Grass thistle: its properties and application, contraindications, photo

Useful properties of a plant such as milk thistle, or milk thistle, have been known since ancient times. The Greeks and the Egyptians first learned about them. To the plant showed its useful properties, it is only necessary to choose the right recipe.

Milk thistle, the medicinal properties of which are very large, contains more than 400 different components that can help the body. If it so happens that there is still no drug from the milk thistle in the medicine cabinet, then you should definitely buy it. This will help to strengthen health in the winter.

What is so useful herb thistle? Its properties and application will be described in this article.

herb thistle properties and application

The healing properties of the grass

Thanks to such a substance as silymarin, the milk thistle, the medicinal properties of which we will consider in the article, provides complete recovery of liver cells. The substance protects this vital organ from the negative effects of toxins. In addition to the liver, milk thistle is able to restore damaged walls of blood vessels. To all this contributes to its composition. The plant contains substances such as:

  • boron;
  • chrome;
  • zinc;
  • iodine;
  • manganese;
  • potassium;
  • selenium;
  • complex of vitamins.

What else is the herb milk thistle useful? Its properties and application will be described in more detail below.

Adding milk thistle to the diet can provide good support to your body. After all, it is used to prevent aging, it stabilizes the metabolism and improves digestion, and also normalizes the outflow of bile. Some plant substances will be useful for women in the treatment of vaginitis and erosion. It is worth noting the variety of useful properties of milk thistle, because it can be used to heal wounds, with bruises and abrasions.

During poisoning or slagging the body will help to clean it from toxins with toxins of the herb thistle. Its properties and application, photos are presented to the attention of the reader in the article.

Also for women who dream of getting rid of excess weight without harming their body, milk thistle will be really effective.

herb thistle medicinal properties

What is popular milk thistle?

For the treatment of diseases associated with bile ducts and liver, milk thistle is used to make medicines for these ailments. If you use the plant exclusively in its pure form, it will reveal all its positive qualities. From the seeds of milk thistle they make means for the treatment of skin diseases, normalization of the working capacity of the intestines, elimination of constipation and elimination of alcohol from the blood.

The healing properties of the milk thistle grass help to start a strong natural process of excretion of toxins and toxins in the body. Very often you can meet vegetarians who use the seeds and oil of the plant to cleanse the body cells. Using seeds, you can improve the work of the urinary tract, strengthen the reproductive system, and also calm nerves and normalize the psycho-emotional state of a person.

Very often the milk thistle, its properties and application are well known to people who work in harmful production, because the plant helps neutralize most poisons and chemicals.

In the first three months of pregnancy, women are allowed to use drugs based on this plant to eliminate signs of toxicosis. It also helps to heal the skin, relieves acne and rash. Very useful will be the milk thistle at the first signs of hair loss.

Milk thistle: its properties and application for weight loss

To get rid of extra pounds, it is not necessary to sit on a diet. Tinctures, decoctions and oils of plants are able to quickly and without harm to health help in losing weight. The course of treatment should be at least a month. One tablespoon of oil should be consumed twice a day before meals. If you adhere to such instructions, the result will manifest itself very quickly. In the event that in the first days of admission there will be no effect, do not get upset and stop taking. The first time the body will need to get used to and cleanse, so that later the weight loss goes. The peculiarity of this recipe is that it has no side effects, and the result can please.

grass thistle application

Reviews about losing weight with the milk thistle

Is it really effective for the milk thistle, its properties and application for weight loss? Reviews of a large number of people on forums and various sites are positive. They say that it is really possible to get rid of excess weight with this grass. Many began to use this plant to get rid of any health problems, while they could lose 5-6 kg in one month. If you believe the reviews, the milk thistle really helps in losing weight and leaves no side effects when it is used in the right doses.

Milk thistle: application of

Very often this broth is made from decoctions. To feel the result when using thistle in the treatment of various diseases, you should use:

  • plant oil;
  • tea;
  • tincture on alcohol;
  • powder from seed - meal.

Diseases of the liver and gallbladder, gastritis, obesity and cholecystitis - it can all eliminate the broth cooked on the basis of milk thistle.

Recipe for decoction of

To make the decoction it is necessary: ​​

  • seeds - 30 g;
  • water - 0.5 liters.

