How do I wash my nose? A simple task with a simple solution

To date, the common cold is almost the most frequent painful phenomenon in people's lives. Coryza manifests itself regardless of the age of the person, both in the adult and in the child. Each pharmacy contains a large assortment of various means for washing the nose( "Tizin", "Naftizin").

An essential plus of such nasal drugs is that they are easy to use, and they help more effectively. Such drugs are sold in special vials, which you can always carry with you.

The essential disadvantage of nasal drugs is that over time a person begins to get used to their use. Certain components( antibiotics) of such agents can overdry some areas of the nose, as a result of which the use of a spray will again be required.

Most common cold can be found in small children, rather than in an adult, which further complicates the task.

The process of treating the common cold, firstly, depends on the cause of its appearance. There have been cases when the runny nose was a symptom of an allergy, but not a cold. Suspending an allergic rhinitis is the simplest task. However, if the cause of the common cold is a virus, it is worthwhile to understand one thing, that there are no cures for rhinitis. Runny nose is treated with great care, so that the nasal membranes do not get any harm. According to the recommendations of many specialists, do not often resort to medicines, because they are addictive. Other experts believe that the best treatment for this symptom is traditional medicine. By efficiency, folk remedies are not inferior to industrial novelties, but they are milder and do not cause complications.

Such folk medicines are prepared on the basis of natural products. Such raw materials are not harmful to health and provide a quick result. The advantages of traditional medicine include the fact that it is safe to treat young children according to its prescriptions. Rinse your nose with salt water - the most common and effective folk recipe. How to properly wash the nose with ordinary water, many know. But how to rinse your nose with salt water? Many mothers face such a problem and often do not know what to do. Based on many materials that answer the question of how to rinse your nose, you need to follow standard advice and instructions. At first glance, you might think that this procedure is very difficult and brutal, but then it turns out that this medicine helps from the first day of its application. Salt can kill various microbes, remove swelling of the nose and disinfect.

Preparing the mixture for the nose wash

Rinse the nose with saline water the same procedure as rinse the nose with plain water. Only in the first case a glass with warm boiled water should contain one small spoonful of salt. If the patient is too sensitive to salt, then it is recommended to take less than one spoonful. After the salt is mixed with water, we can say that the preparation is ready. Some use sea salt, not kitchen, which is the best option. The method of preparation using sea salt is the same;Only if the prepared solution contains lumps, it must be filtered through gauze. In a solution with salt, you can add a little iodine or soda.

Let's move on to the question of how to rinse your nose with salt solution

Rinsing your nose with salt water is a simple task. We close one nostril with one hand, and with the open one we need to drink half of the solution. Water should be spit out through the mouth. Each nostril should be washed, approximately, by a half of the whole glass of water. If there is no desire to drink water by nose, then it can be dripped with a pipette. However, practice shows that washing is most effective.