City Medical Center on Planernaya Street in Moscow: doctors, services, reviews

The medical center on Planernaya is one of the clinics of a small network where patients are provided with multi-profile assistance. The institution performs a wide range of tests, diagnoses, and consults patients. Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis or in a day hospital.


The Medical Center on Planernaya is one of two clinics of the unified network and was opened in 2006.The medical facility provides multidisciplinary assistance for adults, which includes services for diagnosis, treatment, prevention of a wide range of diseases.

Directions of assistance:

  • Diagnostics - hardware, laboratory, clinical, functional, etc.
  • Consultations of specialists of any medical profile.
  • Individual program of treatment of diseases by innovative, gentle methods.
  • Professional surgical interventions by minimally invasive methods, guaranteeing rapid recovery.

The Moscow City Medical Center( Planernaya ul.) Provides emergency medical care. To patients, on call, a profession

al team is sent to a specialized machine equipped with modern diagnostic and resuscitation equipment.

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Doctors of the medical center on Planernoy provide a full range of services for the population. Consultations and treatment are carried out in departments:

  • Neurology( headache, fainting, dizziness, Parkinson's disease, neuralgia, etc.).
  • Otolaryngology( sinusitis, rhinitis, curvature of the nasal septum, polyps, etc.).The treatment is performed using the apparatus "Yamik", radio wave and laser methods.
  • Therapy and cardiology( specialist consultation, diagnosis of the disease, prevention, treatment with modern methods).
  • Surgery( removal of benign tumors, removal of foreign bodies, surgical treatment of abscesses, phlegmon, ingrown nails, diagnostic intraarticular punctures, taking histological samples, etc.).
  • Obstetrics-gynecology, gynecology( diagnosis, treatment, support of pregnancy from any trimester, etc.).
  • Ophthalmology( diagnosis of diseases, collection of anamnesis, consultations, treatment, etc.).
  • Dentistry( therapy, surgery, prosthetics, implantation, orthopedics, computer diagnostics, etc.).
  • Dermatology and venereology( elimination of papillomas and warts, diagnosis and treatment of mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis and other STDs, dermatitis, scabies, fungal lesions, etc.).
  • Laser therapy and laser irradiation of blood.
  • Mammology( diagnosis by evidentiary methods - punctures, mammography, ultrasound, treatment).
  • Urology( nephrology, neoplasms, cystitis, prostatitis, trauma, urethritis, etc.).
  • Proctology( hemorrhoids, fistulas, cryptitis, coccygeal, itching, condyloma, etc.).
  • Gastroenterology( constipation, digestive disorders, changes in eating habits, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.).
  • Pulmonology( bronchitis, pleurisy, infectious and fungal diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, sarcoidosis, etc.).

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The City Medical Center has its own base for conducting clinical, laboratory tests, functional diagnostics. The clinic performs such types of research:

  • ultrasound 3D and 4D, the results and a snapshot are downloaded to any digital media.
  • X-ray.
  • Fluorography.
  • EEG, ECG
  • Gastroscopy.
  • Treatment room.
  • Full range of medical laboratory tests.

The Medical Center( m. "Planernaya"), with a view to better patient care, offers comprehensive activities, including diagnostics and consultations of specialized specialists, studies for clients at risk, preventive medical examinations. M glider

Additional services

Medical center on Planernaya, offers a line of additional services that will bring joy, health and comfort to many visitors.

The clinic provides:

  • A 24-hour emergency room works without days off and holidays. Reception is conducted by experienced specialists.
  • Massage. The medical center offers all types of massage - medical, local, relaxing, preventive, visceral, osteopathic, etc.
  • Cosmetologist services( hardware procedures, non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation, contour plasty, scar removal, scars, injection cosmetology, laser cosmetology, etc.).medical center for globetrotting

Prevention and certificates

There is another important service provided by the medical center on Planernaya, - references of any sample. Here the delivery is carried out:

  • Medspravok in holiday homes, sanatoria, swimming pool, medical examination documents( PSC, management of small boats, etc.).
  • Medical books with a full range of analyzes.
  • Document for traveling abroad.
  • Information on the form - 086 / у, 001-ГС / у.
  • Medspravki for the traffic police.
  • Hospital sheets.
  • Information confirming the passage of pre-trip medical examinations and preventive examination( individual and collective service contracts).

Passport health certificates are also issued for employees.

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Day hospital

Treatment of any disease requires close attention of specialists, quality service and a range of activities. It is equally important to receive all prescribed procedures on time to quickly return to normal and regain health. The City Medical Center offers patients with all kinds of illnesses services within the day hospital.

The patient always receives:

  • Administration of drugs intravenously, intramuscularly, by means of a dropper.
  • Observation of the doctor for the course of procedures, monitoring the patient's condition, the reactions of the body to the drugs administered.
  • Compliance with the regimen of taking medications, physiotherapy procedures.
  • Correction of treatment plan based on results, conditions and other factors.
  • Rehabilitation measures for patients in the postoperative, post-traumatic period.
  • The course of rehabilitation after alcohol intoxication( anonymously).

Medical Center( m. Planernaya) offers to receive the procedure of intravenous laser irradiation. This method of physiotherapy improves microcirculation of blood in tissues, supplies them with oxygen, eliminates inflammatory processes, stimulates the work of the body's immune system. The method is shown as a preventive measure to people with reduced resistance to diseases and frequent colds.

Doctors of the medical center have the necessary qualifications for rendering all the help they need. If necessary, the average medical staff will provide proper care for all categories of patients.

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Many patients liked the City Medical Center( Planernaya, 6).Reviews tell us that the clinic is small, cozy, the staff is attentive to visitors. Some clients received high-quality services, and doctors deserved a word of gratitude for the ability to listen, to assign the necessary range of tests and to advise the patient about the methods of treatment, medicines, to choose the necessary procedures without sacrificing time and money.

There are also negative assessments of the work of the clinic. The medical center on Planernaya did not like visitors because until the last moment it was not possible to find out how much the doctor's reception would cost. So, it is possible to address to the narrow expert for insignificant procedure without consultation, as a result to pay the appointed or nominated treatment, the procedure and consultation of the doctor. The expert can only casually mention that there are certain medications that can be useful to a particular patient. When calculating how much you need to pay, it may well become clear that this is the purpose of treatment, respectively, the cost of reception will increase significantly.

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The misunderstanding from the visitors causes the reception staff. It is stated that the employees are poorly oriented in the work of the clinic, the procedures that are provided in the institution and can not provide the patient with the calculation of the received services with an explanation of each item. It is also pointed out that clients often faced with the impolite attitude of the registry specialists both by phone and by personal appeal.

Useful information

The medical center is located at Planernaya street, house No. 6, building 1. The clinic is located on the first floor, the entrance is from the end of the building.

Working hours:

  • Weekdays - 08:00 to 19:00.
  • Saturday - from 09:00 to 18:00.
  • Sunday is a day off.

Directions - from the metro station "Planernaya"( from the center the last car) 1 minute of walking on the street Planernaya.