Medical examinations of workers: types, procedure and timing of the passage

The laws in force in our country regulate who and on what terms, with what frequency should attend a medical examination. Drivers, teachers, food industry workers and many other workers of our power are regularly required to resemble a full range of surveys. The obligation to organize such research is vested in employers. The payment of the event is also included in the responsibility of the legal entity.

medical examinations of employees

General view of

Not everyone is guided by the frequency of mandatory medical examinations. Understand this area should primarily employers who do not want to conflict with the laws. If you do not organize the procedure correctly, employees can apply to a special inspection to protect their rights. In addition, the reviewing authorities can write a fine or apply other sanctions if there is a disregard for laws.

Such rigor is due to the current requirements for recruitment. Explaining why a medical examination is needed, the personnel specialists usually remind that it is unacceptable to acc

ept the work of a person who has not successfully passed a psychiatric commission or other doctors if the duties are included in the list of positions adopted at the federal level that requires such checks. You can not hire a person who has contraindications to work.

General Theory

The medical board of the work is a control study with the involvement of professionals, during which the general health of the worker is studied. The medical examination allows conducting effective preventive maintenance of the diseases connected with a concrete trade, and also provides safety both to the worker, and the people cooperating with it.

The current laws of our country regulate several forms, each of which has its own time limits for medical examinations for employees. It should be mentioned:

  • preventive;
  • after flights;
  • preliminary;
  • are periodic;
  • before shift;
  • other, declared by separate regulatory enactments.
periodic medical examination of workers

And if more?

Prophylaxis involves the definition of pathologies at the primary stage. Such a study of the staff allows you to notice the factors that stimulate the development of the disease, to prevent the situation on time, to apply measures for recovery. Preliminary examinations are organized prior to enrollment in the staff or in the number of students of the institution. Periodic medical examination of workers is organized with some time intervals. The idea of ​​such an event is to monitor the health of the entire staff of the enterprise.

Special attention should be paid to the researches of the workers of the company before shifts and upon their completion. Before the beginning of the voyage, before the start of the working day, the person's condition is studied in order to determine the presence of signs of the negative influence of the factors connected with production. Also check the presence of diseases, conditions that do not allow to fulfill the duties assigned to the job. Post-trip medical examination is organized for the same purpose, the difference is only in the moment of the event - when the change, the flight ends. Check whether there are traces of intoxication with toxic components( including alcohol, narcotic substances).

There are many variants of

In addition to all the above types, there is a reservation in the legislation regarding other types of medical examination. The list listed above, despite the coverage of a large number of situations, is still incomplete.

Currently, some employees must undergo specialized procedures. Passage of medical examination of the so-called deep type represents a kind of periodically conducted event. The difference is in the number of specialists involved in researching the condition of workers. In addition, a greater variety of methods for studying the human condition is used.

It is necessary - means, it is necessary

The current legislation clearly regulates the situation when inspections will have to be mandatory, excuses are impossible. It is devoted to these rules of the TC, and specifically the article published under number 213. It mentions the need for periodic medical examination of employees who are forced to contact with harmful conditions or work on a site classified as dangerous. This also applies to those who work underground. Without fail, such events are organized for personnel working with the traffic.

medical examination

Know what is the form 302N, referral to the medical examination of a person working in the food industry. Equally, this applies to organizational processes, and to ensure the operability of places of public catering, as well as trade. The same rules apply to those who work in medical institutions, work with children or ensure the operability of water supply facilities. There are also specific individual subtypes of activity, when involved in which workers must regularly visit a doctor to check the condition. This mainly applies to those who are constantly in contact with sources of high danger.

Attention conditions

Factors that must be considered dangerous, harmful, at the federal level are established by an order issued by the Ministry of Health. The list has all the work, when involved in which the staff has the right to regularly examine the health status of qualified doctors.

I want to work hard!

The medical commission for work is an obligatory condition for those who are interested in obtaining positions in certain specialties, jobs. You will have to pass a doctor before you hire a minor citizen or who wants to work as a watchman, or when interacting while working with transport. Before the device doctors pass, whose future workplace will be underground. A special approach is required by athletes and citizens who work in the Far North or in the localities, according to the law to which they are equivalent.

