Nim Ayurveda: application, testimonials. Nem( Neem) Himalaya - a cleansing Ayurvedic remedy

Ayurveda actively uses products made with the extract of nima - the sacred tree, which, according to legend, Garuda spilled the elixir of immortality. It is believed that in the presence of such a plant there are no diseases and suffering. According to Ayurveda, the use of it, reviews about which are practically only positive, has a beneficial effect on health. More information about this medication is described in the article.

The properties of the

nid The tree is known for their healing properties. The tool is used in different types. The oil, the extract on the basis of leaves and preparations which need to be taken inside are in demand. Ayurveda believes that this plant can remove toxins from the body. It also purifies the blood. Nim is effective for stimulating the body's natural defenses and regulating the balance of Pitta and Kapha.

Ayurveda application reviews

The extract of the plant is bitter, has a choleretic effect, cleanses the liver. This process with detoxification, removal of toxins, strengthening of immunity allows you to reduce body weight. In addition to cleansing the body from the inside, the plant is used to eliminate skin problems. It is effective for getting rid of old furuncles, abscesses, inflammations, acne, eczema and other skin imperfections. As the reviews and Ayurveda show, using it allows you to get rid of many health problems, you just need to use it on the basis of instructions.

In India, NIMA oil is used to produce preparations for the treatment of hair, including shampoos, balms, masks. The inclusion of this component in antimony for eyebrows and eyelashes has antiseptic and strengthening effect. With him you can grow luxurious cilia. The leaves of the tree are necessary for them to get rid of inflammation, eliminate fever, pain and aches in bones.


Ayurveda advises using it in different cases. And it is possible to combine ready-made products on its basis with the use of pure oil. Also, the plant is a part of creams and other cosmetic products. According to reviews, Ayurveda, the use of it will only benefit when used for its intended purpose. Apply it in the following cases:

  1. In the purification of blood. It removes toxins, unnecessary cholesterol, free radicals and other harmful components.
  2. To reduce temperature during fever and strengthen immunity.
  3. When ingested, it helps to get rid of the infection.
  4. Because it eliminates cholesterol, it will protect the body from atherosclerosis, the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.
  5. Treats a variety of autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes, polyarthritis, psoriasis, and other diseases.
  6. Restores carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
  7. Treats skin ailments.
  8. Eliminates allergies.
  9. It is used in ayurvedic dentistry in the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.
  10. Included in cosmetics.

neem himalaya user guide

Nimes in capsules are used in different doses depending on the problem. This information should be found in the instructions. This effective tool will strengthen the general condition of a person.

Use and dosage of

Before use, read the instructions for use of Neem Himalaya. It is important to comply with dosage. How to clean blood at home? To do this, take 2-3 capsules per day for 14 days. This will also strengthen immunity. Such doses are suitable for the acute stage of any disease. To fix the result, take 1-2 capsules for a month.

Instructions for the use of Neem Himalaya should be carefully followed and in the performance of prevention. It takes 1-2 capsules a day for 90 days. If you get acquainted with Ayurveda, reviews on its use, experts advise you to drink capsules in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals. Drink them with clean water or warm green tea without sugar. If you do this in the evening, it is better to take the capsule 2 hours after eating.

External application

According to reviews, it is effective for use as an external oil. The plant is a part of ointments and creams. The use of the drug is not regulated, a person should be guided by personal feelings. Nimes is effective for the treatment of skin diseases. And the process of recovery is without complications.

tree it

Often, wood-based preparations cope with complex cases when modern medicine is powerless. In India and Pakistan, extracts and tree oil are included in body care products, toothpastes, shampoos.


Ayurveda prohibits the use of it in 2 cases:

  • when depleted;
  • physical and mental fatigue.

It should be noted that, like other herbal remedies, the plant can cause reactions. But this happens rarely. According to the reviews, it will not do any harm if you use it carefully. Before the first use it is necessary to perform an allergy test. For this, the product is applied to the elbow bend at night. If there is no change in the morning, the drug is suitable.

Application in cosmetology

Extracts and wood oil have many valuable properties. Ayurveda applies them not only in treatment, but also for cosmetic purposes. Nim has another ability - it is used to treat acne, comedones, closed subcutaneous pimples, and also eliminates age-related changes.

him reviews

Age skin is usually dry and sensitive, and nimes based preparations moisturize it, restore, promote the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, it acquires a tone, becomes dense, smooth. Skin with clogged pores due to the effects of the properties of the plant is cleaned. In a short time, it changes, unpleasant rashes disappear from it. Due to its powerful antiseptic action, it is used in the treatment of acne, which even hormonal preparations could not remove.

Oil and wood extract is applied to the whole body. If you have thin and brittle nails, and after the manicure the okolonogtevoy roller and cuticle inflames, then enough droplets of oil to eliminate the problem. Over time, the plate becomes sturdy and beautiful.

how to clean blood at home

A useful action has it for hair. Based on Ayurvedic recipes, many drugs are created that can be used for medicinal purposes. He heals skin eczema, seborrhea, dandruff, pediculosis, hair loss and many other problems.

Even if there are no diseases of the scalp, shampoos and extract based balms will be helpful. They will make the curls shiny, elastic, eliminate loss and fragility. Means with nim are used after pregnancy or serious illnesses.

Features of application

Different parts of the plant are effective in treatment: leaves, bark, branches, flowers, fruits. It is also known to use seeds, roots, resins. Depending on the disease, the rules of use differ. Ayurveda uses the plant in its pure form and preparations based on it:

him in capsules

  1. Oil must be used only externally. If irritation occurs, then it should be diluted with sesame oil. It is added to shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, creams and masks.
  2. Leaves are applied to the painful areas of the skin. They also serve to get tinctures, tea for oral intake. Effective chewing leaves. In India, smoke from dry leaves served to disinfect rooms with patients.
  3. Powder is applied externally and internally. Rejuvenating effect is a mask based on turmeric powder and nim. With ingestion, the powder is poured under the tongue, washed down with cold water, so that there is no sharp taste.
  4. Capsules should be taken with the prescription and prescription of a doctor.


It is advisable to take it courses not more than 3-4 weeks 2 times a year, because it has a strong effect on the liver. But it is better not to use it for children and the elderly.