Shampoo "Etreex": instructions for use, indications

The psoriasis of the scalp is a non-infectious disease. Pathology does not threaten a person's life, but seriously spoils the appearance of a person. That is why the disease often becomes the source of a variety of complexes. Psoriasis is characterized by a protracted recurrent nature. During an exacerbation the patient experiences the strongest itch, on a head there are red shelled maculae. For the treatment of psoriasis, shampoo "Etreex" is often recommended. Instructions for using the tool allows you to familiarize yourself with it.

shampoo etreex instruction

Brief description

The "Etreex" shampoo instruction is positioned as a glucocorticosteroid intended for external use.

It has several beneficial effects on the body:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antiexudative,
  • antiproliferative,
  • antiallergic,
  • antipruritic.

Shampoo is recommended for the treatment of patients suffering from psoriasis of the scalp.

By acting on pathology, the agent has such effects:

  • reduces inflammatory exudation;
  • reduces the production of lymphokines;
  • protects against neutrophil edge accumulation;
  • inhibits the movement of macrophages;
  • reduces the infiltration process;
  • reduces the intensity of granulation.

Shampoo manufacturer - France, Lab "Galderma".

clobetasol propionate


The main substance of the drug is clobetasol propionate. It is this component that provides the necessary therapeutic effect of shampoo on the human body.

According to the instructions, the product contains the following components: clobetasol propionate

  • ;
  • cocobetaine;
  • ethanol( 96%);
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • sodium citrate;
  • polyquaternium;
  • monohydrate of citric acid;
  • purified water.

Indications for use

Shampoo is prescribed for:

  • psoriasis of the scalp;
  • red lichen planus;
  • eczema;
  • discoid lupus erythematosus;
  • skin diseases that are resistant to other GCS.

shampoo for psoriasis on the head

The product provides prevention of relapse of the disease and provides supportive therapy. A drug is used to combat psoriasis in adult patients. The drug is not used to treat children. Shampoo "Etreex" instruction does not recommend the use for the treatment of patients younger than 18 years of age.

How to use

Now consider how to use shampoo for psoriasis of the scalp. The main course of therapy involves the daily use of this drug. In this case, shampoo is applied exclusively to the scalp.

For effective treatment, adhere to these recommendations:

  1. Apply daily shampoo "Etreex" to the affected areas of the head. The surface of the skin should be dry. Thoroughly rub the shampoo into the dermis. For one treatment of the entire surface of the head, 0.5 st.l.facilities. This is about 7.5 ml. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Now leave the shampoo from psoriasis on the head for about 15 minutes. At the same time, the hair surface should not be wrapped. After this time, wash your head well under running water.
  3. It is then recommended to use a normal shampoo. Wash your hair thoroughly. Then dry them in the usual way.

Duration of therapy - until complete cure. However, the course can not exceed more than 4 weeks. If after this period you do not observe any improvement in your health, then you should not continue using shampoo. It is necessary to consult a competent doctor for additional diagnosis.

shampoo for psoriasis of the scalp

In addition, consider these tips, which contains a summary of the drug:

  1. If you use shampoo from psoriasis on the head as maintenance therapy, it is recommended to wash your hair with Etryvex twice a week.
  2. After a 4-week main course, the patient may have a small number of psoriatic scales. Such people need to apply shampoo 2 times a week to completely eliminate the unpleasant effect and protect themselves from the risk of relapse. Such prevention should continue for six months.
  3. If necessary, repeated courses of therapy, involving the daily use of shampoo, may be performed. However, such treatment is possible only after consultation with the doctor and under his supervision.


You should not prescribe yourself a shampoo. Do not forget that, like any medication, it has some contraindications. Therefore, before resorting to therapy, be sure to examine the pathology in which it can cause serious harm.

So, shampoo is contraindicated for people suffering from:

  • fungal, bacterial or viral skin lesions( simple herpes, chicken pox, skin tuberculosis, actinomycosis);
  • with acne vulgaris;
  • with skin oncology;
  • with acne;
  • by perioral dermatitis;
  • nodal pruritus of Gaida;
  • by perianal and genital itching;
  • with diaper rash;
  • skin manifestations of syphilis;
  • is a common pustular, plaqueous psoriasis.

etreex price

In addition, the tool is not allowed to use:

  • for children;
  • to pregnant women;
  • individuals with increased sensitivity to the active component( clobetasol);
  • nursing mothers. The side effects of

    Shampoo can become a source of quite negative reactions. Therefore, if you are first resorting to treatment with this remedy, be very attentive to your well-being. If there are side effects that indicate intolerance to the drug, be sure to discontinue therapy.

    So, what negative reactions does the patient have to cause "Etreex" shampoo? The instruction indicates the following reactions:

    1. Skin. Quite often people indicate the occurrence of acne, folliculitis. Much less often patients complain of the appearance of urticaria, skin atrophy, telangiectasia. Some reviews indicate an unpleasant itch and local irritation.
    2. Vision organs. Often during therapy, people are faced with the fact that there is a burning sensation in the eyes.

    Cost of shampoo

    How much does this effective product cost the consumer? Unfortunately, it is impossible to attribute shampoo "Etreex" to cheap preparations. The price of the product( a bottle of 60 ml) on average varies between 837-930 rubles.

    galderma laboratory

    If desired, of course, you can pick up analogs. However, having studied numerous reviews of patients, it is safe to say that the drug "Etreex" is very popular, because it provides excellent treatment. According to satisfied consumers, it effectively eliminates the problem and protects against relapse. That is why many people prefer the shampoo "Etreex".