A medical examination is organized for a medical book with the involvement of qualified personnel. Such an event is held in an institution that has received the relevant licenses. Inspections are conducted according to a certain scheme, generally accepted in the territory of our country.

What should I do?

To receive a referral for a medical check-up when applying for a job, to undergo periodic inspection and other regular activities related to the study of health in the workplace, it is necessary that the employer formally formalize all stages of this procedure. The regime assumes first the formation of a list of names of persons who need to visit a doctor with a specified frequency, after which the list is sent to Rospotrebnadzor. It is necessary to do this within ten days after the document is approved. Having completed the first official stage, you can choose the right day, from which the immediate interaction with the medical institution will begin.

medical board for work

Before the medical examination of employees begins, the medical institution should receive a roll-call list of all persons who are to be examined. It is recommended to send such a document two months before the scheduled inspection of employees. Ten days before the beginning of the event, the employer should familiarize with the drawn up and agreed schedule of all interested workers. From each take a signature confirming the receipt of information. After this, you can proceed with the design of the directions and distribution of the documentation to the workers. The final stage is reporting to the FSS about the event. To do this, fill in the standard 4-FSS label.

Institution: What to do?

In order to conduct a medical examination of the employees of the client organization, the medical company must draw up an action plan in accordance with the calendar, officially confirm the client's consent with him, and then approve. This is organized by obtaining the signature of the CEO of the organization with the subsequent certification of the document with the seal of the company. After this, you can start creating a permanent commission responsible for inviting narrow specialists, if necessary in the specific case.

The next stage is the receipt of biological fluids from workers and a study of the health status of doctors. A medical check-up form is made, a medical card is issued, a health passport, if not already written out. At the conclusion of the research, a person receives a personal passport and two copies of the conclusions. They are certified by the signature of the chairman of the medical commission. One paper is for the citizen himself, the second is saved with the card.

What's next?

If a medical examination of the employee has made it possible to identify the presence of symptoms of occupational pathology, the citizen is sent for further examination to a specialized center. At the end of the event, Rospotrebnadzor, the medical institution, the employer jointly prepare general reports on the event. On the basis of the collected documentation it is necessary to issue an act of medical examination. This is given 30 days from the completion of medical research.

Once the act is fully prepared and approved by all parties involved, there are five days for the official sending of the document to the interested parties. The paper must receive:

  • an enterprise where employees are employed;
  • Rospotrebnadzor;
  • is the center responsible for this region, dealing with occupational pathologies.

Personal participation

During the medical examination, the employee is responsible for the timely arrival at a predetermined place of research. With a person must have documentation. The obligatory list presupposes personal identification papers( passport), the direction and decision of the commission, which has already conducted a psychiatric examination, if necessary in a particular case. If you have previously issued a health passport, this document must also be carried. Having appeared on the established day and time, the person, guided by the personnel of the institution, passes all the prescribed measures.

list of doctors

What's next?

Having gone through the prescribed list of doctors, a person may encounter results that stimulate an appointment for additional examinations. In some cases, the appointment of an extraordinary inspection. Also, the employer can give direction to someone who is just planning to get a permanent job. Such an event is called preliminary.

When preparing a referral for employees( including potential ones), the full name of the company, OKVED data, OGRN, exact geographical position of the company( address) should be indicated in the document. In the document, the employer indicates what type of examination is required, and also prescribes data about the person passing the event - the date of his birth, the full name, the name of the unit where in the future the person will work, if any. The name of the profession is indicated, the types of work, factors( dangerous, harmful) that will be encountered in the course of the work process are listed( if necessary).

Official features of

When issuing a referral, it is important to properly document documents so that the employee does not have problems in the medical institution. The signature on the document is put by the person who is authorized by the enterprise to certify this kind of securities. In this case, the full name and position of the person are prescribed in detail. The direction is transferred to the job seeker when organizing the preliminary inspection against the painting. The task of the enterprise is to take into account all issued directions.

A person interested in entering the workplace must arrive at the appointed time at the appointed address, with a complete list of the documents listed above. When the entire list of doctors is passed, the laboratory studies are completed, the preliminary examination is considered complete. As the event is completed, the jobseeker gets an opinion on the conclusions regarding the presence of contra-indications to work in the desired position. All information is detailed, scrupulously recorded in medknizhke.

