"Branolind H" with Peruvian balsam: reviews, prices, description

No one is immune from injuries, injuries and burns in the home. Therefore, experts recommend that you keep in your home medicine chest the means that can clean the wound surfaces, disinfect them and promote rapid healing. Such therapeutic properties and has a medication "Branolind N" with Peruvian balm. branolind n with Peruvian balsam reviews

Feedback on the effectiveness of this tool, its evidence, methods of application and form of release will be presented later.

Form and Composition of the Medication

What is the drug "Branolind"?The ointment is sterile with Peruvian balsam sold in almost all pharmacies. The composition of this medicine includes antiseptic and healing ointment "Branolind"( it is heavily impregnated with a cloth bandage), as well as Peruvian balsam, petroleum jelly, glycerin, purified fat and cetomacrogol.

The mentioned product is sold in a cardboard box. A mesh bandage can also be produced in a single package.

Principle of operation of

Do you know how the "Branolind H" bandage works? Branolind N with Peruvian balsam promotes early healing of wounds, and also speeds up the processes of outflow of the inflamed secretion and prevents infection.

Ointment mesh bandages accelerate the regeneration and growth of tissues and at the same time do not interfere with normal air circulation.

branolind instructions application application

It should also be noted that the agent in question has a pronounced anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect. It also preserves antiseptic properties for a long time.

What is remarkable about the drug "Branolind"?The application( reviews about it will be presented at the end of the article) of this remedy is indicated for the healing of frostbite, trophic ulcers and chemical lesions of the skin. After transplanting the tissues of the latter, the drug can be used to improve the acceleration of epithelial growth and tissue engraftment.

Features of the drug

What other properties are inherent in the drug "Branolind H" with Peruvian balsam? The responses of experienced specialists report that this remedy has a pronounced hypoallergenic effect. Its use does not irritate the skin, so this medication is used even with very sensitive covers.

Peruvian balsam in the composition under consideration is a liquid( oily) of dark color and with the aroma of vanilla. It is very effective in wound healing and has been used since the 16th century.

This substance consists of essential oils, useful acids and has an effective therapeutic effect. branolol ointment sterile

The drug "Branolind"( instruction, reviews, application of the drug - the topic of our review) produces a high therapeutic effect. Thanks to the presence of resin alcohols, benzoic acid and vanillin, it significantly increases the protective functions of the body.

Indications for use

Under what conditions is used the bandage "Branolind H" with Peruvian balsam? The experts say that this medication is very effective in treating bruises, burns, cuts and other skin lesions of varying severity and depth.

The agent, which is an ointment bandage made of cotton permeable tissue, promotes the rapid healing of wounds, speeds up the regeneration process and eliminates scars.

bandage branolin n branolind n with Peruvian balsam

The drug was widely used in plastic surgery and dermatology.

In addition to all of the above, this medication is used for chronic wounds, frostbite and purulent abscesses. There are also positive reviews that this drug is very good as an antiseptic, which is used to clean and protect the wounds that formed after the transplantation.

Contraindications to the use of dressings

Ointment preparation "Branolind" is not recommended for individual intolerance of its components, as well as the presence of allergic reactions, including Peruvian balsam.

It should also be noted that this antiseptic drug is not allowed to be applied to tissues that are affected by necrosis.

How to apply "Branolind N" medication with Peruvian balsam?

Comments from consumers report that the use of this drug is quite simple.

According to the instructions, before applying the local remedy, the bandage must first be unpacked, and then cut to the size of a burn or wound. After this, it must be removed from the protective film and applied to the area of ​​damage.

If required, after the above actions, the bandage can be fixed with a bandage or absorbent sterile tissue.

Specialists say that for a better effect, "Branolind" needs to be changed every day during dressing and used throughout the treatment period. For burns, the drug should be changed every 2-3 days.

Doctors recommend using this tool not only for adult patients, but also for children. By the way, it is very effective for healing both superficial and deep injuries. branolind application reviews

When treating burns, bandages should be used at all stages of therapy. This is due to the fact that they do not form scabs, and also protect the surface from the effects of the environment.

According to the instructions, the analgesic and therapeutic effect of this drug lasts about 40-75 hours.

Side effects of

In most people who used the drug in question, there were no complications in the therapy of ulcers and injuries. Although in rare cases this drug still caused the development of local allergic reactions.

Cost of dressings and customer reviews

The price of an ointment dressing is not very high. You can buy it for 50 rubles( size 7.5 to 10 centimeters).However, many patients consider this cost too high. After all, to treat serious lesions on the skin may need up to 10 bandages.

In general, reports about this tool are more positive. People using "Branolind N" with Peruvian balm for the treatment of wounds, burns and other injuries are quite satisfied with the results. In their opinion, without this preparation the process of healing and restoration proceeded very slowly. bandage braincolin n with Peruvian balsam reviews

As for negative responses, they say that this medication is absolutely useless with old scars and scars. However, the manufacturer does not give any promises about this.

The main advantages of the "Branolind H" net dressings is the absence of a large number of contraindications and a minimum of side reactions.