Dental Clinic "Intan": reviews

There are few people who have never had any problems with their teeth in their lives. Such lucky people are not interested in dental clinics at all, they do not care how they treat and how much they have to pay for it. Even if they get a stylish sign on their eyes, for example, "Dental Clinic" Intan ", reviews and opinions about the work of its specialists are unlikely to seem so relevant to such people. Quite different is the situation with those who are deprived of nature by strong white teeth. For citizens and women, to whom this is unlucky( and, unfortunately, the majority in the world), the question of a good dental clinic is not just interesting, it is vitally important. After all, healthy teeth - this is not only an enviable Hollywood smile, it is also the health of many body systems, calm nerves, good mood, financial success and even personal happiness. That's why, as soon as problems in the oral cavity become involved, we start among dozens of clinics, the number of which is increasing year by year, to search for the only one where we will be listened carefully, examined carefully, diagnosed correctly, and only professional help.

The main reference point in such searches is the opinion of acquaintances who prompt where they successfully treat their teeth. The second adviser is the Internet. Here you can find data about virtually all available in the city medical facilities. We offer you detailed information about a whole network of clinics called "Intan", reviews of those who visited them for treatment, and in addition, reviews about "Intan" by the dentists themselves. I want to note that clinics with this name are available in several cities of Russia. We will try to highlight the state of affairs in most of them. Intan reviews

The first clinic "Intan"

So it is enumerated that many of us when choosing a clinic pay attention to how long this or that of them exists in the market of the services it provides. If you focus only on this indicator, you can safely recommend the dental clinic "Intan".Reviews about it though not all enthusiastic, but the service life is impressive. Now this is a whole network. Its branches are in Krasnodar, in Novorossiysk, and in Moscow and in St. Petersburg there are about three dozen. And it all began with a dental clinic, in 1998, opened on Stachek Avenue, building No. 69a. This is in the Kirov district of St. Petersburg, a couple of minutes walk from the metro station "Avtovo".Landmark - a major intersection, where the prospectus Stacek crosses the road to Turuhtannymi islands. You can get here by land transport. Not far from the clinic there are minibuses K20, K424, K60, K404, K66, K306, K145, K300 and K195.

The first "Intan" clinic was created to provide citizens with a wide range of dental services, including diagnostics, therapeutic treatment, prosthetics and a not very common procedure for implantation of teeth. Now in St. Petersburg, this is one of the most popular clinics of the Intan network, whose reviews are mostly positive. Patients mark a wonderful design in the hall, where you can comfortably wait for the appointed time of visit to the doctor, the friendliness of the staff, the professionalism of the doctors. The chief doctor here is MA Vlasov, who has the specialty of a surgeon, implantologist and orthopedist. In a well-coordinated team of the clinic, dental therapists DR Nasser, EA Serenko, OD Savenkova, dentist-orthopedist Yu. V. Vokhmyanina, dentist-orthodontist Yu. A. Bochkareva, surgeon D. Khodokov,and the young doctor AA Averkova immediately four specialties - dentist, implantologist, surgeon and periodontist. The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment, and doctors work only with high-quality materials. It is about this clinic "Intan" that the reviews are very good. Here they are able to politely write down for an appointment, make an accurate diagnosis, put qualitatively implants, which will serve for a long time. It is also good here for children who, after visiting the clinic, stop being afraid of doctors.

"Intan": reviews. St. Petersburg, Ascension Avenue

There are a lot of branches of the Intan network in St. Petersburg. One of the last, namely in 2014, opened a new stylish design clinic on Voznesensky Avenue, building number 21.It is convenient to get to it by metro, since in just one hundred meters there are three stations at once: "Sennaya Ploshchad", "Spasskaya" and "Sadovaya"."Intan" in Voznesensky is equipped with the latest generation of equipment, for example, a dental cone-ray tomograph manufactured in the USA, drills and other mechanisms of the firm Sirona( Germany).The chief doctor here is AR Moshir, who has extensive experience in dentistry. This branch operates without days off and without holidays, which can become very important, if suddenly the tooth gets sick suddenly at the most inopportune moment. Intan Dentistry reviews

The spectrum of services in the clinic at Voznesensky is as wide as in other branches of the Intan network. Dentistry reviews of visitors are of positive nature for the following advantages:

- tactfulness and courtesy of reception staff( here, without objections, write down at a convenient time for clients);

- modern diagnostics( it is possible to make an x-ray, a survey of the jaw, computed tomography and a teleradiogram);

- high-quality cleaning and whitening of teeth;

- professional implantation.