Laws and Regulations

214th article of the TC obliges citizens wishing to find a job, first pass an examination with a doctor if the workplace belongs to the number mentioned in the TC.Working in such a position, in the future it will be necessary to regularly inspect with the given periodicals, extraordinary, for which the employer draws up a direction. In the sphere of responsibility of the enterprise, it is regularly organized such inspections, and not passed workers to prevent performance of obligations at work, until a person visits the doctor and receives all the conclusions, surveys necessary for legal work.

time for medical examinations for employees

When entering a job a certain citizen can avoid passing a medical examination, refuse such an event in an official manner. The law declares: the employer must refuse such an applicant. The refusal will have to be issued also in the event that the person wishing to settle down will discover medical contra-indications for such employment.

The moment is missed by

If the workplace is such that it is necessary to organize a medical examination when an employee is admitted to it, but the employer missed this point and took the person to their place, completely completed without having a medical certificate in their hands, a similar oversight can cause a considerable fine. To write it out, the supervising authority has the right to verify the documentation, work places, the compliance of workers with qualifications and other parameters. Under the law, administrative responsibility is threatened.

Additionally, if such an oversight is detected, the labor agreement has to be terminated, as the rules of imprisonment declared by the TC, FZ were violated at the stage of signing by both parties. In the sphere of responsibility of the employer is the offer to the employee of another position, on which a person can work in the current state of health without prejudice to himself.

Who is to blame?

If an oversight requiring the avoidance of an employment agreement has been identified, you must first determine whose fault is the wrong agreement. If the employee is not guilty of being in such a workplace, where he should be contraindicated on the basis of his state of health, a person has the right at the time of dismissal to receive severance pay. This is calculated on the basis of the average monthly salary. If it is found that the employee is guilty of what happened, the employer must neither pay additional amounts nor offer an alternative job.

If the company has issued a direction that the employee neglected and did not pass the required inspection and examination, it will be necessary to remove the person from fulfilling the obligations. To the similar outcome leads and definition of contra-indications according to which the citizen should not work further on a former workplace. In addition to simple removal, in some cases the worker is held accountable. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on the rules declared by Article 192 of the TC.If an enterprise allows people to work without passing mandatory inspections, this is the basis for bringing to administrative responsibility. As a fine for individual entrepreneurs, individuals holding executive positions - 15-25 thousand, a legal entity will have to pay 110-130 thousand rubles.

Learn from your mistakes

If a person has previously committed a similar violation of the established rule of law, but again there has been a disregard for laws, the new sentence will be more stringent than previously applied. Concerning the official financial sanctions vary: 30-40 thousand. There is a variant of disqualification for a time interval: 1-3 years. IP, repeatedly violated the TC under the same article, will be forced to pay 30-40 thousand fine or face the suspension of activities under an administrative resolution. The duration of this restriction is up to 90 days.

medical examination for a medical book

Yurlitso, who had already been caught in violation of the established laws, encountered fines of 100-200 thousand rubles in repetition of his mistake. Can administratively formalize the suspension of entrepreneurial activity. The duration of this restriction is up to 90 days.

Important Features

Medical examinations should be organized with enviable regularity, if the personnel of the enterprise are engaged in hard work. If the workers of the company have not crossed the age limit at 21, the periodicity of medical examinations, stipulated by the laws, is one year. In the framework of such an event, it is necessary to determine to what extent the employees are suitable for fulfilling the obligations and assignments entrusted to them.

Carrying out medical examinations with the given periodicals is an effective method of monitoring the health status of people involved in a particular field. Doctors help in a timely manner to detect pathologies, the development of which is associated with a certain labor activity. Occupational diseases in our society have already been studied quite well, and a specialized commission can identify them according to primary signs, which means that it will be possible to take timely measures to restore a person's condition. Dangerous, harmful factors initially have a rather weak effect on the workers, inconspicuous for the layman. It is within the medical examination with a given periodicity that you can pay attention to the primary signs of the problem. This will allow a person longer to be healthy, to fulfill their social, labor and other functions, to live a full life.