Seeds should be ground and then poured with boiling water. After that, the mixture should be boiled in a water bath until the contents of the container are reduced by a factor of 2.Now you need to drain the broth with gauze, preferably fold it into 3 layers. The course of treatment is two months. Take a decoction of 1 tablespoon every hour. After the course, you need to take a break for two weeks and you can repeat the treatment.

herb thistle properties and application for weight loss

Decoction from the root of

To make a healing decoction from the root of the milk thistle, you need:

  • root - 1 tablespoon;
  • boiling water - 0.2 liters.

First you need to grind the root. The resulting powder is poured with boiling water and insisted for half an hour, then it should be carefully squeezed and filtered, and then diluted with boiling water. Take should be one tablespoon three times a day. It is effective in the treatment of radiculitis, diarrhea, pain in the teeth or cramps.


For tea preparation it is necessary: ​​

  • seeds of milk thistle - 1 teaspoon;
  • 0.2 liters of boiling water.

Seeds are filled with water and infused for 15 minutes. After you must necessarily strain. Take should be two times a day. In order for the aroma and taste of tea to become more attractive, you can add a little mint or lemon balm to it. Thanks to this drink you can cope with a cold, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.


To prepare the healing oil from this plant, you need:

  • olive oil - 500 ml;
  • 5 teaspoons of milk thistle seeds.

Seeds are poured with oil, and then boiled in a water bath. After cooking, it is necessary to strain the mixture and take one teaspoon three times a day before each meal. As a result, you will get a very effective medicine that will look a bit like sea buckthorn oil. Its main purpose is to heal wounds on the body. Also, oil will be effective to remove extra pounds.

herb milk thistle its properties and application for weight loss reviews

Grass thistle: contraindications

Is it all the benefits of the milk thistle, its properties and application? Contraindications, as with every drug or product, are also available. Do not use milk thistles in the event that a person suffers from problems with the kidneys or appendicitis. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should monitor the dosage of the medicine made from this plant. There are serious contraindications for children under 12 years old.

With the fact that milk thistle, its properties and application generally have a lot of positive feedback, it, like other medicinal plants, has its limitations, and when using it, certain precautions must be followed.

Since the thistle is a medicinal plant, it is by no means possible to assign it to yourself on your own. The plant contains a large amount of phosphorus and potassium. People who have asthma, cardiovascular disease, should not use this plant. In no case can you take milk thistle to people with various mental illnesses. Before starting treatment, it is mandatory to contact a specialist. The doctor will prescribe some tests, the results of which will show whether it is possible to take milk thistle or not. If you ignore this warning, then there are all chances of harming your health.

the herb thistle of its properties and the use of contraindications

Milk thistle, its useful properties and use for children

Will the herb milk thistle, its properties and application to children be useful? According to most experts, those who are under 12 years old should not take milk thistle. However, this conclusion concerns only oral administration, but not outwardly. If a child has burns or other wounds, then an ointment can be used based on this plant. Since it will not cause a burning sensation, it will be an excellent treatment. For internal use, it is better to choose another medicine and consult a doctor.


Vegetable oils have beneficial properties for hair, milk thistle is no exception. This plant contains vitamins C and E. They help to strengthen the roots, moisturize the scalp, prevent hair loss, accelerate their growth and add shine. For the care of hair, there are means from milk thistle for internal and external use. Each of these means is effective. Also, milk thistle oil can be combined with egg yolk, honey or flax. With the help of such balms you can provide quality hair care.


Oil of milk thistle can be used not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also for home care of the body. It is able to moisturize the skin of the hands and face, provide high-quality care for nails and hair. Based on it, many rejuvenating masks are made. Since the oil contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, it can be used not only as masks, but also inside. You should drink one teaspoon three times a day.

What is useful for the skin?

Milk thistle is good for skin care. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antibacterial agent. For many years, this plant is the main ingredient of complex therapy.

Since the violation of the liver is the main cause of dermatological diseases, the milk thistle becomes the number one medicine. After all, it can eliminate the problems associated with this body.

herb thistle its properties and application photos


It should be noted that each part of this plant has only useful properties. But the most valuable are the seeds. In these small grains the most part of useful substances is concentrated. Seeds can be used to make medicines or in kind. Collection begins in August, and ends in October. During this period the seeds fully ripen.

The milk thistle( its properties and uses have been described in the article) is useful for the body, but it is not worthwhile to self-medicate. Be healthy!