"Doppelherz Lecithin": instructions and references

What is a biologically active agent, such as Doppelgerc Lecithin? Its features, indications, properties and contraindications will be considered further. Also you will learn about the ways of using this drug and its side effects. doppellets lecithin

Composition, form of biological additive

Bioadditive "Doppelgerc Lecithin" is available in the form of gelatin capsules, which are packaged in a cardboard pack of 30 pieces. This complex contains the following active elements: vitamin E, lecithin, nicotinamide, vitamins B2, B1, B12 and B6, as well as folic acid. Also, the preparation in question includes the following additives: glycerol, gelatin, water, soybean oil, glycerol monostearate, sorbitol and colorants.

Properties and characteristics of the biologically active additive

What is Doppelgerz Active Lecithin Complex? According to experts, this is a biological supplement that strengthens the human nervous system, and also improves the function of the brain. Its therapeutic effectiveness is completely determined by the components that make up the composition. Let's consider their properties and features right now.

Lecithin is the most important element that is involved in the work of the brain and nervous system. He also participates in the production of cell membranes and is a constituent link in the nervous tissue.

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Specialists claim that lecithin contains such important components as choline and linoleic acid, which are involved in the transportation of fatty substances, as well as in the normal conduct of nerve impulses. This component takes an active part in a number of the most important processes occurring in the human body.

It is impossible not to say that the intake of lecithin contributes to the reduction of cholesterol in the blood and the maintenance of lipotropic action. Under its influence, many oxidation processes are activated, the absorption of certain vitamins improves, the lipid metabolism is normalized, and the resistance of the organism increases.

It is not a secret for anyone, and the fact that lecithin contributes to the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, as well as the normalization of the weight of the patient. In addition, he is involved in the production of acetylcholine.

What role do B vitamins play in the Doppelgerc Lecithin supplement? According to the instructions, vitamin B1 helps to eliminate pain in neurological diseases. It is also important for metabolic processes occurring in nerve cells.

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Vitamin B6 takes a direct part in a number of the most important biochemical reactions. In addition, it improves the mechanisms of natural defense of the body against viruses and pathogenic bacteria, activates brain activity and memory.

Vitamin B2 is required for cellular respiration. This element promotes the assimilation of O2 tissues.

Vitamin B12 significantly improves hematopoiesis. This component is extremely important for the normal operation of the National Assembly. He also takes part in myelin production.

Vitamin E improves the condition and work of the gonads, stimulates the activity of the heart muscle and increases the overall vitality of the person. Deficiency of this element in the body leads to neurological disorders, as well as to negative changes in the hemopoietic system, which is fraught with the development of numerous diseases.

How does Doppelherc Lecithin work thanks to an element such as nicotinamide? The substance under consideration takes part in the regulation of metabolic processes, and also reduces the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, has a beneficial effect on the skin and improves the functioning of the NS.

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As for folic acid, it is very important for the production of new cells. Also, this element is involved in protein metabolism, in the process of growth and development of the organism as a whole.

Indications for the reception of gelatin capsules

In what cases can a patient be assigned a biological supplement "Doppelherc Lecithin complex"?According to the attached instruction, this tool is recommended to be used in the following cases:

  • to improve the operation of the NS;
  • as a source of lecithin, B vitamins and vitamin E;
  • for the purpose of activating thinking and memory;
  • in the presence of chronic liver diseases.

Contraindications to the intake of dietary supplements

The complex "Lecithin Doppelherz" has practically no contraindications. However, experts say that it is not recommended to take this medication with high sensitivity of the patient to its ingredients. Also, the drug in question is not prescribed during breastfeeding and when carrying the fetus.

Bioadditive "Lecithin Doppelherz": instructions for use

Take this medication should be taken by mouth during the consumption of food. According to the instructions, this biological supplement should be used every day in the amount of one capsule.

The duration of the drug should be determined by the attending physician.

Side effects

In most cases, the drug in question is tolerated very well by patients. Sometimes, when taking capsules, patients may experience allergic reactions, which are themselves eliminated immediately after the withdrawal of the drug. doppelherz active lecithin complex

Overdose and interaction with other drugs

Currently there is no information about the overdose with the drug "Doppelgerz Active Lecithin-Complex".Also, its interaction with other agents was not noted. However, this does not mean that the medication in question should be used at its discretion, in any quantity and without the advice of a doctor.

Shelf life, storage and sale conditions

Doppelgerts bio-additive can be purchased at any pharmacy without a medical prescription. Keep gelatin capsules at a temperature of up to 25 degrees for three years from the date of production.

Supplements "Lecithin Doppelherz": consumer feedback

Reviews of the biological additive in question are numerous. Most consumers who take this drug inform about its therapeutic effectiveness only with prolonged admission. At the same time, they note that BAA helps not only to improve brain activity and activate thinking processes, but also to normalize the function and condition of the heart muscle.

It should also be noted that in some reviews, patients report that after taking Doppelherz Lecithin Active, their sleep and nervous system condition improved significantly. lecithin doppelherz instructions

Another advantage of dietary supplements is its cost. According to patients, you can buy this medicine only for 270-320 rubles for one package with 30 capsules.