"Travogen" preparation: instructions for use, composition, indications, analogues and reviews

Fungal lesions are a real scourge of humanity. Doctors-dermatologists ascertain that they daily face a large number of people suffering from this pathology. Fungal infections are accompanied by a lot of trouble. In addition to visual defects - peeling, bright spots, unnatural coloring, various formations, - a person experiences painful symptoms. In fact a fungus very often provokes a constant itch, malaise, and after that - a poisoning of an organism. That is why it is necessary to fight this pathology in a timely manner. One of the drugs widely used in this disease is the "Travogen" medication. Instruction for use describes it as an excellent antifungal agent.

travogen application instructions

Composition of the preparation

The drug "Travogen" instruction for use is positioned as an antifungal agent developed for external use. A medication is available in the form of a cream( 1%), a homogeneous opaque consistency, a white shade.

The active substance of the drug is a synthetic derivative of imidazole - isoconazole nitrate. Such a component is able to quickly penetrate into damaged cells, and destroy the membranes of microbes, suppressing the synthesis of ergosterol. The maximum concentration in the epidermis is observed after 1 hour. The beneficial effect on skin covers lasts about 7 hours.

According to the "Travogen" preparation instructions for use, the cream effectively influences and inhibits the development of mold, yeast, yeast-like fungi, as well as gram-positive bacteria. The medication has a local antibacterial effect.

Indications for use

When is it advisable to use "Travogen"( cream)?Instructions for use recommend the resort to treatment with this ointment for various fungal( primary, secondary) lesions.

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Thus, the agent is prescribed for the following pathologies:

  1. Candidomycosis, triggered by yeast-like Candida fungi.
  2. Keratomycosis.
  3. Dermatophytosis, accompanied by inflammatory reactions.
  4. Erythrasm affecting femoral folds, armpits, navel, interdigital stop zones, mammary glands.
  5. Epidermophytia of groin and feet.
  6. Microspores.
  7. Rubrophytia( fungal formations on the skin of the feet, nails).
  8. Multicolored or pityrious lichen, different localization( head, neck, groin, chest, back).

Dosages of

Means "Travogen" instructions for use advise to use as follows:

  1. Before applying this medication, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the affected area and dry it well. To do this, you can use a solution of soda, in which it is desirable to add a few drops of tea tree oil.
  2. If the cream is applied to the soles of the feet or hands, then the necrotic horny layer should be removed first.
  3. To combat the fungus localized in the interdigital areas, it is recommended to use cotton or gauze tampons, greased cream. But initially the epidermis affected by mycosis should be carefully washed, cleaned and well dried.
  4. Once a day, apply a thin layer on the infected areas. Then follow a little massage of the affected area so that the cream is absorbed.
  5. The duration of therapy is about 2-3 weeks. If the fungus is localized in the interdigital spaces or in the folds of the skin, then the treatment is delayed up to 4 weeks.
  6. The cream should be continued for 14 days after the disappearance of the clinical signs of the disease.

travogen application instructions


The drug is not intended to treat patients who are hypersensitive to isoconazole or other components of this medication.

Contraindicated cream for infants. For babies up to 2 years, the "Travogen" ointment can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor. It is used under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Pregnant women can be prescribed such a drug only if the benefits for the expectant mother are significantly greater than the risk for the baby.

There is no information on whether the active substance penetrates into the mother's milk. Therefore, during therapy with this medication, it is strongly recommended to stop feeding the infant.

Side effects of

Usually patients tolerate the drug "Travogen" fairly well. Instructions for use indicate that this product can be used even for sensitive skin.

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However, the cream is capable of provoking some side effects:

  • irritations, such as itching, burning sensation;
  • allergic reactions to the skin( rarely observed).

In case of adverse events, especially those not indicated in the medication annotation, the patient must contact the doctor.

There is no information about an overdose with "Travogen" cream. In addition, isoconazole has low toxicity. Therefore, one-time use of the drug in high dosage or the occasional use of the drug inside does not cause the patient acute intoxication.

But remember that this medication is for external use only. Avoid getting ointment in the eyes. In case of depositing funds on the cornea, be sure to rinse it with warm water.

This describes the "Travogen" medication instructions for use. Price, reviews about the product are not less important issues. Therefore, we will stop at them.

Cost of funds

Patients assigned to this drug are not only interested in the medicament "Travogen" instructions for use. The price of the drug is a matter of concern to most patients.

travogen cream instruction manual

The average cost per tube( 20 g) is 477 rubles.

Analogues of


  • "Gino-ovoidum" can be effective agents that can replace the original cream.
  • "Lamisil".
  • "Isoconazole".
  • «Travocort».
  • Bifonazol.

Opinions about

What do patients say about this drug? Is it really as effective as the "Travogen" medication testifies to the instructions for use?

Reviews of people who have encountered a variety of manifestations of fungus, show that the cream has met all their expectations.

The drug effectively fights against fungal infection. In this case, patients claim that the improvement is noticeable after the first application.

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People, faced with such an unpleasant disease as pityriasis, testify that they used the cream for about 1 month. The drug completely relieved of the symptoms of the disease.

No less effective in the treatment of rubromycosis. The patients claim that the ointment helped to completely recover from the unpleasant pathology.