How to follow a diet after an operation to remove hemorrhoids

To once and for all get rid of such a disease as hemorrhoids, sometimes an operation is required, which is the only way to recovery. In this case, a diet after an operation to remove hemorrhoids can help to completely restore the entire body. The fact is that in order for seams to be tightened quickly and painlessly, you need to eat right, only so you can avoid infection and complications.

Why hemorrhoids need to be disposed of surgically

Hemorrhoids are a serious disease that can cause not only unpleasant symptoms, but also entail other complications affecting the overall well-being of a person. The reasons for this disease can actually be many, but there are far fewer ways to get rid of it forever. diet after the operation to remove hemorrhoids Naturally, you can try to eat properly and apply medications, but this can be effective only in the initial stages, in the future, the disease can return again and again. Most specialists recommend that surgical intervention be used for treatment, especially if the disease is at the last stage.

What is the essence of the operation

The expansion of veins in the anus is considered common. Gradually, the person starts to form internal and external nodes of hemorrhoids. It is these nodules that cause a lot of trouble to the patient, causing severe pain, itching and burning in the area of ​​the anus and bleeding. When the disease passes to the last stage, these cones begin to fall out. In medicine, there are three types of surgical operation:

  1. The first type is directly related to the open type, in which the wound is not stitched, but remains for self-healing.
  2. The operation is performed using a laser.
  3. The latter type is also associated with open intervention, but the wound is sewn, and the subsequent period of rehabilitation by the patient is several times easier to transfer. diet after surgery to remove the hemorrhoids menu

It is necessary to take into account the fact that any type of rehabilitation requires that the patient maintain a special diet after the operation to remove hemorrhoids. If you adhere to proper nutrition, then all wounds will heal much faster.

Why it is necessary to adhere to the diet

I want to note right away that the patient's recovery times will differ, they are individual, and the main reason is how the convalescent person behaves. If the patient underwent an open surgery, it may take him about two months to recover, but he must follow all the doctor's recommendations clearly.

If the intervention was of a closed nature, then the recovery time may be slightly reduced( up to 5 weeks).In any case, a diet after a hemorrhoids operation is necessary, otherwise there may be complications:

  • Because of improper diet, the blood flow to the pelvis can increase, and this can lead to rupture of seams and tissues.
  • Damaged areas of mucus can bleed.
  • Fabrics are unprotected, which means they can easily become infected.

To prevent these complications, you should carefully review your diet and exclude prohibited foods and meals.

According to what criteria is established the diet

If an operation was performed, then the diet is selected taking into account such criteria:

  • Food should not once again irritate the intestine or its damaged area. Therefore, do not use all kinds of spices, pickled dishes, smoked foods and various seasonings. prescription diet after hemorrhoids operation
  • The products used should not contribute to the weakening of stool. These may include cereals and vegetables.
  • The diet after a hemorrhoids removal operation should not include products that will promote the formation of gases.
  • All food should contain the necessary amount of proteins, vitamins and various minerals.

It is important to remember that eating should be done after a certain time and in a moderate amount.

What you can eat the first day after the operation

Before the operation it is very important to completely clean the intestines, for this, doctors recommend using enemas or a good laxative. Such cleansing helps to completely get rid of the risk of ulcers that may form after the operation.

Many patients wonder, after the operation of hemorrhoids, what kind of diet they expect in the first day. Specialists can unequivocally say that after the operation, a day is generally not desirable at all. In this case, the formation of stool is completely eliminated, which means that the patient does not have to strain the muscles in the area of ​​the sutures when straining. It is important to remember that fasting is carried out only in the first day, after which food intake must be gradually renewed.

Nutrition after operation

It is more correct to introduce dietary nutrition on the second day. Diet after hemorrhoids for 2 weeks must be sparing. In this case, you should eat soups that are prepared exclusively on vegetable broth, you can cook with low-fat fish or poultry meat. If porridge is used, it should be sparse and boiled on water.

what kind of diet after a hemorrhoids operation

Gradually you can enter in the diet and dairy products, but they must be skim. After two weeks, the patient can already eat stewed vegetables and baked apples. It is important to ensure that every meal contains the maximum amount of protein and carbohydrates needed to restore the body.

What you can eat in the first month after the operation

Each patient should remember the main rule of the diet. During the whole month the patient should eat small portions, preferably six times a day. Consider what should include a diet after the operation for hemorrhoids, what can be eaten to the patient, and that is strictly forbidden:

  • In the first month, it is recommended that vegetable soups and porridges cooked on the water.
  • From dairy products it is recommended to drink kefir and fermented baked milk with minimal fat content.
  • Cutlets should be made from low-fat meat and steamed.
  • Fish should be boiled, and vegetables should be stewed.

Do not forget that the lack of useful substances in the body can greatly weaken the general condition, reduce immunity, spoil your nails and hair, and the skin will cease to be smooth and elastic.

