"Dynasty" - dentistry, Chelyabinsk: quality, time-tested

"The light of my mirror, tell me, whose smile is whiter and nicer?"Approximately so we turn to our reflection every morning, performing a simple ritual with a toothbrush. Only now do everyone get a satisfactory answer?

dynasty dentistry chelyabinsk A fascinating smile, sparkling with a smooth and snow-white series of teeth, is the dream of any person from small to large. This is not only a sign of beauty and aesthetics. Oral health directly affects the condition of the body as a whole. Many of the diseases of teeth and gums adversely affect the functioning of individual organs.

Timely treatment treatment and periodic preventive examinations will negate any problems. The choice of a doctor and dentistry must be approached with utmost responsibility. This contributes not only to the quality of the services, but also to the patient's well-being.

"Dynasty" - the choice of the family

One of the clinics that daily rebuff the dental diseases - "Dynasty".Dentistry( Chelyabinsk) has been receiving patients since 2010.Thousands of people from Chelyabinsk, adults and small, have benefited from the services of professionals during this time.

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The range of services provided by the clinic is very diverse. Treatment of diseases of any complexity is carried out:

  • caries;
  • pulpitis;
  • periodontitis;
  • gingivitis;
  • periodontitis.

The specialists of the clinic developed an ideal system of professional cleaning, during which you can get rid of various dental deposits: plaque, plaques and stone. Used modern equipment, completely harmless for teeth and soft tissues. In combination with this procedure, you can whiten and decorate the smile with strasses. All types of implantation, prosthetics and correction of the dentition are performed. Specialists have the necessary skills and experience.

"Dynasty": dentistry( Chelyabinsk) for the youngest

For children there is a specialized department. To make the kids feel at ease, they were able to overcome their fears, in the design of rooms used elements of fairy tales and cartoon characters. Doctors communicate benevolently, calm and do everything possible for the comfort of such patients.

phone of stomatology Services are provided to owners of infant teeth from the earliest stage of their appearance. Such teeth tend to collapse quickly. With regular observation, it will be possible to completely reduce the occurrence of painful sensations and diseases.

Guiding glomerulus to healthy teeth

The clinic is located on the first floor of the house 37 on the Metallurgov highway( Chelyabinsk).Nearby there are public transport stops. This allows you to easily access from all parts of the city."Dynasty" - dentistry( Chelyabinsk), which has a separate entrance, decorated in the colors of the clinic.

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The phone of dentistry and the current mode of work can be obtained by going to the official website of the company.

Book review

There are not many comments on the work of the clinic. Not all of them indicate the quality of the services performed. As you know, dissatisfied customers always find time for accusatory reviews. But gratitude for a well-done job is often expressed verbally and immediately to a specialist who performed it.

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An indicator of trustworthiness is the quality provision of services by the Dynasty Clinic. Dentistry( Chelyabinsk) opens its doors to everyone. She has been visited by families for several years. More than one generation trusts the doctors in this clinic. Dentistry has all the necessary permits and timely implement all preventive measures for high-quality services.