Who and how does he receive preferential medicines?

To be sick in our country is quite expensive. I think, with this statement, no one from the Russians who once fell into modern hospitals will argue. Still good, if you picked up just a commonplace cold, in this case you have to spend only a couple of thousand rubles. But in the case when a serious illness has undermined the person, the treatment can cost several hundred thousand rubles a month. Spending such amounts is beyond the strength of most Russians. That is why the state has developed a special program to support the population, which includes a list of preferential medicines, which can be obtained absolutely free of charge. Unfortunately, not always district therapists notify their patients about the possibility to purchase medicines in special pharmacies for a free prescription. So today we will try to figure out who is entitled to concessional medicines and how to get a coveted prescription from the doctor.

Preferential medicines

All about the benefits of

In our country, the system of providing preferentia

l medicines has been successfully operating for more than ten years. According to the law, the whole population is divided into several categories, of which benefit recipients are allocated. Depending on this classification, drugs are also identified that will be available to the patient. It is worth bearing in mind that if you unambiguously fall into the category of socially unprotected population, then no one can refuse you preferential medicines. Often polyclinics refer to insufficient funding from the federal budget, but this is not possible. The state, first of all, allocates money for its program to support the population, so obtaining preferential medicines is in no way connected with the hospital to which you are assigned.

It is possible to receive free medicines for two reasons. The first group includes different groups of the population, marked by the state as socially unprotected. The second reason may be a disease listed on the list of concessional drugs. However, it is not always possible for a patient suffering from a rare disease to receive treatment for free. The fact is that, in addition to the categories of the population that have the right to it, the state also defines a list of preferential medicines. Therefore, if you need expensive treatment that is not provided for in this list, then prepare yourself to seek financial means for the purchase of medicines. All of the above nuances we will discuss in more detail in the future.

Population categories eligible for free treatment

Every year the list of preferential medicines and the list of citizens who can receive them are being edited. The state expands it, thus free treatment becomes available to a larger population than before. According to the latest data, more than twenty million Russians already belong to this category. At the same time, some of them get the opportunity to fully finance treatment from the state budget, and some - only to a partial.

It should be taken into account that citizens themselves choose the option of reimbursement for themselves. The state has provided a variant of monetary compensation, to which more than seventy-five percent of beneficiaries agree. And only one quarter enjoys their right to preferential medicines to the fullest.

preferential medicines

A socially unprotected group of people who has the right to receive free medicines can be divided into several categories:

  • Children. This includes children under the age of three, and children from large families. Also in this category are children from low-income families under the age of six.
  • People with disabilities. The list of preferential medicines for disabled people is wide enough, but it is available only to those who received the first and second group. In parallel, this category includes disabled children and citizens who received a disability during the Second World War.
  • Participants in hostilities. First of all, veterans of the Great Patriotic War fall into this category, as well as persons who took direct part in hostilities in hot spots.
  • Liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  • Other groups of persons.

The last category can include different representatives of the population at the discretion of the regional authorities. They have the right to increase this list based on their own financial capabilities. Therefore, the list of citizens who are entitled to preferential medicines in St. Petersburg can significantly differ from such a list on Sakhalin, for example.

We advise patients to be always interested in this list from their attending physician. Perhaps in your region you too have the opportunity to receive some medicine for free.

List of diseases

The state provided for a number of diseases, medicines for the treatment of which will be allocated as a benefit. They can be life-long and then it's about medicines that literally allow a person to continue a normal existence for a long time. Some diseases are curable and so the benefits are assigned to the patient for a while.

Any cases of oncology, AIDS, syphilis and cerebral palsy can be classified as the main diseases. Also on this list are always tuberculosis, diabetes and schizophrenia. The main list includes approximately fourteen diseases, and there is also an additional list, which is constantly expanding.

This is attributed to the fact that the country's population each year needs more medicines. However, not everyone can afford high-quality treatment, so the growth of some diseases has been noted. To cope with them, the state finances the receipt of preferential medicines by citizens. And this program is very popular among the population.

list of preferential medicines

The list of preferential medicines: a brief description of

Doctors know that this list includes more than six hundred drugs. It is believed that the preferential drugs from the federal list can cure almost any disease. This is taken into account when it is adjusted annually. The state, regardless of how well the budget is formed, is trying to expand the number of drugs. In the extreme case, their number remains at the same level, which, incidentally, happens rarely.

We will not list all the preferential medicines in this section, but we will clarify that they are divided into eighteen types. Among them, you can identify analgesics, psycholeptics, antihistamines and antitumor drugs. Also, the list necessarily includes funds for the treatment of cardiovascular problems, kidneys and intestines. A wide group consists of ophthalmic and antiepileptic drugs.

Necessary free preferential medicines will be found in this list and patients suffering from problems with the thyroid gland, diabetes and asthma. If you are diagnosed with a bad blood coagulability, then for this case, the list provides for drugs.

You can get acquainted with the full list of preferential medicines for disabled people and other population groups at a reception with a district therapist. Also, it is always available to employees of your medical insurance company.

Preferential recipes

You can get free medicines only with a special prescription. It is issued directly by the attending physician and several seals are put on it. The last verification of the recipe is made by the department head.

Please note that you need to receive medicines within a month. The recipe is valid only for the specified period of time. If, for some reason, you could not get the medication, you'll have to contact the therapist for a new form. However, please note that doctors are very reluctant to prescribe repeated recipes in such cases.

