Folk remedy for insomnia at home

A person can not sleep for a long time, wakes up several times every night every 30-40 minutes, the morning gets up too early. Sometimes awakening comes late, but sleep is not very deep. There are many ways in which you can affect sleep disturbance, make it normal. This includes: a hypnotic, some antidepressants, as well as a folk remedy for insomnia( at home it has been used since ancient times).

How to make sleep sound, how to treat insomnia and what to do in case of sleep disturbance, this article will tell.

Causes of insomnia

The cause of poor sleep is too much, since the ability to normal sleep is influenced by internal and external factors.

One of the external reasons is a bad situation around a person who went to bed. An unfavorable effect on the person falling asleep is an uncomfortable place and bed, noisy conversations, air temperatures in the bedroom. folk remedy for insomnia at home

If a person at home and at work is constantly facing stressful situations or is tormented by fear, anxiety and depression, this can also affect sleep. The disease, accompanied by sharp pains, frequent urination, severe itching of the skin, is another reason for insomnia. What are the folk remedies for insomnia, how to effectively cure insomnia with their help? Let's talk about this further.

Home remedies for insomnia

The person has all the possibilities to solve the problem with a bad dream independently. Folk remedies against insomnia are different, if you try, then find the right option for yourself is easy. First, make sure that you are leading the right way of life, if not, then it takes a day or a week to get back on track.

Treating insomnia with folk remedies( tips):

Drinking a glass of alcohol before bedtime is already bad. At first glance, it seems that drunk will help to calm down, and you can sleep soundly all night. In fact, it's quite the opposite. First, the sedative effect, a person falls asleep, as they say, on the go. But after a while, awakening occurs, and one can not fall asleep until the morning. Alcohol has a bad effect on the depth of sleep, you need to remember this. From cigarettes also have to give up, tobacco has a stimulating effect.

There are suggestions that coffee interferes with a calm sleep, since the caffeine entering it is the best invigorating remedy, and it remains in the human body for a whole day. For the sake of sound sleep, it is better to give up coffee and products containing caffeine.
If you buy cold medicines without a prescription, be sure to ask about the effect they have on sleep. Some medicines have such properties, as well as coffee in relation to an organism.

Early in the morning and during the day you need to do physical exercises, but before going to sleep it is better to refuse, as they stimulate the nervous system, which leads to sleep disturbance.

Sleeping in the afternoon is undesirable, then in the evening it is unlikely to fall asleep on time. A read book leaf before going to bed will help to relax and cause a nap. A good remedy for insomnia at home - to dream about something pleasant, to imagine beautiful landscapes: let it be forest, sea, beach and, of course, you are in that place. Then just fall asleep. Sleep will be calm, and the morning is kind.

Honey - the best remedy for insomnia

Traditional medicine with the support of traditional medicine believes that honey should be used to normalize sleep. There are different ways of receiving it. You can make a tasty and healthy syrup, taking a tablespoon of honey and mineral water "Borjomi" and adding half a spoonful of finely chopped lemon. Take such a folk remedy in the morning. a remedy for insomnia at home

Well-established folk recipe, which included honey and apple cider vinegar. Every day, going to bed, you need to eat two teaspoons of a mixture of three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 200 grams.honey. It will not be even half an hour before the slumber comes.

In order to prevent the flow of blood to the brain and calm the nervous system, it is useful to compress the calves of feet from grated horseradish in a mixture with honey. As an addition, drink a glass of pickle cucumber, adding a little sage honey.

Honey is considered a strong allergen and can cause unwanted reactions. People who are allergic to this beekeeping product should not use it to treat sleep disturbances.

Insomnia: effective treatment with folk remedies, herbal remedies

People suffered from insomnia at different times. They knew how to fight it with the help of folk medicine and many medicinal plants. The effectiveness of such treatment is assessed positively. folk remedies against insomnia

• If you get a doctor's advice, anyone who wants can treat insomnia with such means. No side effects are observed.
• Preparations from medicinal plants are not toxic, and their effect on the body is positive.
• The folk remedy for insomnia at home does not give side effects.

There is not a stable financial position for every person, especially in our difficult times. To save the family budget, some medicinal plants can be harvested independently.

There are various folk remedies for insomnia. Herbal treatment is one of them. Recipes, in which the main constituent is medicinal herb, very much, they all deserve attention. Before you are some of them:

Collection 1. The following medicinal herbs are included in the decoction, which soothingly acts on the nervous system and helps to relax: peppermint, herbaceous leaves, hop cones, root and rhizomes of valerian in a 3: 3: 2: 2 ratio. Recommended 10 gr.mixture to brew in 250 ml.water and boil in a water bath for 10 minutes. Then strain, if there is no original volume, add the boiled water. Three times a day, the last just before going to sleep, to drink such a decoction of 0.5 cup. He will eliminate insomnia.

Gather 2. Three times a day, drink a medicine from the grass of a three-leaved watch, cones of hops, valerian, leaves of peppermint, taken all equally, one tablespoon is brewed with a glass of boiling water. The dose is 100 one time. folk remedies for insomnia treatment of herbs

Gather 3. Folk healers use this way. Take in equal amounts mint leaves and chamomile flowers, mix everything together with fennel fruits and valerian roots, add cumin. For 200 ml.boiling water will need 10 gr.collection, after which half an hour will have to be evaporated in a water bath. After cooling the broth filter and add cold boiled water to the original volume. Drink in the morning and evening before going to bed for a whole glass. The medicine helps to overcome neurosis and insomnia.

