How to erase memory with memories?

Many people wonder how to erase memory. Let's look at this in more detail. Unfortunately, in life there are sometimes such events that we would not like to remember. And forget about them - it would be perfect. It turns out that unpleasant, painful or just unwanted memories can be erased. And it's not at all difficult if you master the methods of suppressing memories, and also provided that life is filled with new vivid emotions. Below, we give a few mental techniques that will help you rid yourself of the heavy burden of unwanted memories.

how to erase a memory to a person

What should I do in the first stage?

You need to choose that moment from the memory that you would like to forget. And you need to clearly realize that this is exactly the moment before starting its "suppression."Perhaps this part of the past, when you come to mind, causes you mental suffering. For example, this may be due to the loss of a loved one. It is very important to remember such details as the presence in this episode of other people, and which one

s. What was the environment, what feelings did you feel then?

How to erase memory? What to do in the second stage?

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Remember to forget

It's important for you to determine what exactly is the strongest experience in this moment of memory. Try to remember the specific details - those that you later want to forget. For example, you are not yet able to moderate the pain after breaking up with a guy( or girl), but you can forget about specific dates, episodes or sensual experiences.

Unpleasant associations can be triggered by such trifles as the smell of perfume, the mention of someone's name or place, the sounds of a familiar song, etc. All these details should be written on a piece of paper. If unpleasant experiences occurred in the school - then be sure to list the names of those who mocked or gloated about it, mention specific places that make you sad, try to describe such details as smell( dining room, gym, class, etc.))."How to erase a memory to a person" is not an idle question.

Pleasant things

And now try to think about all these details, while doing something very enjoyable for you. This will connect the sad events for you with pleasant associations. It is important to be able to create a stimulus of pleasure, thinking about how you experienced in school because of failure or how hard it was to break with a once loved one. It can be a pleasant music for you or a fragrant, full of foam bath, a glass of champagne or a walk to pleasant places.

how to erase a person

At this stage, we make painful moments from memory less bitter. Some experts advise listening to white noise at high volume - as an alternative to creating new associative links. To follow this advice, turn on any white noise generator at full power and immerse yourself in memories.

How to erase memory, not everyone knows.

Special rituals of

And at this stage we erase the memories we showed. This will help special rituals. They help to change our ideas about certain things and help to get over the experience. Choose an action that you will represent as a "destroyer" of one or another moment from memory. For example, it could be a picture that you set on fire, and it will burn to the ground. Imagine all this in detail - how the edges of the photograph become charred and blacken, how it twists from the fire and turns black, and then turns white, turning into ashes, scattering in the wind.

Let this be just a symbolic, mental action, but it will help you begin to treat the past as something that "burned out," has lost its power over your feelings. You can use other techniques, for example, to imagine a bully that annoyed you in the image of a car drowning in a pond, or as a freight train falling into a deep gorge.

How to erase memory by replacing memories?

how to erase a person

Replacement of memories

A good method will be the replacement of unpleasant memories with something that will fill your present with vivid experiences. First of all - find an occupation that would enthrall you with your head. Forming new "layers" of memory will help you move the past to the furthest level. It can be a new hobby, reading interesting books, going to the movies, a new job or moving.

away irritating factors!

Perhaps around you there are still a lot of those objects that stimulate your memory again and again to return to unpleasant moments for you. These things are better to be taken away from the eyes. Sometimes, in order that nothing reminiscent of an unpleasant past, you need to move to another city or other radical changes. If this is impossible or unacceptable for you, then it will be enough to make just as many changes in your life as you think is appropriate.

How to erase a person's memory at home?

Arrange the brain for a mess!

If you are trying to forget an unsuccessful journey - go to a new one. And if you are saddened by the smell of the cologne of your ex-boyfriend - go to the perfume shop and take over all the male smells. Help and new dating - the more impressions you have, the better. Your brain will begin to associate new memories with events from the past, so that the latter will not be so obvious and strong.

Here are a few more tips on how to erase a person's memory at home.

Tips for

Meditation on the past can also be a good technique. Close your eyes, sitting in a comfortable position, and try to imagine all that happened once with you from a completely different perspective. For example, to get rid of shame for something, imagine that you behaved at that time in a completely different way, as you would have liked.

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Listening to soothing music, meditate over the moment from the past. At first it will be difficult for you to restrain emotions, but gradually the soothing atmosphere will do its job - you will begin to take it more calmly.

Allow yourself to live all the emotions in their entirety, write them down, write a letter to either your abuser or a person significant to you, in which, until the last drop, pour out all your experiences. Reread this letter - and then mentally or in fact burn it, trying to "let go" to space this painful moment. Feel that he no longer has authority over you.

We figured out if it's possible to erase the memory.