Sometimes there is no necessary soft medicine available in pharmacies. In this situation, pharmacists make a note on the form and the effect of the prescription is prolonged. However, the pharmacy network is obliged to place an order for the missing drug and arrange its delivery within ten days. It is established by federal legislation.

If the patient himself can not come for the drug, then any other person can do it. The main thing is that he has a recipe in his hands. No other documents will be requested at the time of issuing the medication.

In cases where treatment needs to be prolonged, the therapist will issue a recipe. This will happen until the patient needs free medicines.

drugstores of preferential medicines spb

Where to get preferential medicines?

If you have never received free medicines, you probably do not know that they are not issued in every pharmacy. Preferential medicines are given only in social state pharmacy chains. There are such in every city of our country, but not all of them have several. In small towns, there is usually one pharmacy with preferential medicines. In St. Petersburg, for example, there are more than a dozen of them, which is due to the size of the city.

In order to find out which of the pharmacies you can get the prescription for you, just call the information service phone number. Here you will be called places in the city, where you can apply for the right drug. This saves patients from having to go around all the drugstores in the city.

Keep in mind that the lack of certain medications is not a reason for refusing to issue them. After the order is made and the medicine is received, pharmacists are obliged to notify the patient by phone call about the possibility of acquiring it.

Free medication: step-by-step instructions for receiving

Do not expect that the local therapist on your own initiative will offer you to write out a prescription for the right medication. Therefore, take care of it yourself. If you fall into the category of beneficiaries, then you will have to go through several more stages before you have the coveted form entitling you to free medicines.

Initially, contact your PCP with all the necessary documents. This package of papers must include documents proving the identity, medical insurance certificate and papers confirming the right to a benefit. You also need confirmation that you are not getting monetary compensation.

The second stage will be the passage of a special medical commission. At once we will specify that it is not always assigned, but in some cases it can not do without it.

Be sure to make sure that your medical record has a diagnosis and passed all the narrow specialists. After all, only with reference to their conclusion, a decision is made on the need for certain preferential drugs.

If all documents are issued correctly, the doctor will prescribe a prescription for you. Do not be lazy to check that it was signed by all specialists and certified by the seal of the chief doctor or the head of the department.

At the next step, specify in the clinic a list of social pharmacies and contact any one located closer to your home.

Keep in mind that in the absence of the right drug in the city, you can offer it an analog. Only the patient decides whether to agree to this option or wait for the appearance of the medicine specified in the prescription.

list of preferential medicines for disabled people

Children: the principle of obtaining preferential drugs

If your child is not yet three years old or falls into another category of beneficiaries, then take care to put it in the clinic for a special account.

For this purpose it is necessary to provide the doctor with the simplest package of documents:

  • birth certificate;
  • passport of legal representative;
  • medical insurance;
  • certificate from the place of residence.

If the child is disabled, you will also need an extract from his medical record.

All listed documents are transferred to the doctor, who brings your child to the list of beneficiaries. Now, in case of a baby's illness, you have the right to require a pediatrician to write you a free prescription.

Please note that children do not like doing this. However, such behavior is illegal, therefore parents familiar with federal legislation always receive preferential drugs on demand.

provision of concessional drugs

Alien city: is it possible to obtain a preferential prescription

There are different situations in life, so you can assume that preferential medicines end at the most inopportune moment. Thus the patient can be in other city on personal or official affairs. What to do in this situation? Is it possible to write a prescription for the right drug in a foreign polyclinic?

Many believe that this is impossible. However, there are no real obstacles to getting preferential tablets in a foreign city. It is best, of course, before the trip to inform your doctor about the fact that you will need a new prescription when you are absent. In some cases, he can contact the hospital of the city where you are staying, and inform the experts about the situation. Then the problem will be solved by itself, but if this did not happen, then it's also not worth worrying about.

Feel free to contact any clinic and provide the therapist with the package of documents that we described earlier. Medical workers can not refuse you a prescription. Otherwise, file a complaint with the head physician or any other higher authority.

availability of preferential medicines

Privileges for pregnant women: in which cases are provided

It is rare that one of our fellow citizens has the idea that women expecting a child also belong to the preferential category. A gynecologist who is looking after a pregnant woman's health can prescribe her free medications that will improve her condition.

Usually this happens in the following cases:

  • when a woman initially has a very low body mass index, practically unchanged from month to month;
  • if the monthly increase is less than nine hundred grams;
  • in situations of weight loss from one to two kilograms monthly.

Within the generic certificate, such pregnant patients can receive drugs for up to thirty-five percent of it.

All drugs are collected in a special list, and very expensive medicines that are not included in it, women can purchase on preferential terms with a 50% discount.

More often than not, pregnant women do not need to take special actions to get preferential medicines. A woman should be on time to register with a woman's consultation and visit her doctor on time, handing out tests and following all the instructions. Observing her condition, a gynecologist with a view to improving her well-being can write out a prescription for different groups of drugs that will be useful to the most pregnant and unborn baby.

Categories of free medicines for pregnant women

The list of preferential drugs for women waiting for replenishment in the family is not too wide. It mainly includes vitamins and preparations used as an additional source of nutrition. Drugs can be collected in the following groups:

  • sources of folic acid;
  • oil solution of vitamin E of different concentrations;
  • iron-containing preparations;
  • multivitamin complexes;
  • tablets containing iron and folic acid;
  • potassium iodide.

Each group includes several different drugs, of which the doctor will necessarily choose something for the patient.