Vitamins for eyes Vitrum Vision Forte: reviews, composition, instructions for use, analogues

As can be seen from the reviews, "Vitrum Vision Forte" is a fairly popular, demanded complex, the reception of which many are really happy with. There is a general improvement in the condition, a positive effect is observed on the eyes, and in addition - on the hair, skin. Due to the features of the composition. Let's try to figure out what is so good about this product and why it appeals to customers.

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Vitrum Vitrum Vision Forte vitamins have been developed to prevent eye diseases and improve the effectiveness of the therapeutic course in the treatment of those. The manufacturer has added mineral ingredients, vitamins necessary for the normal activity of internal systems, tissues of the human body. In addition, here are found extracted from the fruits of blueberries anthocyanosides, lutein, zeaxanthin. Such a rich composition is the cause of a positive result. Regular use of vitamins can strengthen the eye capillaries, improve the quality of vision in the twilight and prevent the so-c

alled "night blindness".

As can be seen from the reviews, "Vitrum Vision Forte" is particularly positive when a person is forced to face considerable loads. The eyes suffer the first in this situation, the vision sets very quickly. Taking a special supplement to food, you can slow down or completely prevent this process. In addition, when using "Vitrum Vision Forte" according to the instructions, you can prevent visual impairment due to fatigue, get rid of unpleasant syndromes: dryness of the mucous eye, pain, fatigue, rubbing. A rich composition provides antioxidant qualities to the medicine. The mineral complex activates the metabolism.

When to use?

Based on the reviews, Vitrum Vision Forte is most useful in retinopathy, triggered by a violation of blood sugar levels. The remedy will help short-sighted people, people suffering from visual fatigue. The manufacturer recommends taking a biologically active supplement to maintain the body's strength during the recovery period after surgery on the visual organs. In addition, vitamins are intended for persons suffering from night blindness and dystrophic processes of the ocular retina.

How to use?

60 tablets "Vitrum Vision Forte" are designed for a monthly interval - the drug is designed to be used twice a day for one capsule. This dosage is suitable for people whose age is 12 years and older. The duration of the therapeutic course recommended by the manufacturer is a quarter of a year. Repeat treatment is possible if the attending physician considers this a sensible measure.

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In the sale of vitamins are represented by several packaging options. Inside one cardboard box contains up to six blisters, and already in them are packed capsules - from 5 to 15 tablets. The exact content is indicated on the packaging on the outside. A cardboard box must contain instructions for use. The manufacturer pays attention: if the instruction is absent, there is a probability that the goods are counterfeit. It is necessary to ask at the pharmacy to replace vitamins with such a package, which is completed according to all the rules.

Possible or not?

Although the drug in question is not a drug, certain contraindications are known to it."Vitrum Vision Forte" can not be used if a person knows for himself an increased sensitivity to any connection applied by the manufacturer in the production process. The complete composition can be found on the packaging and in the instructions. Doubting the possibility of using vitamins, it will not be superfluous to consult a qualified doctor. At signs of an allergic reaction reception it is necessary to stop at once.

Vitron Vision Forte contains retinol, vitamins B2, E, C, lutein, selenium, zinc. The manufacturer included rutoside, selenium, zeaxanthin and components extracted from blueberries into the preparation.

Do I need this?

As can be seen from the reviews, "Vitrum Vision Forte" is really very popular. The drug is claimed against the backdrop of massive vision problems related to the deterioration of the environment and the way we live, spending many hours in suspense over paper or in front of the monitor. Vitamin complex, including irreplaceable compounds, promises, if not to return the lost, then at least slow down the process of deterioration of the ability to see. The manufacturer reports that the balanced composition allows to fill the shortage of mineral, vitamin compounds, lost due to the constant increased tension of the tissues of the visual system.

If you believe the promises of the manufacturer, a biologically active additive can prevent cataracts, will cleanse the body of dangerous free radicals. Together with this, the degenerative processes of the eye retina are slowed down, and the ability to see as a whole is improving. However, do not be deceived by wonderful messages: for all its unique components Vitam Vitne Forte eye vitamins remain an additive to food that helps maintain health and strengthen the body's natural strength. Such an effect, as, for example, from an operation, can not be expected.


