Compression underwear with varicose veins: which is better? Types of compression linen, description

Varicose is not only ugly, but also dangerous for health and even life. Venous network on the legs in the absence of adequate treatment can soon lead to complications such as thrombosis, trophic ulcer, bleeding. Therefore, it is very important to start therapy as soon as possible and get rid of the disease. The first way to a successful recovery is the purchase of such a necessary product, like compression underwear with varicose veins. What is the best product to buy so that the effect will be achieved, and money will not be wasted? This is what will be discussed in the article. And we will find out what kinds of therapeutic knitwear are available, and also how to wear special pantyhose or stockings. Compression underwear with varicose what better photos

The impact of

Compression laundry affects the lower limbs of a person as follows:

- It supports squeezed enlarged veins. Due to this, the blood flow is redistributed from the enlarged veins to the healthy ones.

- This kind of underwear improves blood circulation.

- With the right size, as well as the proper wearing of such a knitwear reduces the risk of blood clots.

- This underwear is an excellent, safe and simple method of preventing varicose veins. In this case, this therapeutic knitwear allows you to maintain the veins in a natural state.

Classification of

It is very difficult to arrange compression underwear for varicose veins. What is the best therapeutic underwear suitable for this or that person, depends on the condition of the patient's legs. Therefore, people should choose a jersey only with the help of a doctor.

Generally curative against varicose is divided into 4 types:

  1. Hospital, which is used only in stationary conditions.
  2. Healing.
  3. Preventive.
  4. For athletes.

Also curative underwear is distinguished by types of weaving, material and degree of pressure.

Medical knitwear for a woman in the

position Often girls who wear babies in their tummies have problems with veins on their legs, so they also need to buy compression underwear with varicose veins. What is better when you are pregnant and when to start wearing it? To get such a knitwear is better from the first trimester, even if there are no obvious signs of varicose veins. However, in this case it is necessary to use preventive knitwear. And in the second or third trimester, it is necessary to take advantage of the recommendations of gynecologists and purchase quality curative linen. The fact is that compression knitwear for expectant mothers differs from other types of medical products.

So, for pregnant women, the presence of an elastic bandage at the top of the pantyhose will be mandatory. The main function of this resilient, tight fitting bandage is to support the stomach, but not squeeze it. Also, from tissues with increased air permeability, it is necessary to make compressive underwear for varicose veins for pregnant women. What is the best for women in the provision of therapeutic underwear to choose? Most often pregnant women prefer wearing special stockings. And they choose them because the weekly increasing stomach simply ceases to fit into the pantyhose of pantyhose in the future. And stockings can be chosen without problems, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the woman's body, as well as her own wishes and preferences. In turn, hosiery for pregnant women can be as follows:

  1. With an open toe.
  2. Classic model.
  3. On the belt-corset with velcro.
  4. On an elastic band made of silicone.

Compression underwear with varicose what better reviews

How to put on properly?

Therapeutic knitwear is an expensive pleasure, and if the stockings or pantyhose is tucked up incorrectly, they can easily be torn. Therefore, it is very important to properly wear compression underwear with varicose veins. How to use it to help? In contrast to conventional tights, when wearing medical knitwear you need to follow certain rules:

  1. Any kind of compression linen - golfs, stockings, tights - you need to pull immediately after sleep. To wear knitwear should be in the lying position.
  2. This is done neatly, slowly, without stretching the product and twisting it.
  3. First you need to assemble the top of the jersey in the accordion.
  4. It is convenient to take tights( stockings) and carefully put them on the foot.
  5. Gradually, you need to straighten the product by pulling it on the shin.
  6. You also need to wear hosiery on the thighs in the lying position, while the trunk should be raised when the article approaches the waist.

Compression underwear with varicose what is better for men Simplifying the procedure for putting on linen

Actually pulling medical tights, stocking is not an easy task. To make it easier, you can buy a special plastic device Medi Butler. Such devices facilitate the process of putting compression underwear. It is important to choose the right device, because it is divided into 4 types:

  1. For people with limited agility, the Longo series is suitable.
  2. Men and women with large dimensions will need a Big series device.
  3. For people who often travel, you need a device that would take up little space. In this case, the travel device is suitable.
  4. There is also a device with a sliding mechanism called Hospital Butler.

Popular manufacturers of medical underwear

To date, the consumer can choose for himself a suitable manufacturer of such a product as compression underwear for varicose veins. What firm is better, the person can determine, having tried this or that subject. After all, such medical products are different in design, wear resistance, price. And not always a person can afford to buy expensive tights, then he focuses on other indicators. The most popular manufacturers are such companies as Relaxsan, Intex, Orto, Medi, Sigvaris. compression underwear for varicose veins

Company Relaxsan

This is an Italian manufacturer that can offer people models of different designs and any class of compression. The laundry of this company is quite affordable. The maximum price of tights does not exceed the mark of 1300 rubles. The drawback of the products of this company is the fragility of the product, since the compression lasts no more than 1 month. Also, some people note a slight discomfort during wearing tights or stockings, as well as their rapid wear.

