How to take activated charcoal before drinking alcohol?

Activated carbon is considered to be the most effective and safe cheap sorbent capable of providing the necessary action in almost any situation. It is noteworthy that this drug can help in the fight against various poisoning, as well as toxins and slags. But does activated charcoal help before drinking alcohol? Many argue that yes.

To understand this issue, you need to learn more about what this substance is and how alcohol acts on the human body. The article will also deal with how to take activated charcoal before drinking alcohol to minimize unwanted hangovers.

What is the drug?

Activated carbon is a substance that has a porous structure and is made from organic natural materials( charcoal, coal coke, petroleum coke, and so on).

Packing of activated carbon tablets

Most often the substance is produced in the form of tablets of black color, not having a pronounced taste or smell.

Principle of action of tablets

It is very important to know how the drug works on the human body. This will help determine how to take act

ivated charcoal before drinking alcohol.

First of all, this substance acts as a natural enterosorbent, capable of clearing the body of various harmful compounds. Due to its porous structure, the drug absorbs harmful compounds( poisons, toxins, fats), after which it safely leaves the human body, after eight to ten hours. Together with it, unwanted substances that poison or contaminate the body are removed.

When is the drug used?

About the benefits of using black tablets

Before you figure out how to drink activated charcoal before drinking alcohol, let's take a brief look at its effect on the human body in specific situations.

Of course, you have heard that activated charcoal, thanks to its absorbent character, is able to have a positive effect in various kinds of poisoning, especially food poisoning. However, this is not the only sphere of its application.

Very often, the drug is prescribed as a complex therapy for ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as liver diseases. If a person suffers from allergies, atopic dermatitis, metabolic disorders, and so on, they can assign this sorbent as an auxiliary substance that neutralizes harmful toxins, bacteria, gases, heavy metal salts, poisons, and so on.

Sometimes the drug prescribes to patients before passing such examinations as X-rays and endoscopy. Due to its properties, activated charcoal can also be used for weight loss.

But what about the use of activated carbon before drinking alcohol? This can be read below.

How alcohol affects a person

During the reception of alcoholic beverages, our body is filled with toxins that arise as a result of processing alcohol. The fact is that the human body is created in such a way that it perceives ethanol( the main component of alcohol) as a poison, therefore, as a protection against harmful compounds, produces a toxic substance called acetaldehyde. It produces a special enzyme that removes ethyl substances from the human body by any means and ways. Acetaldehyde has a detrimental effect on the liver and other human organs.

Does activated charcoal help before drinking alcohol?

What is dangerous alcohol intoxication?

It is clear that the more alcohol is drunk, the more acetaldehyde is produced, and the more severely the organism suffers from the consequences of intoxication. How can it manifest itself?

Here's how alcoholic toxic substances affect and why hangover syndrome occurs:

  • Dehydration. Alcohol drinks suppress the action of the hormone responsible for the repeated qualitative work of the kidneys. As a result, thirst and dry mouth may occur.
  • Nausea. Since the decomposition products of ethanol are acidic substances by their nature, they can cause acid-base balance disturbances and unwanted sensations.
The stomach or belly hurts after reception of alcohol
  • Weakness. The body gives all its strength to the splitting of alcohol, so it loses its beneficial vitamins and trace elements, which results in a general weakness.
  • Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Alcohol can provoke damage to the inner walls in the intestine and the destruction of beneficial microflora. Because of this, such undesirable symptoms as increased gassing, abdominal pain, and loose stools appear.
  • Sensitivity. Alcohol decomposition products negatively affect the nervous system, and it becomes too sensitive to light, sounds and so on.
  • Problems with sleeping. Because of the influence of alcohol, a person feels not slept even after a long sleep.
  • Disorders of the functions of the cardiovascular system. This is one of the most serious negative effects of alcoholic beverages, which results in malfunctions in the heart and blood circulation.
Headache for the morning

As you can see, a hangover entails serious pathologies and complications. What are the consequences of using activated carbon in front of alcohol?

How the drug affects alcohol

According to numerous studies and reviews, activated charcoal before consumption of alcohol can absorb unwanted ethyl compounds and remove them from the human body naturally. Thus, alcoholic beverages will no longer exert such a pernicious influence on the person, of which we spoke above.

