Sanatorium "Actor"( Sochi): photos and reviews

The resort city of Sochi has long won the love and recognition of people from different regions of the earth. Also received the name of the southern capital of Russia. So historically, the resort is one of the best, where a full-fledged holiday, high-quality balneotherapy and an abundance of cognitive excursions are harmoniously combined. And today Sochi is still an Olympic capital with a worldwide reputation.

Every tourist who visits the city can touch his heritage, feel the powerful energy of this region. Thanks to the Olympic Games in 2014, the resort was radically transformed, on the territory there were reconstructions in accordance with international quality standards. From Tuapse to the Adler district there were opened boarding houses, hotels and hotel complexes, which were officially awarded to the stars.

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Most recreational facilities( dispensaries, health resorts) outperform foreign counterparts in terms of service level. And those on the Black Sea coast are more than enough, for example, the three-star "Akter" sanatorium. The most popular medical boarding house, erected in 1971.It operates year-round and offers an extensive range of entertainment and medical services, including for children from 5 years of age.

Detailed description

"Actor" is a 3 star health resort where famous personalities of the national cinema have visited. Irina Miroshnichenko, Oleg Yefremov, Kirill Lavrov and many other outstanding actors of our country often visited here. Today, the health resort is a modern 16-storey building, completely renovated in 2014.

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Attractive medical resort is the location of the relatively rich infrastructure of the city: a 7-minute ride is the railway station, half an hour - the airport. In 40-45 minutes by car - Olympic Park. In walking distance are the following objects: Arboretum, Circus, Riviera, embankment, Maritime station, shopping malls and other.

On the comfortable bus of the health resort guests are delivered to the Balneological hospital. As for the territory itself, it occupies 5.3 hectares. Nature generously endowed the area with exotic plants of incredible beauty. Tourists will be able to personally see the subtropical trees: palm trees, Canary dates, dracenu. The incredible combination of the water surface and evergreen plantations creates a magnificent image that pleases the eye pleasantly and sets the southern color.

The variety of plants enriches air with negative ions, iodine and bromine. The presence of chemical compounds in the atmosphere has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. In the health resort you have the opportunity to combine a pleasant holiday with complex therapy. If you decide to stop in this corner of paradise, then make an advance reservation of the number you like.

For these purposes has the official website of the sanatorium "Actor"( Sochi).Telephone for communication with the administration on the hotline 8-800-550-97-07 - the call is free for residents of the Russian Federation. In the presence of other numbers: the code of the city 862-241-84-22, 241-84-25.

Accommodation options

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Until recently, the "Akter" sanatorium had 320 rooms, but after reconstruction the number of rooms was reduced to 191. All rooms have spacious loggias with a panorama of the mountain hills( from the upper floors), the azure Black Sea and local neighborhoods. The price policy is different depending on the chosen category of accommodation. There are four elevators in the building.

The rooms are decorated in a pleasant light brown color scheme, equipped with necessary household equipment and appliances: refrigerator, TV, kettle, set of dishes. In the superior rooms there is an air-conditioner. All rooms have a restroom( bath / WC).Daily guests are waited wet cleaning. The bed is changed 2-3 times a week.

Food concept

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ZAO sanatorium "Actor" responsibly approaches the development of the menu for holidaymakers. There are three meals a day for a European buffet in the dining room, divided into two rooms. In winter there is a customized menu. The cuisine is mostly national and European.

Dishes do not repeat, they are notable for a wide choice. The assortment consists of several kinds of salads, meat and fish delicacies, garnishes. Also on the tables are always cold snacks, bakery and confectionery, soft drinks, seasonal vegetables and fruits.

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There is a diet and special diets on the recommendation of a doctor( a separate table).The building has a café and a restaurant with rich Caucasian cuisine. In the bar you can taste alcoholic drinks of both local and foreign production.

coastline Arriving at the "Actor" sanatorium, you will be pleasantly surprised by the proximity of the beach that belongs to the health resort. The entire coastline is under protection, so do not worry about safety. Distance to the sea is only 50 meters, the descent is carried out by the elevator. The coast is well-groomed, strewn with small pebbles. The swimming season begins in May and ends in October.


The cost of the tour includes beach equipment( sun beds, umbrellas).In free use shower cabins, toilet. On the coast there is a cafe, an aerosolarium, a rental point for the issuance of boats, ATVs, catamarans, boats, inflatable mattresses. If desired, guests can visit the tea house and try out different varieties of this wonderful drink.

Leisure activities for adults


The health resort offers excellent conditions for recreation. There is no need to travel outside the territory, as everything interesting you will find inside the hotel. For the guests built an indoor swimming pool, filled with real sea water, it functions only in the autumn-winter period.

Sanatorium "Actor" organizes daily dance evenings with competitions, jokes, competitions for different age categories. Also, there are thematic events, where the atmosphere of a holiday and continuous fun reigns. For sports people - a gym, badminton playgrounds, basketball. There are tennis courts, a library and a sauna.

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Travelers coming on business will be able to combine rest with working moments. A large( for 310 people) and a small( for 70 people) conference rooms are rented out. The premises are equipped with modern equipment and appliances.

Children's entertainment

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We are glad here and young tourists. There is a game room under the supervision of a teacher, where the children are engaged in creativity. A professional group of animators is working for children. An outdoor playground is located in the protected area. In their spare time, children can watch cartoons in the cinema hall, participate in competitions and sing songs in karaoke.

Therapeutic base

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"Actor" - a 3-star resort - fully justifies its category. The health resort specializes in the therapy of cardiac, nervous, respiratory, gynecological pathologies. Treatment of patients with dermatological and locomotor disorders is under way. People are accepted for rehabilitation and rehabilitation therapy. Methods of treatment include the provision of balneotherapy.

Individually appointed ultrasound inhalation, physiotherapy, massage, spinal traction under water. Special programs are being developed aimed at losing weight and removing psychoemotional stress. For additional payment, you can order a Charcot shower, cedar barrel, wrap, oxygen cocktail, peeling, face cleaning.


Tourists were delighted with the rest in this dispensary. People liked a balanced diet, special praise was given to meat delicacies and fresh pastries. Pleasantly pleased with cultural and entertainment activities and, of course, the beach line.

Positive exclamations sounded in the direction of caring and courteous staff. High praise deserves a diagnostic and treatment base. A similar range of services is offered by the sanatorium "Actor-Ples"( positive feedback), which is located in the Ivanovo region on the Volga River. After the course therapy, patients felt much better and healthier.

Regularly provides discounts and promotions to the sanatorium "Actor"."Open South" is a program that allows you to rest and be treated at a reduced cost. Believe me, the resort will leave in memory an indelible impression and vivid emotions.