The drug "Vulnuzan"( ointment): what helps, instructions for use

Every person throughout life receives various injuries. Damage can be easy and heal very quickly. Other skin ruptures require appropriate therapy. To eliminate microbes and a purulent process, antibiotics, antiseptics and antimicrobial compounds are often prescribed. However, they are not enough. In some cases, you need drugs that help restore the integrity of the skin. These include the drug "Vulnuzan"( ointment).It is about this and this article will tell you. You will learn about the features of using the composition. Also find out what helps the described drug. It is worth saying a few words about the opinion of consumers about this drug.


Characteristics of the drug and its price

The drug "Vulnuzan" - ointment. The drug has a creamy substance and is intended solely for external use. The main active ingredient is the mother liquor of Pomorie Lake. One gram of the drug contains up to 120 milligrams of this compound.

As additional substances, the manufacturer indicates castor oil, wax, telose and lanolin. The medicine is produced in the amount of 45 grams. The ointment is packed in a tube, and then into a cardboard box. On each product the trade name is indicated - "Vulnuzan"( ointment).The price of the medicine is within 200 rubles. Depending on your place of residence and cheating pharmacy point, the cost of this medicine can vary in one direction or another. However, these deviations are insignificant.

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Indications for use

What helps the described composition? Instruction for use informs that the drug has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, regenerating and regenerating effect. Indications for the use of the drug are injuries and damage to the skin of a different nature and origin. If you study the instructions in detail, then as appointments can be said about the following cases:

  • purulent wounds of various types( injuries, surgical interventions, ulcers, pararectal abscesses and so on);
  • maceration of the skin of a medicamentous nature;
  • allergic reactions leading to the formation of focal purulent lesions;
  • gynecological pathologies( cervical and vaginal erosion);
  • cracked nipples during lactation;
  • ulcers of the lower extremities with varicose veins and so on.

The use of medication should be prescribed by a specialist after a thorough examination. Independent use of the drug is unacceptable, since it has its limitations.

Contraindications to the use of

"Vulnuzan"( ointment) should not be used if you have an increased sensitivity to its constituents. Also, there is no prescription in pediatrics if the child is under 12 years old. Despite the safety and naturalness of the composition, the drug did not pass clinical studies on children's groups.

The drug is not allowed to be applied to the skin and mucous membranes during pregnancy. If it is necessary to carry out therapy, it is worth choosing substitutes for the "Vulnuzan" ointment. Analogues of the drug, allowed during the period of bearing a child, have trade names "Bepanten", "Panthenol", "Dexpanthenol" and so on. Choose them together with a specialist.

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"Vulnuzan": instructions for use

As you already know, the use of the drug assumes only an external application. The method and dose are selected in accordance with the indications.

  • For a large area of ​​damage, the drug is used in a dose of 10-15 grams. The medicine is applied to the damaged area, after which it is covered with a sterile bandage. After improving the condition, the medication is used every other day.
  • In normal injuries, the drug is applied in a thin layer in a dose of 2-3 cm of ointment.
  • In gynecology, "Vulnuzan"( ointment) is used with tampons. The sterile cotton ball is soaked with medication, then it is injected into the vagina 1 time in the evening.
  • If you use ointment from nipple cracks, then apply the medication in small doses after each feeding of the baby. Before the next application, the composition must be washed off.

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The duration of therapy is determined in accordance with the patient's condition. Usually, treatment is prescribed for a period of several days to a month.

Adverse Reactions

Consumers say that "Vulnuzan" is an ointment that sometimes causes burning and pain after application. This reaction is considered quite normal. Especially often it occurs when treating deep wounds with a large surface.

Medication can in some cases cause allergic reactions. They are manifested by edema, rash, itching and other symptoms. In most situations, the allergic effect becomes the reason for the abolition of therapy. In this case, another drug is selected, which is similar in effect, but with a different composition.

Opinions of doctors about the preparation

Experts say that "Vulnuzan" is inexpensive and quite effective. The active substance( mother liquor) contains a lot of useful components and trace elements. This includes zinc and selenium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, bromine, manganese, iodine. Also there are essential alkalis and acids. It is thanks to such a rich list and there is an early recovery of damaged covers.

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Doctors report that to accelerate regeneration and rapid recovery, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes simultaneously with the drug. Particularly important vitamins A and C in this situation.

Customer feedback

Users say that the drug effectively helps restore skin and mucous membranes. Some patients report using a drug to treat oral ulcers. It was this recommendation that the dentist gave them. However, the instructions do not specify such indications. Therefore, you should not do this therapy yourself.

Despite the ban on the use of the drug during pregnancy, some women still use it. At the same time, they say that the medicine does not affect the health and development of the child.

The drug, according to users, can be used in cosmetology. Due to its composition, the "Vulnuzan" ointment effectively copes with various damages to the skin of the face. It is applied after cleansing the pores from acne, after surgery.

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You were able to get acquainted with the healing wound regenerating drug with the trade name "Vulnuzan".Instructions for use are presented to your attention. The remedy is universal and helps from many ailments of the skin. The composition can be applied even on mucous membranes. It has virtually no contraindications and side effects. However, this does not mean that you can use the medicine yourself and in unlimited quantities. The appointment of this medication should be done by a doctor. Often, the drug is combined with the use of antiseptic solutions( lotions, gels).They are applied to cleanse the wound and only then apply the ointment "Vulnuzan".More detailed information on the methods of using the drug should be checked with the doctor. Good luck!