It turns out, thanks to this drug, you can enjoy the taste of alcohol, almost without limiting yourself to the acceptable, and the next morning you will not be bothered by hangover syndrome.

How is it necessary to take, according to the recommendations of specialists and their feedback, activated charcoal before drinking alcohol( we already talked about the consequences of using the drug above)?

Tips before the dinner

Now let's discuss how to use activated charcoal before drinking alcohol( how to take after - we'll find out just below).

Festive feast

So, this tool is desirable to take in two stages:

  • For fifteen or twenty minutes before the feast, you need to take two to four tablets of the drug, depending on your weight and the estimated amount of booze.
  • Then, after sixty minutes, take the remedy again. This time you can use only one or two tablets.

Due to this schedule of enterosorbent intake, the substances of alcohol breakdown will not have time to become more active and start their negative impact. Thanks to the activated charcoal, they are simply neutralized and released from the body. However, for this purpose it is best to visit the toilet within a half to two hours after taking the drug to empty the intestine.

How to take the product

Many people think that the tablet should be chewed and washed down with a small amount of water. However, this is a common mistake that affects the effectiveness and speed of the drug.

According to reviews, activated charcoal before drinking alcohol must be grinded, dissolved in a glass of water( about 200-250 milligrams of liquid) and a drink. This principle of action must be adhered to not only before the feast, but also whenever you decide to take the drug.

How to take activated charcoal before drinking alcohol

Thanks to the grinding, the activated charcoal will start to act much earlier, thereby minimizing the harm caused by alcohol. Thus, the liver, stomach and intestines of a person will be under special protection, which means that other important organs will not suffer from hangover syndrome.

Recommendations after the feast

Of course, there are situations when it is not possible to take activated charcoal in advance. For example, you were invited to a friendly party unexpectedly or you did not have time to buy the drug. Whatever it was, to negate the negative impact of alcohol on the human body, you can take activated charcoal after drinking. How can this be done so that the effect of the drug is immediate?

According to reviews of many consumers, in this case, the sorbent must take at the rate of one tablet per ten kilograms of body weight. After this, the product is washed down with plenty of clean water.

Even if you for some reason did not take activated charcoal right after the feast, and the next morning you were visited by unpleasant hangover symptoms, you can still fix it. Drink activated charcoal tablets( according to the prescription described above).The drug will help the body cope with alcohol intoxication in the form of headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and the like.

However, there is one caveat here: if you decide to use activated charcoal as a means to fight a hangover, then do not mix it with other drugs. The fact is that different drugs can neutralize the active substances of each other, and then your hangover syndrome will not be cured. Moreover, how the organism reacts to the use of different drugs, weakened by alcohol intoxication, it is difficult to foresee. Therefore, in order not to harm or complicate matters, use only one means to combat alcohol toxins.

Some warnings of

And yet, despite the fact that activated carbon is a completely natural remedy, it has its contra-indications and warnings for use.

First of all, it should be remembered that this substance is capable of absorbing not only negative compounds, but also positive ones( such as vitamins and beneficial microelements).Therefore, do not unnecessarily abuse the drug.

In addition, the product is categorically contraindicated for those who suffer from internal intestinal bleeding, duodenal ulcers, individual intolerance to carbon-containing substances.

According to reviews and recommendations of specialists, it is impossible to take activated charcoal for more than four days in a row. It is also advisable, even with one-time use, to consult with the doctor in advance.

The most important thing during a feast

It is important to understand that activated charcoal is not a magic wand that can painlessly improve your condition. During a party or a festive table, remember that the best remedy for a morning hangover is to limit yourself to drinking. If you stop abusing alcohol and can keep yourself in hand, by reasonably setting the limits of the permitted use of alcohol, then you will not need any activated charcoal, nor any other remedy.

Activated charcoal before drinking alcohol: reviews, consequences

Yes, if you drink less and remember the golden mean, and always keep activated charcoal pills at hand, then any festive meal will bring you only positive emotions and will be remembered with bright positive moments.