What baths to take from insomnia

There is no doubt that the best assistants in regaining a sound sleep are folk remedies for insomnia. How to effectively cure insomnia? Considering this issue, one can not fail to note the effectiveness of water procedures. The main thing is not to overdo the water temperature, it should not be above 40 degrees. Bathing in the bath should occur two hours after eating and a couple of hours before going to bed. Water should not cover the heart area. home remedy for insomnia

If you add medicinal herbs to the bath, it will work much more effectively. Herbalists are advised to add pre-brewed medicinal preparations. For example, fragrant hay, spruce cones and pine needles. Moreover, bumps and needles are boiled, then left for 15 hours to insist. The liquid should be brown. The length of stay in the bath should not exceed 15 minutes.

Sleep problems can go away if you take a bath with a decoction of valerian for ten consecutive days. Why in one liter of water boil 200 gr.its rhizomes.

Treatment with clay

At first glance, it seems unusual for such a remedy for insomnia at home, like clay. But it is very effective and interesting. It is worth trying at least twelve days to apply it for two hours before bedtime - and you can firmly say that the condition has improved. What is the treatment with clay? Everything is very simple. This modeling of different figures with rounded edges, which acts soothingly on the human brain, making the installation for sleep.

Another wonderful method is clay wrapping. It will take only 7 procedures. For them, you need to cook a little more than half a cup of white clay, a third of a glass of hot water and 10 ml. It is a yarrow. All components should be placed in enameled ware, mix thoroughly. Kashitsu put on a napkin and put on the forehead and whiskey, keep for 20 minutes.

Proper nutrition for insomnia

Adherence to diet is also a folk remedy for insomnia( home remedy).The mode can not be changed, it must be set once and for all. Its violation will lead to a malfunction of the systems and the organism as a whole. As a result - insomnia and aging. folk remedies for insomnia how to effectively cure insomnia

The whole human body, the digestive system including, requires a night rest. It will be broken if you eat well before going to bed. The last meal should be at least 3 hours before bedtime. For dinner on the menu, it is mandatory to include easily digestible foods, such as vegetables and fruits. Oily meat foods should not be on the table in the evening. It is worth giving up tea and coffee.

It is best to drink a cup of warm milk before bed, adding a spoonful of honey. Such a folk remedy works especially effectively on badly falling asleep children.

People must pay attention to the intake of vitamins, especially vitamin B, which, while strengthening the nervous system, helps to improve sleep and sleep. Rich in this vitamin: bread, nuts, oatmeal. The main source is brewer's yeast.

A great effect in the treatment of insomnia is observed from the reception of tea from anise seeds. Prepare it like this: in a preheated teapot for brewing put half an teaspoon of anise seeds, add boiling water and insist. Strain and drink half a glass before going to bed. Does not hurt and added honey. And sugar is not recommended before going to bed, it is the causative agent of the nervous system. Soaking up the liquid will not do anything good either, since frequent visits to the toilet prevent you from sleeping normally.

When should you start taking medicines for insomnia?

There are cases when the remedy for insomnia at home does not give positive results. Then you can use sleeping pills, consulting before their appointment with a doctor. Unfortunately, the tablets have a lot of side effects, in addition, you can get used to them. It turns out that you can start taking them only in the most difficult cases of insomnia.

You should never despair. Carefully read the recommendations and try to follow them.

What disturbs healthy sleep

Most often, sleep problems with health, which have a negative effect on the body. In this case, insomnia should not be treated with sleeping pills, but should pay attention to the underlying disease.

Insomnia can be from overwork, depressive states and neuroses. Dinner from oily, smoked and spicy food also has an effect on sleep. Violation of the working time schedule, night shifts are also the causes of insomnia.

Sleep hygiene

The main reason for not getting enough sleep and bad sleep is its wrong hygiene. It has a number of very simple rules that must be followed. This will help make the dream pleasant.

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  2. It is not recommended to sleep during daytime insomnia. A fractional dream will exacerbate the problem.
  3. A good night's sleep is possible if there is a cozy atmosphere in the sleeping room.
  4. Going to bed, throw away thoughts about the TV and the Internet. Avoid reading books and newspapers. One rule is to remember: the bed is only for sleeping.

If you follow all the recommendations, you can make a dream quality and enjoyable.

Medications for insomnia

Sleeping pills are not as harmless as they seem. Many of them can cause dependence and make sleep impossible without pills. This means that you yourself do not need to conduct experiments with insomnia, but to consult a doctor-somnologist who will help you decide on treatment. insomnia effective treatment of folk remedies The list of tablets from sleep disorders is great. Safe and effective means that are sold without a prescription are: valerian( tablets), motherwort( tincture), Persen, Novo-Passit and Melaxen. But this does not mean that they can be taken without the appointment of a doctor.

In many cases, you can not do without medication, but if you know how to treat insomnia with folk remedies, why not try a harmless way, and then go on to using medicines?