The analogue of "Grippferon" is cheap and effective. Preparations for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza

In the season of epidemics and colds, almost every person has a question about how to protect themselves from the disease. Currently, manufacturers of drugs produce a variety of drugs that help boost immune defenses. One such is the "Grippferon".The price of this medication is quite high. For one bottle of drops with a capacity of 10 milliliters, you need to give about 400 rubles. Then, as a spray, it costs almost 500. Practically every patient has a counter-question: "Is there an analog of" Grippferon "cheap?"This is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

analogue of influenza cheap

What is this preparation?

"Grippferon"( spray and drops in the nose) is a medicine that helps to carry out regular preventive maintenance of viral diseases. It is also often used as a medicine to treat already acquired pathology. The composition of the drug includes human recombinant interferon. Its amount is 10,000 IU in every milliliter of the drug.

Medication "Grippferon", the price of which you already know, helps to increase your own immunity. As a result, a person can cope with the disease on his own and in a short time. The drug is injected into the nose by instillation or by spraying. After this, the finest film is formed on the mucous surface. It does not allow you to join new viruses, and also blocks the actions of existing ones.

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What can replace the composition of

Find an analog "Grippferona" cheap is not difficult. Substitutes can be absolute or relative. The first type of funds include drugs with the same composition. The second group is represented by medicines with other active substances, but with a similar effect. Also, there are funds that are recognized as analogs of the original drug, but they have a completely different form.

Absolute substitute for the preparation is a powder for the preparation of the solution "Leukocyte Interferon".The drug has the same composition and a similar application. Before using it, dilute the powder in clean water or saline solution. The cost of the drug is about 200 rubles for 10 ampoules with a volume of 2 milliliters.

influorphon for children

Relative Substitutes( Nasal Administration)

Many of the starting agents prefer the drug Derinat( drops in the nose).In this medicine, the active substance is sodium deoxyribonucleate. As a result of its use, active production of its own interferon begins. Medication "Derinat"( drops in the nose) costs about 350 rubles. The volume of the bubble with the drug is 10 milliliters.

Another substitute for "Grippferon" is the Irs 19 tool. It consists of bacterial lysates. Use of the drug leads to an increase in immunity and general strengthening of the body. This medication is available as a spray. The volume of the package is 20 milliliters. The cost of this drug is in the range of 450-500 rubles. Analogues in another form

Analog "Grippferon"( cheap) can take the form of tablets. These substitutes have the same composition as the original product. However, the form of release is different. The list of such analogs includes "Ergoferon" and "Anaferon".They contain antibodies to human gamma interferon. After taking the pills, they begin to act inside the body. This is the difference, because "Grippferon" directly affects the nasal mucosa. Tablets are often used to treat existing ailments, while drops in the nose are excellent for prevention. The drugs described have a cost of 250 to 350 rubles. The number of tablets in the package is 20.

Another analogue of the original remedy can be called rectal suppositories. These are compositions with trade names "Viferon", "Genferon", "Kipferon" and so on. All of them are aimed at increasing the production of interferon, increasing the body's resistance and providing an antiviral response. The cost of candles "Viferon" and "Genferon" is about 250 rubles. The drug "Kipferon" has a high dosage of interferon and costs about 700 rubles.

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Nasal Ointment

The preparation "Grippferon"( for children and adults) is also available as an ointment. This agent is intended for topical use by applying directly to the nasal mucosa. This type of medication is rarely prescribed for the treatment of pathology, it is rather intended for its prevention. The cost of the "Grippferon" ointment is 200 rubles. Its analogue "Viferon" will cost about 120 rubles.

If you ask yourself which product is more effective: "Grippferon" or "Viferon", then one can unequivocally find many arguments in favor of the latter. It contains more interferon, which means that the medicine is stronger. Also, its cost is about half as low.

Tablets with a different composition

"Grippferon"( for children) is a safe immunomodulator, which is not addictive. It can be used to prevent and treat colds, viral diseases. Substitutes for this drug include such drugs as "Isoprinosine", "Likopid" and "Groprinosin".

They also work on immunity and fight against viruses. It is worth saying that these are more serious drugs. They are not allowed for admission for children under three years old. However, there is an exception to any rule. Such medications cost about 500 rubles for 20 capsules. The scheme of their use is not the same as that of drugs containing interferon. That is why you should carefully study the instructions before using this or another drug.

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Means for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infection and influenza

Both the described original preparation and the analogue of "Grippferon" are cheap, should be used only according to the doctor's prescription. Most drug substitutes are suitable even for infants. Also some formulations are allowed for future mothers and women during breastfeeding.

There is a misconception that drugs for the prevention of influenza and SARS are addictive. Many patients are simply afraid to use them. People think that after such a course immunity will become very weak and it will be necessary to regularly use the described drugs. This is not true. If you have any questions about the use of this or that remedy, be sure to consult your doctor for advice.


You have learned about the drugs that help increase the body's immune defenses. Despite their safety, you should consult a doctor before using. Only the medic can correctly pick up to you a dose and tell about a way of reception of a medicine. Always consider the contraindications that describe the instructions for use. Strong to you health!