When are your hands numb?

A brief and seldom-felt feeling that your hands are numb, can not always indicate the presence of any disease. In such cases, the condition, as a rule, is a consequence of the compression of blood vessels and neural bundles, which causes a violation of blood supply. Often the hands grow numb from wearing heavy bags, prolonged work with raised limbs, improper sitting posture, tight clothes. Releasing a stretched area helps restore blood circulation and eliminate an unpleasant symptom.

Why do your hands and feet go numb?

Regular appearance of discomfort in the limbs can indicate the presence of a serious ailment. The most common diseases in which the hands are numb include lowering the level of blood sugar, sex hormones and thyroid gland, as well as an insufficient number of B vitamins and disorders of the metabolism of minerals. To determine the exact cause, a medical examination is necessary.

A decrease in the blood sugar content can be triggered by diabetes mellitus, digestive tract diseases with insufficient absorption, pancreatitis. Disease of the thyroid gland( hypothyroidism) causes a decrease in the amount of thyroxin. The decrease in the level of sex hormones always accompanies the period of menopause, gynecological diseases in women and urological ailments in men. Inadequate absorption, severe illnesses or malnutrition causes a lack of minerals and vitamins.

The second place after reasons of an exchange character is occupied by diseases of the musculoskeletal system. As a rule, in such cases, arms become numb due to the jamming of blood vessels and nerves. A very common cervical osteochondrosis or a hernia of intervertebral discs provokes a pinching of nerve fibers. When joint changes are detected, there are disorders of the ligamentous apparatus, which leads to the development of tenderness in the shoulders, neck, arms and numbness. As practice shows, jamming occurs on the one hand.

Less often, the reason that your hands go numb, at night in particular, are vascular diseases. So, the sensation can be provoked by a disorder of the blood supply of the extremities. The main factors that negatively affect the terminal blood vessels in the hands are nervous overload and cold. Numbness of the fingers also occurs in the case of polyarthropathy( lesion of small nerve fibers).Sensations, often occurring at night, indicate, as a rule, heart disease.

To restore the blood supply in many cases it is enough to just shake your hands, squeeze and unclench your fist several times. In addition, to facilitate the condition will help warm up for the fingers.

As a preventive measure to prevent metabolic disorders, it is advisable to take vitamin and mineral complexes. Physical activity can help prevent circulatory disorders and preserve the mobility of joints. At the same time, it should be noted that the regular conduct of morning exercises is very beneficial for the body as a whole. However, the work should not be replaced with exercises. Since during the morning exercise all muscle groups are involved. While at work, as a rule, the movements are stereotyped.

In the absence of serious health problems with the periodic appearance of numbness in the limbs, it is recommended to revise the rest and load regimen. In addition, emotional overstrain should be avoided. To maintain the general tone of the body, it is advisable to attend a massage course. In some cases, the doctor can recommend injections of nicotinic acid. It promotes the restoration of blood supply in small-calibrated vessels.