City Clinical Hospital Yudina SS- description, features and reviews

Yudina SS Hospitalis designed for 1174 hospital beds in different departments. It consists of two polyclinics, 15 women's consultations and a large perinatal center.

The clinic has a good technical content and excellent specialists with sufficient experience.

Where is and how the

operates The legal address of the Yudin Hospital: Kolomna Passage, 4. The departments of this clinic are in different areas:

  1. Polyclinic № 1 - ul. Academician Millionshchikov, 1.
  2. Polyclinic № 2 - Kashirsky proezd, 1/1.
  3. Women's consultation - st. Leninskaya Sloboda, 5/1.
  4. The territory of M1 - st. Akademika Millionshchikova, 1.
  5. Territory K4 - Kolomna Passage, 4.
  6. Perinatal Center and Short-Term Hospital - Kolomensky Proezd, 4/2.
  7. Children's boxed building - Kolomensky travel, 4/13.

24-hour assistance is provided in all in-patient departments. In polyclinics and women's clinics, the schedule of admission is as follows: weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00, and on weekends, institutions are on duty.

Diagnostic Center

Clinical and laboratory department works around the clock. Here, various studies are being done for all departments of the 24-hour hospital at Yudina SS Hospital.

The laboratory has a pneumatic mail system. Thus, if necessary, studies of analyzes for any departments, even those that are not in the main building, are urgently performed.

Here are installed modern automatic analyzers, which in a short time perform the necessary diagnostics. The laboratory conducts research of various types:

  • clinical;
  • immunological;
  • bacterial;
  • coagulating;
  • acid-base state and blood gases;
  • hematologic, etc.

The clinic carries out analyzes for oncomarkers. Thus, it is possible at an early stage to identify cancerous growths.

Yudina Hospital

The department of ultrasound research is equipped with expert class equipment. That is responsible for a high level of diagnostic quality. With the help of this method, it is possible to determine the cause of the patient's poor health within 20 minutes, as well as to promote the process of recovery after trauma or surgical intervention.

Other types of research

In the city hospital of Yudina there is a department of functional diagnostics. Here you can conduct the following studies:

  • electrocardiogram;
  • daily monitoring of heart rhythm and pressure;
  • veloergometry;
  • electroencephalogram;
  • spirography, etc.

All diagnostics are carried out on modern equipment with the help of experienced specialists who are engaged in the preparation of students from medical universities in the departments at the clinic.

In the endoscopic compartment, the material is taken for histological examination. And also diagnoses bronchopulmonary system with the help of endoscopes.

In the hospital named after Yudin SS.there is a radiology department. New devices are installed here, which give out the minimum amount of radiation.

Therapeutic service and hemodialysis department

In the Clinical Hospital named after Yudin SS.patients with different diagnoses are treated. Two therapeutic departments have 120 places for patients in a 24-hour hospital.

Yudin Hospital

Here patients with pathologies of different systems are treated:

  • cardiovascular;
  • genitourinary;
  • respiratory;
  • musculoskeletal;
  • endocrine.

Each department has 10 beds for patients with kidney disease. The clinic also has a hemodialysis center. It carries out purification of blood to patients with the help of automatic devices. In such patients, their own kidneys practically do not work and, in order not to die from toxic poisoning of the body, they are forced to regularly undergo this procedure.

Neurological and cardiological departments of

In the hospital Yudina SS.158 places for treatment of people with CNS diseases are equipped. There are three neurological departments. They provide assistance to patients with various disorders of the nervous system:

  • pain in the neck and back;
  • problems with cerebral vessels;
  • epilepsy of varying severity;
  • tics;
  • strokes;
  • neurasthenia, etc.

Several highly specialized specialists work in coordination here. Their actions are aimed at complete recovery of patients after suffering strokes, paralysis, edema of the brain. Here one of the resuscitation departments is functioning, where first aid to severe patients is provided in a timely manner.

city ​​hospital Yudina

Specialists of different profiles work 24 hours a day in cardiology departments. It helps patients with heart attacks, rhythm disorders, congenital pathologies.

Patients undergo rehabilitation after surgery at the heart. Patients are under the supervision of specialists throughout the day and, if necessary, can be transferred in a matter of minutes to the intensive care unit.

Regional vascular center and surgical departments

In the City Hospital named after Yudin SS.operations are performed on different organs. There is a department for surgical assistance to patients after receiving injuries of varying severity.

It also helps patients with any abnormalities in the digestive tract, which require prompt intervention. The clinic employs experienced cardio and neurosurgeons. They masterly carry out operations on the heart and brain.

In the hospital, surgical interventions are performed on the genitourinary system, and neoplasms are removed, and the foot is reconstructed.

city ​​hospital named after Yudin

Rehabilitation specialists work in the Regional Vascular Center, which help to improve the quality of life of patients who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, injuries.

In the hospital, endovascular intervention is performed on arteries, vessels, bleeding stops. Here, successfully treated varicose of varying severity.

Yudin Hospital: reviews

Many reviews can be found on the Internet about this hospital. Approximately half of them are positive, and the other is negative. Of the good moments, it can be noted the professionalism of most therapists and gynecologists.

reviews about hospital Yudina

There are many thanks from patients about their work. Relatively to the surgeons the situation is two-fold and the responses are different. Some are satisfied with the operations performed, while others indicate complications after them.

A lot of negativity comes to the address of the reception dorm. Patients claim that patients admitted to the ambulance service are served slowly and the department can be reached after only a few hours, even if severe pain or other dangerous symptoms are present.

Yudin Hospital in Moscow

Often there are comments about the poor condition of the interior, especially toilets. And also many patients are dissatisfied with the food in the hospital. And patients who are in the clinic on a fee basis, lie in comfortable conditions and they are given more attention.

Resuscitation departments

The Yudin Hospital in Moscow is one of the few that have several intensive care units. Here they are 12. Such a service of resuscitation is considered to be one of the largest in the capital.

Here there is a special department where patients are prepared for operations. Experienced anaesthesiologists calculate the doses of necessary drugs and observe the patient's condition during surgery.

Branch No. 2 specializes in the treatment of patients with cardiac pathologies. And also all the operations connected with these pathologies, pass under supervision of anaesthesiologists of the same department.

Clinical Hospital named after Yudin

Other intensive care chambers are also divided according to the type of illness. Patients with impaired and edema of the brain are treated in separate wards. The remaining patients are also distributed in the intensive care units, depending on the cause of the severe condition.

This allows doctors to help patients more quickly, and their actions are aimed at making the patient's condition as quickly as possible and transferring it to general chambers for further recovery.