"Relaxozan" preparation: reviews, instructions for use

Almost daily, a person faces a variety of stressful situations. Constant experiences greatly weaken the nervous system. To restore calm and well-being, you can take sedatives on a plant basis. A high concentration of valerian extract contains the drug Relaxozan. The experts' comments indicate that phytotherapy has a combined therapeutic effect and is able to quickly normalize the state of the nervous system.

Description of the drug

Sedative medicines based on herbs are considered the safest for the body and have virtually no contraindications to use. They help to cope with the first signs of depression, to calm and strengthen the nervous system. The natural remedy is Relaxozan, which can be heard about from both doctors and patients. The company "Evalar", which is engaged in the production of exclusively natural remedies for the treatment of various ailments, produces phytotherapy. Raw materials for products are grown in the foothills of Altai.

Relaxosan Reviews

Relaxosan tablets contain components such as valerian extract( 125 mg), peppermint( 25 mg) and lemon balm extract( 25 mg).They all enhance the therapeutic effect of each other and positively affect the nervous system and the work of the heart.

Indications for use

Nervous tension, stress, increased excitability are the main indications for using the drug Relaxosan. The patient's feedback confirms the positive effect of the medication in these cases. If symptoms of disruption of the nervous system are ignored, they can lead to the development of more severe pathological conditions. Assign the drug in the following cases:

  • insomnia;
  • alarm status;
  • overexcitation;
  • stress;
  • depressed state;
  • tachycardia;
  • intestinal cramps.

How does the medicine work?

"Relaxosan" is a dietary supplement that has a high content of valerian from other products based on this medicinal plant. This is necessary for rapid therapeutic action and saturation of the body with useful biologically active substances. The extract of valerian depresses the nervous system, relaxes muscle tissue and dilates the blood vessels.

relaxosan instruction

The healing effect of peppermint is in anesthesia and sedation. The plant contains a large number of essential oils, which have spasmolytic and choleretic effect. Soothing properties of plants help to cope with insomnia, neuroses, increased psychoemotional load. Melissa, which is also contained in the preparation "Relaxozan", possesses a mild sedative effect.

Instructions for Use

Phytomedication can be administered to adolescents from age 14 and adult patients. The average daily dose is 4 tablets, divided into two doses. In some cases, it is enough to take 1 tablet of sedative medication 2 times a day. To ensure a daily rate of sesquiterpene acids in the body, the manufacturer recommends taking 4 tablets "Relaxosana".

The duration of the course of treatment is 1 month. The drug "Relaxozan", the price of which ranges from 150-170 rubles( 20 tablets), can be consumed for a long time, making two-week breaks between the courses.


Phytotherapy can not be taken by all patients suffering from disorders of the nervous system. Tablets are contraindicated in the presence of intolerance to fructose, a deficiency of sucrose.

Relaxed price

"Relaxozan"( the reviews confirm this) are not suitable for patients who are hypersensitive to the components of the drug. Sedation medication is not prescribed for treatment of children under 14 years of age.