Firm "Intex"

It is the Russian company delivering clothes from varices at a relatively low price. Compression jersey creates an excellent compression, has a high wear resistance. The cost of linen of the company "Intex" ranges from 800-1300 rubles. At this price, you can buy a knitwear of good fabric, with the appropriate impact and quality seams. The company's linen can be worn for 1 year without loss of properties.

compression underwear with varicose what is better

Manufacturer Orto

This is a Spanish company that sells compression stockings. On average, the cost of such a product varies between 900-1300 rubles. The downside of these stockings is that they quickly wipe their heels. However, the laundry of this company in all other aspects has an excellent therapeutic effect.

Company Medi

This is a German brand of compression linen that produces high quality compression knitwear. True, the price of products is also quite high. On average, for stockings you need to give about 4 thousand rubles. The design of the laundry is diverse. Plus the knitwear of this manufacturer can be called a long time of socks, as well as the preservation of compression.


This is a Swiss company that produces high-quality, high-quality compression underwear. The cost of therapeutic knitted tights is about 6 thousand rubles. Excellent design, excellent sewing, long time socks - these are the advantages of Sigvaris therapeutic stockings - compression underwear with varicose veins. Which is better, the photo of jersey, which Russians choose, can be seen in this article. But we can not fail to mention that people think about medical tights, stockings of various companies. Compression underwear with varicose what is better during pregnancy

Compression lingerie for varicose veins: which is better? User reviews

From the knitted goods of the Russian company "Intex" people are delighted. First, many like the long life of pantyhose, stocking. Secondly, many women note that the product range of this manufacturer is large: there are all kinds of colors for every taste, any compression class( from 1 to 4).Also people are captivated by the cost of jersey. After all, it is much lower than that of other well-known manufacturers. And all because it makes clothes in Russia, that is, it does not pass customs control. Therefore, there is no cheat on it. Russians are eager to support the national manufacturer and believe that the inexpensive therapeutic knitted fabric of the company "Intex" is in no way inferior to the same product, but from other organizations such as Sigvaris or Medi.

About Sigvaris only positive reviews. So, people who bought the compressive underwear of this company, note that the manufacturer thought through everything to the smallest detail: made jersey for both summer( that was not hot), and for winter. I also made sure that the heel does not erase, making it secure. In addition, the manufacturer came up with a special perforation in order not to sweat the skin. The only drawback of the products of this company is their high cost. Not everyone can afford to buy such clothes.

About pantyhose Medi people recall differently. Some recommend it, others do not. Those people who do not like the pantyhose of this company, note that before the quality of the products were better, over time it deteriorated. If earlier it was possible to wear such a knit for a long time and there were neither puffs nor shooter on it, but now this is a trifling matter. But with the high cost of such a medical product, it is simply unacceptable that after three times wearing an arrow appeared.

Still, you need to answer the question: "Compression lingerie for varicose what is better?" Testimonials of people suggest that the jersey of the Russian company "Intex" is the best option for the ratio of price and quality.

Healing knee socks

A strong half of humanity also suffers from varicose veins, but men turn to doctors much less often than women. But also for them manufacturers make special medical jersey - compression underwear with varicose veins. What is the best for men and how to choose it? In fact, the question of beauty for the strong half of humanity is taking second place. After all, men still wear such underwear under their trousers. Therefore, many manufacturers are focusing on the quality and comfort of the product. For men, curative golfs are meant, which do not outwardly differ from ordinary socks. Many again choose Intex, but this does not mean that the quality of other manufacturers is poor. Simply, this Russian company offers goods cheaper than foreign competitors. Most often, compressors are used by athletes, drivers, office workers.

Compression lingerie for varicose veins: how to choose the size to have a curative effect?

Before you go to the store for knitted tights or stockings you need to visit a doctor phlebologist. The specialist must examine the patient's legs, diagnose and help to choose the right product. With recommendations from the doctor, the person is already going to the store. There he is offered to measure his legs in 4 places: the volume of the lower leg, thigh, ankles, and also the length of the leg from the heel to the groin. If all measurements are taken, then tights will be matched correctly.

You also need to select the compression class that the doctor recommended. And there are four of them. The first class is the thinnest, and the fourth, respectively, is the densest one.

Many people are interested in the questions: "Is it possible to choose for myself compression lingerie for varicose veins? How to choose the size, if you face such medical knitwear for the first time? "You do not need to buy this product yourself, even if you read the information on this linen before you go to the store. Only the help of a specialist will allow a person to pick up really those tights and stockings that will have a curative effect.

compression underwear for varicose veins

Wearing time

Many people are interested in the question: "Compression lingerie for varicose how to wear, how long?" This question can only answer the doctor, because it is he who appoints therapeutic knitwear. So, if as a preventive measure, it is enough to put on tights or stockings during the day, and at night to remove them. Usually the duration of wearing in this case is not more than 3 months. If you want to use knitwear already for the treatment of varicose veins, then the phlebologist chooses the optimal wearing time, as well as a specific model of the product. Usually after half a year the expert advises to come to him at the reception, where he already decides on the expediency of further wearing such linen. There is also a hospital compression jersey. It is used several days before the operation, and also within 3 weeks after it.


This article introduced the reader to an important piece of clothing for some people, like compression underwear with varicose veins. Which is better, it also became clear. By the ratio of price-quality wins the jersey of the Russian company "Intex".But anyway, if a person incorrectly selects the size of the product, does not take into account the wishes of the doctor, even the most expensive clothes will be useless.