Komki Bisha - what is it? Removal operation: reviews, prices, photos

Each person has an anatomical structure from birth and throughout development. Many people have sharply expressed certain features that need to be changed by surgery, if they do not change independently during the development of the organism. To do this, operations are performed to remove unwanted formations when they reach a certain age.

What are these sediments of

? One such formation is the lump of Bish. What it is? This is the formation of fat deposits, located deep under the skin of the face, but not associated with it. This formation has a rather complex configuration and can be located below or above the zygomatic arch. But in this case we are talking about a process that goes to the cheek area, which was discovered by the French anatomist Bish. Bishki what is it?

For what exactly there is a bunch of Bisha, is still unknown, but there is such an assumption that it is a kind of pump that allows the proper functioning of the chewing apparatus. But when it is removed, the chewing function does not change. At the earliest age in children, such fat formations are probed in both cheeks, and they are located on the chewing muscles. It is the fatty lumps of Bisha that give the child's face a sweet swelling, in adults the face also looks full.

Beauty and elegance

What will happen to the face if you remove the lumps of Bish? The result will be as if the cheeks are drawn, as when drinking water through a tube. This can be called the Marlene Dietrich effect. A person gets an elegant cheek swollen with the help of surgery, whereas the legendary actress achieved such an effect by removing the back teeth, as the legend says. Now there is no need to remove the teeth, it is enough to perform the operation. lumps photos before and after photos

Potential patients

Is it necessary for all to carry out this procedure, why do I need to remove the lumps of Bish? The operation is most common among young girls who want to make a fashionable cheek swelling. For older patients, this procedure is also carried out, because fatty clusters create "bulldog cheeks" in humans. For age patients, the operation is carried out together with a facelift on the face. Otherwise, the face may look haggard. remove the lumps of Bisha

In order to give greater clarity in the lower part of the face at a later age, when the skin has a low tone, it is not enough simply to remove the lumps of Bish, it is also necessary to perform liposuction of the chin. But is it possible to predict the result of the operation in advance, and will the removal of these lumps be asymmetric? With great accuracy, you can see the result after the procedure, if you pull your cheeks in front of the mirror. The correctness of removal is influenced by consideration of features and all factors in the structure of the face. The most basic is the different curvature of the left and right jaws.

What are they - lumps?

What are the lumps of Bisha, what is this after more careful examination? A feature of the lump is that it is in the capsule that holds it. The capsule is necessary, since the fat contained in the capsule is quite fluid. Remove the capsule through the access that is available inside the oral cavity. The operation to remove the lumps of Bisha is considered to be less traumatic, and after it is carried out, the person on the same day can go home.

After two weeks, after complete healing, you can see a significant effect in changing the appearance. Good results will be noticeable in the event that you do not completely remove the lumps, since otherwise the face will look not only emaciated, but also older. When the fatty lumps of Bisha are removed, there are no unpleasant marks, scarring or scars. The operation is performed in the oral cavity, from the inside of the cheeks. fatty lumps of Bisha

Striking difference

If you look in a couple of weeks, when the lumps of Bisha were removed, the photos before and after, you will see a dramatic change. To conduct such an operation, only professional practitioners should be contacted. A greater advantage is the operation performed with a laser. The first and most basic is the laser installation, with which the operation is performed, safer and more reliable than the use of a scalpel. removal of lumps Bisha price Moscow

Laser Usage

When using the laser, in addition, antiseptic action takes place, so it is almost impossible to get infection during the procedure. In addition to the fact that all patients easily tolerate laser intervention, they almost do not feel pain. Since laser tuning is more accurate, the result is a symmetrical face with an excellent aesthetic effect. In addition, wounds after the operation quickly heal, there are no side complications. It is worth seeing the effect after removing the lumps of Bish, photos before and after the operation.

Using the scalpel

You can perform a routine operation with any method of anesthesia, but the best is considered local, it passes without pain and takes no more than twenty minutes. In the operation, a small incision is made, and only a short time after the intervention the patient leaves the clinic on his own. Many will be interested, what is the price for removing Bish's lumps? Moscow has a large number of clinics where such operations are conducted, the average cost is from twenty-five to fifty thousand rubles. lumps of Bisha operation

Cost of beauty

But do not forget that the price for such operations can be greater, in each case it is necessary to take into account both the status of the clinic where the removal will be performed and the specialist himself. Despite the fact that the operation is considered quite simple, you do not need to save on it. First and foremost, everything happens very close to the facial nerves, and a surgeon who has little experience can negligently damage his nerves. Also, it is possible, having got into inexperienced hands, to receive a disproportionate person, since the fat from the cheek region will be removed unevenly. remove the lumps of Bisha

Existing contraindications to

For some people, there are contraindications not to remove lumps of Bish. What is it and why they can not be deleted? It is not necessary to conduct such an operation for young people who have not attained the age of twenty-five. Before this period, the fat layer gradually decreases, after the procedure the face may look very thin and tired. Recovery of the lost fat volume will be very difficult. There are contraindications for another group of patients.

Those people who are overweight or, conversely, do not reach the prescribed rate, also it is not necessary to carry out this operation. Before doing such an operation, you need to fully normalize your weight. There are still contraindications for such a surgical intervention. If there are any infectious diseases, poor blood clotting, or chronic diseases worsened, then it is also not necessary to go to surgery.

Are there any complications after removing the lumps of Bish? Very rarely in the oral cavity, on the cheeks where the incisions were made, the inflammatory process may begin. This can occur in the event of accidental tissue injury of the mucosa in the mouth - from solid food, during night rest or while doing sports exercises. We also allow the variant of the inflammatory process in the body before removing lumps.

Postoperative period

The rehabilitation period requires such actions as a mandatory visit to the doctor for the next day after the operation. It is necessary to wear a compression bandage on the cheeks to prevent swelling. It takes a two-day appointment with prescribed medicines, which include antibiotics, as well as rinsing with oral antiseptics. If everything is done correctly, there will be no interference, then in a couple of days it will be possible to see the result of the work done.

Do or not

When you know where the Bisch lumps are formed, what it is and how to deal with them, you should think about the need for surgical intervention, and only after fully realizing the need for removal of the lumps of Bish, lie down on the operating table, because any surgical intervention should be justified. But do not forget that beauty requires sacrifice. According to many patients who chose this method, not only pendulous cheeks are pulled up and the face oval improves, but it is completely rejuvenated.