Capsules "Hyaluronic acid"( 150 mg, "Evalar"): reviews

Have you heard about the prescription of eternal youth for a skin called hyaluronic acid. It is used by almost all cosmeticians, making peelings of tremendous efficiency. A mesotherapy session with this acid can also give you velvety, smooth skin and a radiant appearance. However, medicine has stepped even farther - today there is also tableted "Hyaluronic acid"( 150 mg, "Evalar").Reviews about them are not too common, because not all women today guess that you can so easily improve the condition of your skin. Today we will tell you all the pros and cons of this drug, so that you can draw the appropriate conclusions for yourself. hyaluronic acid 150 mg

Properties of hyaluronic acid

We will step aside slightly, so that the reader can understand why it was chosen as the main active substance. The fact that our body is 80% water is known to everyone. This evaporation of the liquid from the upper layer of the skin occurs regularly. In youth from the surface of the body for about 150 ml of water evaporates, and with age-related changes, the loss of moisture occurs even faster. As a result, collagen fibers are damaged, elastin is thinning.

The result is easily predictable. It is collagen and elastin that are the basis, some springs of our skin, the space around which is filled with water gel. Violation leads to sagging of the epidermis and the appearance of wrinkles. That is, the youth of our skin is a good condition of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as a sufficient amount of glycosaminoglycan gel. Advance Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg Reviews

Options for using hyaluronic acid

The options are actually not so much. In the first place for many years cosmetologists with great success make peelings using this acid. This is a non-injection effect on the skin. It has the highest efficiency. The second option is mesotherapy, when the acid is injected directly under the skin, where it exerts its effect. Intermediate between them is a mesotherapy with the help of a mesoroller. In this case, the composition is applied to the skin and rolled with a roller with thin needles. Each of these procedures is performed by a professional cosmetologist, who has good experience.

Finally, the last option is a tablet form, namely "Hyaluronic acid", 150 mg( "Evalar").Reviews say that this option is the most convenient, since it does not require special training. It's enough to take a pill and enjoy the changes. In fairness, it should be noted that in this case the result may be somewhat delayed in time.

Breakthrough in the field of cosmetology

Indeed, this has become a promising new product. Instead of hardware cosmetology and going to beauty salons, now you are offered a convenient capsule box, each of which contains "Hyaluronic acid, 150 mg"."Evalar"( reviews of women who follow their appearance, very often mention this company) constantly brings to the market natural supplements and preparations for beauty and health. This is one of the first Russian companies that has launched a home alternative to injecting mesotherapy.

Now the young has become even more accessible. In the world practice - this is a fairly well-known method of combating skin wilting and wrinkles. Import drugs are also available in our pharmacies, however, they are quite expensive. Especially when you consider that it is recommended to take a course of treatment for at least 6 months. In this case, Russian women are much more suited to "Hyaluronic acid( 150 mg)", "Evalar".Reviews confirm that it is at least twice as cheap as imported analogues. hyaluronic acid 150 mg

General description of the drug

Primarily, its purpose is to deeply moisturize the skin and prevent its aging. It is due to this result that the drug of the company "Evalar" is very popular."Hyaluronic acid 150 mg"( reviews suggest that the effect of taking does not happen instantaneously, but it persists for a long time) spreads through the pharmacy network without a doctor's prescription. That is, you can use the drug as needed. By regularly undergoing treatment, you can get beautiful and healthy skin without extra time and money.

In the first place, the capsules provide a deep hydration of the skin, an increase in tone and firmness. In doing so, you care not only about your appearance. The drug is necessary for joint health. That is, "Hyaluronic acid"( 150 mg, "Evalar") is a real shield that protects you from the passage of time. He retains the youth of the musculoskeletal system and the largest organ - the skin. hyaluronic acid 150 mg

At what age is it recommended to take the drug?

For young people under 25, there is no need to take this medication additionally. At them the organism itself is capable to synthesize a sufficient quantity of glycosaminoglycan. However, after overcoming this age line, its output is significantly reduced. And the age changes begin to manifest themselves, which every year become more obvious. All to correct "Hyaluronic acid"( 150 mg) will help. The active substance of the drug is not alien to our body. The acid binds and retains water, which prevents dryness and aging of the skin.

Original bioformula

We have already mentioned that there are imported medicines with a similar composition. However, there is one significant difference in the drug from the "Evalar".Each capsule contains high-molecular and low-molecular hyaluronic acid - 150 mg. The reviews of cosmetologists confirm that this is exactly the ratio that is inherent in healthy skin. The positive effect is due to the fact that low-molecular acid is absorbed in the stomach and begins to act immediately. High-molecular substance is absorbed in the intestine and has a prolonged effect.

This option was not randomly proposed. There are reliable studies, which were conducted by the Swiss company for the production of goods for beauty and health. According to the results, simultaneous application of these two forms of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to improve the skin condition and maintain the optimal level of its moisturizing. Based on this, a formula was developed. Her embodiment was "Hyaluronic acid", 150 mg, from "Evalar".Reviews of women say that after a few weeks after the start of the course, the condition of the skin, hair and nails improves noticeably. That is, you will receive also tangible bonuses. hyaluronic acid 150 mg reviews

Way of administration and dose of

After all this, it's time to talk about how to take the drug called "Hyaluronic acid"( 150 mg).Capsules( 30 pieces per pack) are taken orally. At the same time they are not chewed and washed down with water. The weight of each of them is 0.19 g. Adults are prescribed one capsule 1 time per day, while eating. The duration of the reception is a month. However, if there is a problem with mobility and flexibility, then the body uses acid first to restore the joint tissue. And the leftovers will go to the needs of the skin. In this case, it will be necessary to prolong the course of treatment. Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg from Evalar Testimonials

Results of application of

In case of lack of hyaluronic acid, the appearance of our skin first of all suffers. This is especially noticeable, of course, on the face. It performs two important functions here: maintaining the volume and natural hydration. The result from taking the drug is first noticed by women over forty. They note that "Hyaluronic acid"( 150 mg, 30 caps, "Evalar") allows to solve those problems that do not hide cosmetic means. Gradually, the folds near the nasolabial triangle are smoothed, corners of the mouth are raised, and the lips themselves become more voluminous.

If for Russia this drug is a novelty, in Europe, the use of hyaluronic acid in capsules and tablets is the norm and the guarantee of health. A person who regularly drinks a medicine will later experience age-related changes, and will provide a long youth to his heart and blood vessels, which is very important for active life. hyaluronic acid 150 mg capsules 30

Reviews of women

Summing up, I want to say that the cost of this drug is about 1 thousand rubles per month. That is, it is not cheap. At the same time, it can be called more accessible than imported analogues. Cosmetologists recommend after 30 years to use it regularly, with a break in one or two months. Those who have already tried its effect on themselves, confirm that such a result is difficult to achieve, applying various masks and even periodically doing peelings.

After a course of capsules with hyaluronic acid, you begin to glow with beauty and youth from the inside. And this is noticeable to everyone around. Women who took this drug, note that all the friends began to ask them if they had done a plastic surgery. The result is so noticeable. In addition, doctors note the complete safety of the drug. Hyaluronic acid will benefit all organs and systems without exception. A woman will stay beautiful and healthy for a long time.