The drawbacks in the work of this branch, can be considered, depend on the human factor. The patients note that the reception may start after 15-20 minutes after the appointed time, and also that some doctors suggest making additional, possibly inappropriate, studies for which you have to pay.

"Intan": reviews. SPb, Prospekt Rossiyskiy

The branch located on Prospekt Rossiyskiy, building No. 8, is also very popular with residents of St. Petersburg. You can get there by overland transport( minibus numbers K57, K401, K102, K239, K122, K164, K153, K163 and K161), as well as by metro. Exit at the station "Prospekt Bolshevikov" and go to the side of the Ice Palace and the street of the Latvian shooters for 7 minutes. This Intan clinic also works seven days a week. As promised promotional brochures, here each client is provided with an individual approach. In this case, patients themselves have the right to choose their own doctor. In the clinic "Intan" in Russia render such services:

- restoration of tooth enamel;

- caries treatment with canal filling;

- therapeutic treatment of periodontitis, pulpitis, gingivitis;

- installation of brackets;

- teeth whitening;

- removal of tartar;

- manufacturing and installation of crowns and bridges;

- implantation;

- tooth extraction;

- children's dentistry. Intan reviews SPB

The prices for all types of services are the same as in other branches of the Intan network. Dentistry reviews are mostly positive. Especially often you can find words of gratitude to Hasanov Hamid Gasanovich, the head physician, who has the classification of a dentist, implantologist and surgeon. Annually, he successfully conducts more than 500 surgical operations for the installation of implants. But about this clinic, unfortunately, there are also negative reviews. They deal mainly with the work of the children's dentist. Parents note the following shortcomings:

- nelaskovoe, we can say, a rough attitude to small patients;

- unprofessionalism;

- inability to correctly diagnose;

- poor-quality treatment.

"Intan" in Bucharest

In the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg, a new clinic "Intan" has just opened. Reviews about her work are ambiguous. There are people who like everything here, but there are those who have a bad trip to the doctors. This branch is located on the intersection of Slava Prospect and Bucharest Street, Building No. 96, opposite the Internationalist Park. There is no metro in the immediate vicinity of the clinic, you can only approach by road. From the metro station "Moskovskaya" there is a bus № 114, from the metro station "Lomonosovskaya" there are buses №№ 11 and 56, from the metro station "International" you can get on trams №№ 25, 49, 43 and 45. The head doctor of the clinic A.D. Anisenkov has the specialty of dentist and orthopedist. The services that are provided here are as follows:

- initial consultation;

- diagnostics( X-ray, computed tomography, volumetric images);

- orthodontics;

- treatment of teeth for children and pregnant women;

- prosthetics;

- implantation;

- professional cleaning;

- whitening;

- dental therapeutic procedures.

On the work of the Intang branch in Bucharest, the reviews are good and bad.

Dignities marked by people:

- an excellent diagnostic base;

- quality materials;

- excellent modern technology;

- friendly staff;

- quality treatment.

Notable deficiencies:

- too many unnecessary examinations;

- poorly perform procedures for cleaning tartar and whitening;

- the final amount for treatment can be unpredictably higher than the one called for consultation.

clinic intan reviews

Dentistry in Bogatyrsky

This Intensive clinic receives contradictory reviews. SPb, Bogatyrsky Avenue, building No. 51, building 1 - its exact address. It is convenient to get here by ground transport, since there are no nearby metro stations. You can get to the metro station "Pionerskaya", and then transfer to buses Nos. 170 or 172, as well as minibus №№ K229, K94 or K279.If you follow from the metro station "Staraya derevnya", you need to transfer to minibus No. 166 or buses Nos. 166 or 154. Well, if it is more convenient to get to the station "Komendantsky Prospect", you will need to take buses Nos. 122 or 172.Also from this station near the clinic stop of minibus №№ K94, K279 or K134.

