Creamy white discharge in women: possible causes and characteristics

The woman's reproductive system is a well-established mechanism. He has hormonal fluctuations throughout the childbearing age. A full body work is always accompanied by the secretion of a secret from the vagina. It can change its consistency, structure, volume and composition. Each lady should know and be able to distinguish when creamy white discharge is the norm, and in what cases indicate a pathological process.

The nature of the secret in different phases of the

cycle. What are the allocations? It is a secret that is continuously produced in the genital tract. It consists of mucus, epithelial cells and bacteria living in the vagina. Normally, they are representatives of the lactoflora, and in various disorders - pathogenic microbes. Violation of the existing balance is considered the main prerequisite for the development of inflammation.

creamy white discharge

Qualitative composition of the discharge can vary depending on the phase of the female cycle. Its beginning is considered the first day of the appeared monthly. From the moment of the end of menstruation to the 12th day of the cycle, a woman can observe scant excretions. Often they have a mucous consistency, and their color varies from almost transparent to pale yellow. The smell is either completely absent, or slightly sour. Before menstruation, the amount of secretion is always increased.

On the 14th day the amount of secretions increases. Such changes are due to the period of ovulation - the time when the egg ripens. In this and the next few days, a woman creates favorable conditions for the onset of pregnancy. In a humid environment, spermatozoa are easier to achieve their ultimate goal. Approximately on the 16th day, creamy white precipitates appear. A light shade of secrecy is attached to the dead elements of the vaginal epithelium.

What should be considered the norm?

White creamy discharge without odor and itching is considered the norm. Physicians distinguish and other signs that help distinguish them from the pathological form:

  1. A slight turbidity.
  2. Yellowish shade, which is clearly visible on a daily sanitary napkin.
  3. Absence of burning and itching in the vaginal area.

Before the ovulation, the secret acquires a mucous consistency. Similar changes are caused by an increase in the level of estrogens. These hormones are responsible for increasing the secretion of vaginal mucus. Some time after the release of the follicle from the egg, it again changes, becoming more dense. At the same time, its quantity decreases. Closer to menstruation, the amount of secretion again increases. Such changes are typical for a healthy menstrual cycle.

white creamy discharge in women

White creamy discharge before the monthly

The secret before the onset of menstruation becomes quite abundant. Gynecologists explain this phenomenon by reducing the amount of hormones in the body. On the other hand, excessive secretion often indicates health problems. Therefore, a woman should be able to distinguish pathology from the norm.

In the first case, creamy discharge is accompanied by an acidic odor, itching and burning sensation in the genital area. Sometimes the pathology is signaled by blood veins in the mucus. If you have these symptoms, you should contact your gynecologist. It is better not to postpone the visit to the remote box.

How do I change after ovulation?

White creamy stains on daily pads may differ from those that were before the follicle was released from the egg. Slime after ovulation becomes thick and viscous, which indicates the active "work" of progesterone in the yellow body. Usually it is formed on the site of a previously bursted follicle. The vaginal secret is very similar to the discharge accompanying pregnancy. After successful fertilization of the egg, they are produced under the action of the same progesterone. However, in this case, its concentration is much higher than before conception of the baby.

The amount of secretion gradually increases and reaches its critical level at about the 16th week of pregnancy. This sign is often frightening, but the results of the tests are usually put in their place. If the woman is healthy, the white blood cell count should not exceed 20. Values ​​from 20 to 40 are also the norm. Exceeding these indicators indicates the onset of inflammation in the body.

after ovulation allocation white creamy

Thick vaginal secret - harbinger of diseases

White creamy discharge with odor often indicates pathological processes in the body. The prevalence of this symptom is about 35%, and sometimes it can reach 95%.

All reasons for changing the nature of the secret can be divided into several conditional categories:

  • Inflammatory pathologies of the intimate sphere.
  • Breaking the hormonal background.
  • Consequences of prolonged antibiotic therapy.
  • Frequent syringing.
  • Use of intrauterine spirals.
  • Development of malignant neoplasms.
  • Traumatic processes affecting the cervix.

Also the reason for changing the nature of the secret is wearing uncomfortable underwear. Sometimes a similar symptom occurs when using an aggressive soap, which contains a large number of chemicals. That's why doctors recommend women to use special gels and products intended for intimate hygiene.

white creamy allocation of itching

The reasons for the appearance of creamy discharge are highly dependent on the age of the woman. In the climacteric period, they can be due to atrophic vaginitis, and in childbearing age - inflammation of the intimate sphere.

To infectious processes in which creamy white discharge appears, include diseases such as:

  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • thrush;
  • gonococcal cervicitis.

Focus exclusively on the clinical symptoms of the disease is incorrect. In this case, without a qualified help from a gynecologist, you can not do without it.

CURIOUS secret in the development of thrush

White creamy discharge, itching in the vaginal area - these are the symptoms in 70% of cases indicate thrush. This disease is caused by fungi of the genus Candidae. These microorganisms are considered conditionally pathogenic, since they constantly live on mucous genitalia. The acidic medium, which is created in the vagina by lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, does not allow them to multiply. However, under the influence of certain factors, the balance is violated. Among them we can note:

  • decreased immunity;
  • frequent change of sexual partners;
  • colds;
  • synthetic underwear;
  • presence in the diet of sweets and confectionery;
  • stress;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • smoking.

For a short period of time, the extracts acquire a curdled consistency, become abundant. The woman begins to pursue an unpleasant sour smell in the intimate zone. Closer to the evening, the clinical picture is usually supplemented with aching pain in the lower abdomen.

white creamy discharge with odor

In the absence of treatment, the disease becomes chronic. Sour odor and discomfort gradually recede. Appear creamy white discharge, which differ in their viscidity. It is during this period that the cervix is ​​inflamed, which is confirmed by colposcopy.

When to go to see a doctor?

For any changes in the consistency or color of the vaginal secretion, contact the gynecologist. The specialist after the examination on the chair usually appoints a series of tests. According to their results, it is worthwhile to judge the presence of diseases. On the basis of bakposive gynecologist can determine the presence of pathogenic flora, to estimate the number of leukocytes. In some cases, PCR, ultrasound and colposcopy are additionally required.

white creamy discharge before monthly

Principles of therapy

Diseases affecting the reproductive system can not be treated independently. Each problem associated with the appearance of cream white discharge, it is necessary to solve the complex and stage by stage. Treatment should be selected by a gynecologist, taking into account the cause of pathological disorders.

Therapy always begins with the elimination of the source of the disease. Antibacterial drugs in the form of pills or candles are used for these purposes. With their help you can quickly suppress the activity of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms.

At the next stage, women are assigned measures to restore the natural flora of the vagina. They involve taking hormonal medications, using suppositories with lactic acid. In this case, the choice of specific drugs and methods of treatment depends on the doctor.

After performing therapeutic procedures, it is extremely important to restore the immune system. Usually, for prevention purposes, vitamin complexes, physiotherapy procedures are prescribed.

white creamy discharge without odor and itching

Prevention measures

White creamy discharge in women is often considered the norm. However, sometimes they are a symptom of a pathological process. Any gynecological disease always delivers discomfort to a woman and requires competent therapy. To avoid such disorders, doctors recommend following the elementary rules of prevention.

  1. Personal hygiene is essential. Water procedures are recommended twice a day.
  2. When choosing underwear, preference should be given to options from natural fabrics.
  3. Gynecologists do not recommend the daily use of sanitary napkins, since they practically do not pass air. As a result, a favorable environment is created for the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms. If you can not refuse daily pads, you need to change them more often.

For the timely detection of gynecological diseases, it is extremely important to have a regular check-up with a female doctor.