As explained by the manufacturer Vitrum Vision Forte( American company Unifarm), it is due to this component, known in science as yet, and as vitamin A, the agent has such a strong positive effect. Vitamin is indispensable for the retina of the eye, the normal functioning of this organic tissue. He takes part in differentiation. It is because of the correct concentration of retinol that the cells forming the eye retina perform the functions assigned to them. Increasing the concentration of microscopic substance in the body makes it possible to increase the natural forces of protection against pathogenic forms of life that are dangerous for human health. Due to vitamin A, the mucosa retains health and integrity longer.

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Ascorbic acid

As can be seen from the instructions for use, "Vitrum Vision Forte" includes vitamin C. However, almost no modern multivitamin complex can do without it. This remedy is known for its antioxidant effects. Due to the adequate vitamin concentration in the body, it is possible to block the negative activity of free radicals, the formation process of which is related to the specificity of metabolism. In addition, free radicals are provoked by various negative external factors. Ascorbic acid stimulates the production of norepinephrine. The correct level of concentration of the compound in the tissues of the body can strengthen the blood vessels of the circulatory system, normalize physiological, mental reactions.

Vitamin E

As mentioned in the instructions for use, "Vitrum Vision Forte" also contains vitamin E. This compound also helps to get rid of dangerous free radicals. Alternative scientific name of the substance is tocopherol. Scientists have long proven that it takes an active part in the production of collagen. This stimulates the work of immunity and positively affects the circulatory system, relaxing the vascular walls. At the same time, tocopherol helps to keep skin integuments longer, young, healthy, since in the presence of a high level of collagen, wrinkles are formed much more slowly. Vitamin E is indispensable for those who want to stay beautiful and young longer.


An instruction explaining how to take Vitrum Vision Forte( twice a day on a capsule) contains an explanation of why lutein is included. This compound, as was revealed during specific tests, can block the degenerative changes in the retina, provoked by age. It is known that it is these processes in a sufficiently large percentage of cases that cause the vision to weaken until its complete loss. Saturation of body tissues with lutein is especially important for the elderly. Due to this connection, formation of plaques caused by atherosclerosis slows down. The vitamin complex not only positively affects eyesight, but also improves the functioning of the circulatory system, prolongs life and reduces the risks associated with bad habits.

Blueberry extract and cyanocobalamin

The components extracted from the bilberry, as indicated in the instruction( here it is also written how to take Vitrum Vision Forte), make the vision sharper, clearer. Through this connection, metabolic processes in the human body are normalized. However, blueberry extracts help strengthen the walls of the vessels of the eyes. The mineral, vitamin complex is the source of all the irreplaceable compounds necessary for the full nutrition of the tissues of the visual system.

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Cyanocobalamin is an indispensable ingredient that is known to many as vitamin B12.It positively affects the lens of the eye, normalizes the retina of the optic. It is through vitamin B12 that the negative impact of ultraviolet rays on the human body is minimized. With an adequate concentration of this compound in the body, a person has a full color vision. In addition, cyanocobalamin affects the amount of free radicals, reducing their concentration in the body.

Irreplaceable minerals

The price of Vitrum Vision Forte is currently from 800 rubles to one and a half thousand, much depends on both the point of sale and the packing of the drug. Explaining the relatively high price tag, the manufacturer draws the attention of the potential client to the rich assortment of minerals included in the product. In particular, it should be noted zinc. This element is absolutely indispensable for a person, as it participates in the process of enzyme formation. By means of zinc, the cell membranes retain the integrity of the structure longer. A mineral is also important for the generation of hormonal substances, the transfer of impulses to components of the nervous system.

vitrum vizhn forte instructions for use

Is it worth it to use?

At the price of "Vitrum Vizhn Forte" in the area of ​​thousands of rubles, many potential buyers will think twice whether such a product is necessary in the home medicine cabinet. Indeed, there is no desire to give this money for a drug of questionable quality. However, as can be seen from the responses, many indeed felt some improvement in vision, while others noted that degenerative processes are blocked. As an element of complex therapy, the drug seems to be a really sensible solution if the family budget allows such a load. But to make a bet on him as the only way to restore visual acuity is not the most reasonable decision, the results are unlikely to meet expectations.