This clinic employs experienced dentists with a long record of work. Therefore, many St. Petersburg residents use the services of the Intan clinic in Bogatyrsky. Reviews about the work of doctors are different. Notable advantages:

- cozy atmosphere in the clinic;

- you can make an appointment at a convenient time;

- many doctors are true professionals in their field.

Negative responses about this medical establishment note the following shortcomings:

- it happens, it is necessary to wait until half an hour, when they will call in the office, although the time for recording has long since passed;

- some doctors impose surplus paid surveys;

- the amount for the treatment is ultimately much higher than that stipulated in advance.

Stomatology in the Curfew

It is also quite popular clinic "Intan" in St. Petersburg. Reviews about the work of her doctors are not bad. Here there is a well-coordinated team of doctors, and equipment is one of the best in the city. Patients who come to the primary consultation here are offered an examination on the orthopantomograph apparatus. With the help of advanced diagnostic methods that are practiced in this clinic, doctors can identify patients in the earliest stages of the disease, which greatly improves the results of treatment and helps maintain healthy teeth. In addition to services for adult patients, teeth for children of any age are treated here. All interested persons can approach the clinic by car. In the yard there is a convenient parking. On public transport, you have to transfer with transplants. Having reached the metro station "Pionerskaya", you need to take a trolleybus №50, buses №№ 127, 171 or 79 or on minibus №№ K91, K168.From the metro station "Staraya derevnya" to the clinic you need to go by tram No. 18, trolley bus No. 23 or by minibus №№371 or 23. If you follow from the metro station "Komendantsky Prospekt", you need to change trolleybuses №№ 50, 2 or 23,on buses Nos. 182, 127 or 171, as well as you can reach the clinic on the minibus №№ K23, K168, K91 or K91A.

Intan on Bucharest Reviews

As in other branches of the network, often held shares in the clinic "Intan" in the Commandant. Reviews about them are ambiguous. One patient likes that there is an opportunity to perform this or that procedure much cheaper than its price list. For example, according to the action, you can remove dental stones for only 1999 rubles, and put two implants at the price of one. But some patients also note a number of disadvantages of dental treatment for the shares:

- professional teeth cleaning is too fast;

- gum injuries are observed;

- superfluous researches which cost is not included in the amount stipulated in advance are appointed;

- the final price of the procedure can be much higher than the promotional price.

Reviews on procedures conducted in the Intan clinics

In St. Petersburg there are several more dental clinics of this network. Many townspeople are well known clinics "Intan" on Pushkarskaya, on Bolshoy Prospekt, on Mira Street, "Intan" in Warsaw. Reviews about the network as a whole are approximately the same. Everywhere there are doctors who try very hard to get the patient to receive treatment only at the highest professional level, everywhere there are personnel who try to make a visit to the clinic not only effective but also comfortable for every client.

In the network's clinics are held not only short-term( lasting month) shares, but also permanent. So, in "Intan" on the street of the World and some others there are special "happy hours" in which all therapeutic procedures are cheaper by 7%.Now all branches offer a wide range of dental services, but this network was conceived and created with an orientation mainly on implantation. Such a complicated procedure is performed by surgeon-implantologists at each Intan clinic. Reviews implantation prompts to write different, depending on how the preparatory stages of the operation, the process of implant implantation and the recovery period are carried out. Turning to one or another branch to obtain a service, you need to understand that each person has this surgical procedure is different and does not always depend on the quality of the operation performed. There are cases when the patient's body rejects foreign objects or responds to their introduction into the bone by inflammatory processes.