What is forbidden to use in the first month after surgery

The diet after the operation to remove hemorrhoids in the first month strictly prohibits the use of products that can cause flatulence. In no case can you eat apples in pure form, cabbage, beans, bread and fruit. Strictly forbidden the use of coffee, tea, you can not drink carbonated drinks that can irritate the intestinal mucosa.

diet after hemorrhoid surgery

In the menu, the patient should not have any alcohol, smoked products and spicy dishes. As a rule, if a patient adheres to such a simple diet, the wounds can be delayed in a week, after which the patient will be able to eat even some of the products banned before that time.

Products allowed for the entire period of recovery after surgery

Although the patient is prescribed a special diet after the operation to remove hemorrhoids, the menu can still be varied for every day, as there is a large list of products that are allowed to the patient for consumption. Nutrition of the patient must be balanced, it must include proteins and carbohydrates. Consider the main products that can be used almost from the first days after the operation:

  • It is recommended to consume more pearl barley, and you can also cook millet porridge and oatmeal every other day.
  • Bread should be exclusively with bran.
  • You can drink 1% kefir from fermented milk products.
  • You can prepare vegetable salads from boiled carrots and beets.
  • Meat dishes should contain only chicken and fish meat.
  • It is recommended that there is dried apricots in moderate doses.

If constipation occurs, then the diet should include dishes that will contain a sufficient amount of dietary fiber. Not always a common diet can be suitable for all patients, so it is desirable that the diet itself after the operation to remove hemorrhoids and menus were made by a specialist. Doctors also recommend that patients drink more liquid, but its dose should also be moderate, so as not to cause puffiness.

What you can not eat after the operation

It is important to choose the right diet so that the food does not act as an irritant for the intestinal mucosa. It is necessary to completely remove products that promote gas formation and constipation. It is very important in the post-operative period to choose the right diet, the diet after the operation( hemorrhoids) excludes many products, so it is worth familiarizing with them closer. diet after hemorrhoids surgery what can

  • You can not eat cabbage in raw or cooked form.
  • Do not use milk.
  • You can not eat apples and pears.
  • Do not grill from a bow or add garlic to food.
  • You can not eat citrus fruits.
  • You should exclude tea, coffee and soda from drinks.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages, as they contribute to increased blood flow, which can cause bleeding.
  • It is forbidden to eat lamb, pork and fatty poultry.
  • You can not eat any kinds of sweets and pastries.

It should be noted that even after the operation the patient still needs to revise his diet, this is necessary in order that the disease can not return again. Also it is necessary to take care of the correct physical activity, it will help to maintain the vessels in the tonus in the future.

How to prepare dishes

Almost any diet recipe after a hemorrhoids operation contains a lot of water, which means that the food should be either boiled or cooked.

For example, to cook a porridge, it should be cooked to the full readiness or specially steamed in a thermos for the night.

All vegetables and fruits are steamed or cooked, but in no case should they be poured with oil or salt for taste.

Meat and fish can be baked in the oven or cook, in that case a minimum amount of sunflower oil is allowed, but such dishes should be consumed extremely rarely, for example, once a week.

If the patient allows himself to eat fried or smoked food, then the recovery period may be delayed indefinitely.

Gentle menus in the first days after the operation

In the early days, it is important to release the bowels as much as possible from the load, so experts recommend adhering to a special menu. For rapid healing of a crack, a diet after a hemorrhoids operation should include 24 hours of fasting, the patient is only allowed to drink water, and then use food in small portions.

For breakfast, the patient can eat 100 grams of oatmeal, at lunch you can use a light soup on boiled vegetables, you are recommended to drink a cup of yogurt during a mid-afternoon snack and eat a steak cooked for a couple for dinner. Such food should be within a week, and then the dosage and variety is expanded.

Exemplary menu after operation

It is not necessary to argue that there must be a diet after the operation to remove hemorrhoids. Reviews about this can also be diverse, some incompetent people advise starting to eat fully from the first days after the operation, without taking into account the fact that this can cause serious complications. But all experts unanimously recommend a sparing diet in the first week after the operation, and then adhere to a special standard that is suitable for almost all patients. Here is the approximate menu for the day:

  1. In the morning it is desirable to eat oatmeal with egg boiled soft-boiled, drink slightly brewed tea.
  2. A second breakfast should be provided, which may well consist of a steamed omelet, a cucumber salad, a boiled chicken and compote cooked on dry fruit.
  3. Lunch includes soup - puree, steak, steamed and boiled beets.
  4. In the afternoon snack you can turn on the jelly and the biscuit biscuits.
  5. For dinner, served with mashed potatoes, a slice of cheese and chamomile tea.
  6. Before sleeping the patient can drink a glass of yogurt or ryazhenka. diet after hemorrhoids and fractures

It should be remembered that any diet is necessarily coordinated with a specialist, since sometimes it needs to be selected individually for each patient with this problem.