"Vitrum Vision Forte" is good as an element of restorative therapy and a method of slowing down dystrophy, it helps with myopia, fatigue, pain in the organs of vision, regardless of the factors by which they are provoked. Doctors recommend that you regularly drink "Vitrum Vision Forte" to people who are forced to use lenses. But do not count on the literally magical effect - unfortunately, until such vitamins are developed that would restore vision, as if in youth.

Special case of

Do not use Vitrum Vision Forte without consulting a specialist during the period of carrying out the fetus and breastfeeding. At present, there is no official information on the negative effect of the components of the dietary supplement, but the manufacturer recommends that you be careful and always consult with your doctor to prevent possible unpleasant situations.

"Vitrum Vision Forte" can be used by people who are forced to constantly work in conditions of high concentration. The complex is combined with the driving of transport and the management of precision machinery. Its constituent elements do not provoke drowsiness, do not affect the ability to concentrate attention, the reaction speed.

Proper use - the guarantee of a good result

According to the manufacturer, the side effects of Vitrum Vision Forte almost never provoke. Only persons using too many vitamins, as well as those suffering from individual intolerance of components or using overdue goods, can face troubles. Simultaneous use of several vitamin and mineral complexes can cause vomiting, nausea, and upset stomach function. When such a symptom appears, it is worthwhile to contact the attending doctor and undergo the treatment prescribed by him. As a rule, it includes activated charcoal after the procedure of gastric lavage. For elimination of unpleasant symptoms, they select means, being guided by specific features of the situation.

vitrum vizhn forte contraindications

An overdose of Vitrum Vision Forte is possible if you ignore the manufacturer's recommendations. The above side effects are also characteristic for an overabundance of this vitamin complex in the body.

Everything has its time

The shelf life of Vitrum Vision Forte is three years. The use of the product at the end of this time period is strictly prohibited: unpredictable negative effects may occur, for which the producer does not bear responsibility. During storage, it is important to observe the temperature conditions specified by the manufacturer: 10-30 degrees Celsius. Choose places where children do not have access.

What should I replace?

Several analogues of Vitrum Vision Forte are on sale. They differ in composition, efficiency, reputation. Some funds also have a lot of positive feedback, and other buyers agree that there is virtually no positive effect. Most often an average person who wants to buy vitamins to improve vision, but not ready to pay such a decent amount, which is asked in pharmacies for Vitrum Vision Fort, stops at one of the products of the "Complivit" series. For example, Ophthalmo is a mineral, vitamin complex, which includes carotenoids. Regular use of such a composition, as the manufacturer assures, helps not only to prevent the degradation of vision, but also to reverse the already begun negative processes. However, as can be seen from the responses, not all buyers are happy with this option. Some note that a significant change in the situation was not observed even with prolonged use of the complex.

Another version of the vitamin complex for maintaining visual acuity is "Anthocyan Forte."This agent is recommended by the manufacturer as an element of complex therapy for ophthalmic pathologies. It helps to strengthen the vascular network of the organs of vision, to maintain the ability to see with diabetes. A somewhat less common composition of "Nutrof Total" differs in similar characteristics. It contains valuable compounds, through which the organs and tissues restore the vitamin balance. The composition is rich in antioxidants, which slow down negative processes, including aging. With proper use, this drug helps prevent the development of many eye diseases - at least in this the manufacturer is convinced.

What else to try?

The vitamin complex "Myrtikam Syrup" has proved itself well. It helps to normalize the retina, restore the structure of the visual organ. Some doctors recommend to try "Lutein Complex".A biologically active supplement supplies a wide variety of useful components necessary for the normal functioning of the visual organs. Such a tool the manufacturer recommends to use if a person is forced to face significant eye strain. In addition, "Lutein Complex" is worth trying, if visual acuity began to fall with age.

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"Lutein Complex" has a good reputation, which has a variety of antioxidants in its composition. Regular intake of such an additive to food helps to slow the aging process, improves the general condition of the body. Finally, it is worth noting the drug "Blueberry Forte."At a fairly affordable price, this compound, created on the basis of blueberry extracts, enriched with zinc and vitamin complexes, helps to prevent negative processes in the visual organs. Supplements should be used to prevent fatigue in the eyes, improve the visual acuity in case of insufficient lighting. In addition, "Blueberry Forte" has a complex positive impact on the human body.