Intan on Bogatyrsky reviews

In positive responses, people write that the operation itself, carried out in the clinics "Intan", and the rehabilitation period were successful. In negative reviews, the following are noted:

- too high prices for the procedure( up to 100,000 rubles);

is a long and painful recovery period;

- non-survival of implants;

- imposition by the employees of the clinic to perform implantation of teeth, which can still be cured conservatively.

For many people, especially young people, it is more urgent not to implant, but to correct bite defects. With this purpose, for a long time and quite successfully install in the clinics "Intan" braces. Feedback about this procedure is almost all positive. The work is done quickly and efficiently.

"Intan" in other cities of Russia

Starting its operations in St. Petersburg, Intan network has gradually grown. Now its branches are in Moscow( 18 offices in different districts of the capital), while in Novorossiysk there is only one clinic on Lenin Avenue, building No. 9B.There are suggestions that stomatology "Intan" will create its branches in other large cities of Russia. For example, for a long time already has in its infrastructure dental offices "Intan" Krasnodar. Unfortunately, the feedback on the work of the two clinics available there is not entirely favorable. One of them is in the Prikubansky District on the street of 70 years of October, building No. 15, and the second - along Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya Street, building No. 46/11.In both branches, they perform all types of dental services that are currently practiced. Among them:

- diagnostics;

- treatment of caries, periodontitis, pulpitis;

- removal;

- tooth cleaning;

- whitening;

- prosthetics;

- implantation.

The advantages noted by the patients in the work of both clinics:

- the possibility to register in advance at any time;

- excellent work of many doctors( LR Kim, KA Koseeko, EG Fedorova and others);

- a pleasant atmosphere in the clinics, which offers a quiet, comfortable procedure.

Notable disadvantages:

- insufficient sanitation in clinics;

- when receiving promotional procedures, the final amounts are much higher than promised;

- the imposition of unnecessary expensive examinations.

reviews work Intan

Network "Intan" through the eyes of


We carried out a detailed analysis of the work of the clinics, based on the opinion of the patients addressed there. We also offer you to get acquainted with the opinion of people working in the Intan network. The feedback of employees to some extent can be called subjective, depending on the position held in the clinic, the length of service, the communicability of each respondent. If the doctor is a high-class professional with extensive experience, he enjoys undisputable respect, with his opinion other employees are considered. If a person came to work at Intan immediately after graduation and has not yet shown himself, of course, no one trusts him with complex operations. Anyone who wants to learn and improve, takes this approach for granted. Ambitious young professionals believe that they are not allowed to grow in the clinics "Intan", infringe on and so on. But there are some points of activity in the branches of this dental network of medical institutions, which are noted by very many employees. They highlight the following shortcomings:

- high staff turnover, which indicates the lack of interest of the company in a stable and cohesive workforce;

- a high system of penalties( they are charged for every detail, but despite this, negative feedback from customers so far exists);

- minimum rates held on financial documents;

- part of the salary is issued in envelopes.

The noted advantages of work in the company:

- there are conditions for professional growth;

- employment possible without work experience( for some positions);

is a pleasant team.


After carefully studying all the reviews, the work of "Intan" can safely put 3.2 points out of 5 possible. On average, this is the rating among dental clinics in Russia that this company occupies. In such large cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg, many patients are very satisfied with the activities of the Intan clinics and note that experienced doctors work here, who provide all the dental services of only high quality. These include:

- therapeutic treatment;

- accurate diagnosis;

- prosthetics;

- implantation;

- whitening;

- children's dentistry.

Special emphasis is placed on the fact that various actions are often arranged to receive medical assistance.

Also, respondents note that even in the capital clinics "Intan" you can meet unscrupulous doctors, for whom the result is not important, but the cash equivalent of paying their labor.

In general, there are such shortcomings:

- with quite democratic prices for services marked in the price lists of the clinics, you have to pay much more;

- not all doctors are attentive and correct;

- it is not always possible to obtain the desired quality treatment.

It's nice that in many branches actively work with negative feedback and try to eliminate the shortcomings.