;
  • skin itching, rash, acne, burning sensation, pustular psoriasis, pain, irritation, exacerbation of psoriasis, dermatitis, folliculitis and dry skin.

It should also be noted that calcipotriol can provoke local skin irritation, burning sensation, itching, tingling, erythema, dermatitis, photosensitivity, eczema and facial edema.

With prolonged use of betamethasone, skin atrophy, striae, telangiectasia, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, allergic contact dermatitis, depigmentation, colloidal skin degeneration, generalized pustular psoriasis develop.

Special recommendations for the use of the gel

What should the patient know before applying the gel "Xamiol" to the skin? Instruction for use informs you that this product can not be used on mucous membranes.

Special care must be taken when applying the medication to the skin of the face and genitals. ksamol instructions for use analogues

In case of accidental ingestion of the gel, unwanted reactions such as irritation and conjunctivitis can develop in the eyes.

After using the medication, you should thoroughly wash your hands.

If secondary infections develop in the background of the application of the drug in question, the patient should be prescribed antimicrobial therapy.

Abrupt withdrawal of the drug increases the risk of developing pustular generalized psoriasis. Therefore, after discontinuation of therapy, it is required to continue clinical observation of the patient's condition.

During treatment with this medication, the patient should avoid excessive irradiation with artificial or natural sunlight.

Calcipotriol may be used topically in combination with ultraviolet irradiation only if the doctor considers the risk of unwanted effects to be justified.

What other features are inherent in the gel "Xylol"?The instruction for use asserts that this agent contains butylhydroxytoluene. This component can cause local reactions to the skin( for example, contact dermatitis) or eye irritation.

To achieve the optimal therapeutic effect, after the use of the drug, it is not recommended to take a shower or bath immediately, and also to wash your hair( when treating the head).xylol gel instructions for use

Cost and analogues

The cost of the medicament in question is about 800-1000 rubles. Many consumers consider this price to be too high.

As for the analogues, they do not have much of the "Ksameol" preparation. The most similar in its properties is the drug "Daivobet".However, it should be noted that its cost can exceed 1600 rubles per bottle.

Reviews of specialists and patients

Now you know what diseases are treated with the drug "Xylol"( gel).Instruction, price, reviews about this medicine are presented in this article.

According to consumers' reviews, this remedy is quite effective in treating psoriasis. Moreover, it is well applied to the skin, and also does not contribute to the appearance of greasiness and stickiness on the skin.

Absorbs the drug fairly easily. He has a very pleasant and unobtrusive flavor. One tube with the drug is enough for a long time.

Many patients who use this medication note that after the application of this medication they quickly passed psoriasis-like pruritus and brightened plaques. Over time, they even disappeared. xylol method of administration and dose

As for negative responses, most of them contain indignation of people about the cost of the medicine. Also, some consumers are afraid to use this drug, since it is hormonal.

It should also be noted that after the application of the gel, some patients experience rather unpleasant side effects. Although experts argue that if you follow all the doctor's recommendations, such reactions can be avoided.