Apisatron ointment: instructions, description, analogues, reviews

In what diseases is the most effective apizatron ointment? Instructions for use and indications of this drug will be presented in this article. Also, you will find out whether there are analogues for the mentioned remedy, what reviews about it patients leave, what properties are inherent in it. apizatron ointment

Description, packaging and composition of the

ointment. Apisatron ointment, the instruction of which is enclosed in a cardboard box, is a natural remedy, active ingredients of which are: allyl isothiocyanate, bee venom and methyl salicylate.

Also in the composition of this drug include the following additional elements: white petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, emulsified alcohol, water and cetostearyl alcohol.

In which packaging is the apizatron ointment produced? Instruction, patients' reviews report that this drug is convenient to use, effective, is produced in the form of a homogeneous thick mass of yellowish or white with a pronounced smell of methyl salicylate. It is sold in aluminum tubes, which are placed in colored cardboard packs. What is remarkable about apyzatron ointment? Instruction( photo of the drug presented in this article) reports that this is a natural combination drug. Its substances have miorelaksiruyuschee, vasodilator and local irritant effects. They have a pronounced analgesic effect and stimulate nerve endings.

After the application of the ointment, the lumen of the vessels is greatly expanded, thereby improving the flow of blood to the organs and tissues. This drug causes the disintegration of metabolic products, which are the main cause of the appearance of unpleasant sensations.

"Apisarthron" oxygenates the damaged tissues, contributing to their rapid recovery. apizatron ointment

Combination of all components of this drug causes flushing and redness of the skin, which subsequently has an anesthetic and warming action.

Apisatron ointment, the instruction of which will be described below, improves the elasticity of muscle tissue and reduces the tone of the connective. After applying to the skin, this drug begins to act after about 5-6 minutes.

Indications for the use of the ointment

Do you know about what is used apizatron ointment? The instruction( the description of this preparation was presented above) states that the said agent is good for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Especially often it is recommended to people with osteoarthritis and with rheumatic pathologies of soft tissues.

One can not help saying that the ointment under consideration effectively manifests itself in:

  • polyarthritis, arthralgia, neuralgia;
  • lumbago, periarthritis, sciatica;
  • chronic neuritis, myalgia, peripheral circulation disorders;
  • arthrosis, tendon damage, muscle tissue, ligaments;
  • sports sprains, bruises and injuries.

By the way, this medication is often used to warm up the muscles before physical exertion( for example, in sports).apizatron ointment manual reviews

Contraindications to the use of ointment

In what diseases is not prescribed an aphisatron ointment? Instructions( treatment with this remedy should only be carried out after consultation with the doctor) indicates some prohibitions. These include:

  • sepsis, pregnancy, oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis;
  • arthritis in the acute phase, renal failure;
  • tuberculosis, mental illness, cachexia;
  • malignant tumors, skin diseases;
  • infectious diseases, diabetes mellitus;
  • age is up to 12 years.

Apisatron Ointment: Instruction

Analogs of this drug, its cost will be presented at the end of the article.

How should I apply this ointment to treat certain diseases? In view of the fact that this drug has a long list of contraindications, it should be used only for the purpose of the treating doctor.

Apisatron ointment is intended for topical application. With a therapeutic purpose, a strip of the drug 5 cm long is squeezed out of the tube directly above the affected area. It is evenly applied to covers with a thickness of 1 millimeter, and then left for 5-7 minutes. In the process of such aging, the skin should noticeably blush, and the patient should feel pleasant warmth.

To increase the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug, it is intensively rubbed into the covers, and then covered with a cotton or any "breathing" tissue. apizatron ointment instructions photo

Applying apizatron ointment on the skin is recommended three times a day until all signs of the disease are completely eliminated.

The duration of the course of therapy is 8-10 days.

Side effects of

This medication rarely causes side effects. Sometimes, against the background of the use of ointment in patients, there are allergic manifestations at the site of the drug( skin rash, itching, urticaria).

If such reactions occur, the medicine is canceled.

Signs of an overdose of

When applying a large amount of ointment in patients, side reactions may be aggravated. The same applies to the use of the drug for a long time.

Pregnancy and lactation period

In pregnancy, apizatron ointment should not be used. If this medication was prescribed during breastfeeding, then lactation should be discontinued.

Compatibility of ointments with other medicines

The instructions do not contain any information about the drug interaction of this drug with other drugs. However, experts recommend adhering to the interval of 2 hours between applying an aphisatron ointment and other means for external use.

Also, before using this medication, tell your doctor about the use of other drugs. apizatron ointment

Recommendations for the use of medicament

Apisatron ointment can not be applied to damaged or irritated skin. It is also not recommended for use in the presence of skin diseases.

To avoid getting the product into the eyes after using it, you should thoroughly wash your hands.

This medication should not be used for a long time, especially for people with kidney failure. Also, it is forbidden to apply to large areas of the body.

May cause severe irritation if the ointment contacts the eyes, open wounds and mucous membranes. In this case, the affected organs should be washed immediately with warm water.

Analogues of the external agent and its cost

Apisatron ointment is sold in all pharmacies at a very reasonable price. Its average cost varies between 150 and 190 rubles( depends on the volume of the tuba).

If this drug is contraindicated for you, then doctors must replace it with a safer means. As it can serve as one of the following medications: "Apireven", "Ungapiven" or "Virapin".

Reviews of patients about the ointment

Apisatron ointment is an affordable and inexpensive drug, which is only left with positive reviews. Most people who use this medication report that they are very effective. apizatron ointment instruction description

Patients claim that the use of this ointment contributes to the elimination of all pain that is associated with the diseases and inflammatory processes that occur in the musculoskeletal system.

The combination of components such as allyl isothiocyanate, bee venom and methyl salicylate, gives the ointment good warming properties.