Does smoking pressure increase or decrease in a person?

Does smoking increase or decrease blood pressure? The question is important, and the answer to it is recommended to know every person who takes a cigarette in his hands. Smoking pressure increases or decreases A lethal dose of nicotine is considered the smoking of about 94 cigarettes. Among vacationers of Nice somehow there was a competition for the maximum number of cigarettes that a person can smoke. The winner was promised an impressive cash prize. Two people won with a result of 60 cigarettes each. Unfortunately, they did not receive the award, because both died.

How Tobacco Was Considered Before

Nicotine addiction is the most common habit, regularly harming smokers and their surrounding people. In ancient times it was believed that tobacco has healing and analgesic properties, and inhaling smoke helps communicate with the gods. Smoking increases or lowers blood pressure Smoking was an important ritual in religious rituals, was considered an integral part of political and military negotiations. Deeply honoring tobacco, people have never thought about the question of smoking pressure increases or lowers.

Columbus America discovered. ..

Centuries later, when the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus discovered America, tobacco was widely spread all over the world. First it was tried by the inhabitants of Spain, then by the Portuguese and the rest of Europeans. Initially, smoking was perceived negatively: the Europeans, who were addicted to tobacco, were accused of being associated with the devil himself, in Chile, tobacco lovers threatened to be walled up, in England smokers were led with a loop around the city streets, thus exposing the general ridicule. In Turkey, the death penalty was imposed for the spread of tobacco and its smoking. In Russia, smokers tore their nostrils, arranged demonstrative flogging, sent to Siberia. The "green light" for smokers was lit in 1812 with the appearance of the first workshops that produced smoking tobacco.

Why does a person smoke?

Today smoking is a habit of a huge part of the inhabitants of the planet. Some smoke, because this process relaxes them, it gives pleasure. Others are thus distracted from anxiety and nervous tension. Still others smoke just for the company. In their opinion, it is easier to communicate and establish contacts, and if there is no topic for conversation, you can just silently smoke. For most of them, smoking has become an obligatory ritual, without which it is impossible to fall asleep, calm down or, conversely, cheer up. And it is unlikely that smokers, inhaling another portion of tobacco smoke, think about smoking increases or lowers blood pressure.

Cigarette relaxes?

In fact, a cigarette does not bring a person relaxation, does not relieve tension and fatigue. Does not help either to cheer up, or to concentrate. A person who smokes becomes dependent on nicotine, a psychotropic substance that acts deceptively in the first few minutes, causes a decrease in the activity of brain cells, the onset of a state of tranquility, some calm. Then there is a sharp jump in brain activity, the vessels shrink sharply, their elasticity decreases. Smoking pressure increases or decreases

This causes great harm to health and triggers negative, sometimes irreversible processes in the body. Some time later, there is a desire to repeat the already experienced moments of bliss and again cloud the mind with tobacco smoke. What happens at this time with the body? Does smoking increase or decrease the pressure in a person?

To answer this question, you need to understand what the blood pressure depends on. These are the three main components: the tone of the vessels, the volume of blood and its viscosity. You should also take into account the heart rate. Which of these factors affects nicotine? This alkaloid has a significant effect on the tone of the vessels: immediate( arising immediately after smoking a cigarette) and distant.

What happens to the pressure?

Because there are nicotine-releasing receptors throughout the bloodstream, immediately after smoking, vessels contract and, consequently, increase in pressure. Erroneous is the opinion that after smoking a cigarette the pressure is lowered. In fact, the short-term improvement in well-being after the nicotine dose is due to the formation of endorphins( hormones of joy) and other active elements as a positive response to satisfying obsessive desire. And yet smoking pressure raises or lowers? Smoking increases or lowers blood pressure

The tonus of blood vessels, in addition to nicotine, is significantly affected by additives found in cigarettes. Especially dangerous is menthol, dilating blood vessels. That is, when smoking an aromatic cigarette, the opposite effect occurs simultaneously( constriction and expansion of blood vessels), causing even greater damage to health.

Ahead hypertension?

Trying to understand the question of whether smoking pressure raises or lowers, we can conclude that it increases. Initially, this happens short-term, because the body quickly neutralizes the effect arising after smoking a cigarette by using reserve forces. But with every smoked pack the smoker is getting closer to the development of hypertensive disease, which is a key factor in strokes and heart attacks. Such states are considered a critical point, after which a lethal outcome is very likely.

Or atherosclerosis?

Smoking is one of the main causes of atherosclerosis( vascular disease, in which plaques form on their walls).Smoking increases or lowers the pressure in a person The more smoking experience, the stronger the vessels are deformed, the narrower the lumen of the bloodstream, the higher the arterial blood pressure. Doubts about whether smoking increases or lowers the pressure are unnecessary. The answer is obvious: it raises, and this carries a huge danger to human health.

Does smoking pressure increase or lower?

If smoking is combined with an incorrect lifestyle, there is a high probability of damage to the vessels feeding the myocardium - the muscle middle layer of the heart, which is the main part of its mass. As a consequence, ischemic heart disease develops, and in the future - a heart attack.

Does smoking increase or decrease the pressure? The inscriptions on the packets of cigarettes are shouting up, draft laws restricting advertising of tobacco products are introduced, the popularization of a healthy lifestyle is massively unfolding. smoking increases or decreases pressure

In vain, some smokers believe that if the disease is already present, then quitting smoking does not make sense.

The disease resulting from such a bad habit is proof of the detrimental effect on the body of nicotine, a signal of the need to revise the vital position and motivate oneself to one's own salvation.