Drops "Otirelaks": instructions for use, price and product reviews

Various ear disorders always cause considerable discomfort. After all, the emerging symptoms( pain, lumbago, hearing loss, and so on) can make all your cases be canceled. The most common problem occurs in children. It is their nose and ear that are connected by short, wide tubes, through which the infection can move freely. Adults suffer from otitis media less often.

For correction of the described condition, doctors can prescribe drugs for local and oral use. One of the drugs that are injected directly into the ear is Otyrelax. The instruction on the use of the composition will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn about the reviews and prices for this medication.

otrelaks instructions for use

Description of the medicine

What is the drug "Otirelaks"?Instructions for use indicate that the active ingredients of the drug are phenazone and lidocaine hydrochloride. It is these components that affect the problem. In addition to them, the composition of the drug includes other( additional) substances: sodium thiosulfate, ethanol, sodium hydroxide, glycerol and water.

The drug is available in a bottle with a dropper. This is provided for ease of use. The medicinal product is packed in a cardboard box on which it is written: "Otirelaks".The instruction is attached to each unit of the medicine.

The cost of drops in various pharmacy kiosks

What is the price of the "Otirelaks"?The cost of the medicine depends on which pharmacy network you purchase it. Also, the region of your residence plays a significant role. In most pharmacies, the drug can be bought for 220-250 rubles. However, if you want, you can find the price below. Some pharmacy counters offer to buy a medicine at a cost of 180-200 rubles.

The drug "Otirelaks" is sold without a doctor's prescription, which means that it is available to every simple consumer.

otrelaks instruction

Indications for the use of the described preparation

When do doctors prescribe Otyrelax drops? The instruction indicates that the medication is prescribed for treatment and anesthesia for otitis of different etiology. So, the indications for prescribing are the following cases:

  • external ear inflammation;
  • otitis media of the middle ear( provided the integrity of the tympanic membrane is maintained);
  • barotraumatic inflammation.

Often the drug is prescribed in a complex therapy of ear diseases. However, it is well combined with other medicines. If drops are prescribed in the ears, it is worth taking a break of approximately thirty minutes between the administration of various drugs.

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Contraindications to use and side effects from it

About the "Otirelaks" instructions for use inform the following information. The drug is not prescribed for a damaged eardrum. In the manual this information is repeated several times in separate paragraphs. It is worth recalling that ignoring this fact can lead to severe pain and even to hearing loss. Medication is not prescribed if there is an increased sensitivity to the components of the medicine. Also, drops should not be used for allergies to pyrazolone derivatives. If there is an unusual unpleasant reaction during the use of the drug, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor.

Consumers say that the medicine is well tolerated. However, the instruction for use warns of the possibility of an allergic reaction, itching, a feeling of stuffiness in the ear. At instillation of a preparation unpleasant sensations and a small burning sensation can be marked. Usually, these symptoms take place within a few minutes and do not require the deletion of the appointment.

"Otirelaks": instruction for the use of drops

As you already know, this drug is injected directly into the ear canal. Before the beginning of manipulation it is worth several minutes to hold the medicine in a warm place. You can just warm it in the palms of your hands. Burying cold composition causes unpleasant reactions.

Children after three years of age and adults are injected 3-4 drops up to three times a day. If treatment is assigned to a newborn, the dose of the drug is reduced by half. The duration of the course is always determined by the doctor. It depends on the manifestation of symptoms and severity of the disease. However, the instructions for use do not recommend using the compound for more than ten consecutive days.

drops otrelaks instruction

Use of the described agent during pregnancy and during lactation

What does the instruction on the "Otirelaks" preparation say about this? The manufacturer informs that the medication is used exclusively locally. The active substance is not absorbed into the bloodstream, and therefore can not harm the baby.

However, doctors are inclined to the fact that when prescribing this drug, it is worth considering possible risks and positive effects. Do not use the drug in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there is an active formation of the fetus. If it is necessary to use during lactation it is necessary to solve the problem of temporary cessation of breastfeeding.

"Otirelaks": reviews of patients and doctors about

The opinions of consumers about this composition are positive. Patients report that the effect occurs a few minutes after the administration of the drug. Immediately relieve the pain, lumbago in the ear. After a while the inflammatory process is completely eliminated.

Doctors have different ways to this medicine. Some doctors actively prescribe it to eliminate the symptoms of otitis. Other experts say that the drug can only drown out unpleasant manifestations of the disease, but does not eliminate the cause. In such situations, additional means are required to eliminate otitis media.

otrelaks reviews

Instead of the conclusion of the article

Despite the fact that the preparation "Otirelaks" well anesthetizes the ear passage at otitis and has a lot of positive feedback, it can not be used alone. If you are confronted with a problem, you should first visit the otorhinolaryngologist and make sure the integrity of the tympanic membrane. During the consultation, the doctor will help you find the right tool for you. Take care of your ears and be healthy!