The drug "Spiriva": analogues. Spiriva: instructions for use and feedback

The preparation "Spiriva", analogues of which will also be described in this article, is able to provide reliable support to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases( COPD) during the period of exacerbation and not only. The product has high efficiency, reduces shortness of breath, especially in the elderly, and facilitates the respiratory process. A medication is not cheap, and it should be prescribed by a pulmonologist after a careful study of spirography.

Composition and Form of Release

The drug is quite expensive, so it is sometimes possible to use its analogs."Spiriva"( the composition of the preparation contains the active substance tiotropium) refers to broncholytic blockers of m-cholinergic receptors. Also in the pellets is about 5.5 mg of lactose monohydrate.

The drug is available in capsules for inhalation. Hard gelatin dragees are greenish, opaque and have a black engraving TI 01. In capsules there is a powder of white color. In an aluminum blister - 10 dragees, and in a cardboard package can be invested from 1 to 6 blisters. A special inhaler HandiHaler and instructions for use are attached to the medication. A similar form of release have many analogues.

"Spiriva" is used by patients with COPD, performs a therapeutic, supporting function and prevents possible exacerbation of the disease. Also, the medication is prescribed for patients with chronic bronchitis and people suffering from emphysema.

"Spiriva": instructions for use

There is no analogue of the composition of the drug, but despite this, there are medicines that are similar in their effect on the body and are able to replace this medication in order to prevent deterioration of the patient's well-being.

If there are no other prescriptions, then the drug is used once a day in the form of inhalation procedures, which must be done with a special inhaler HandiHaler. Capsules do not swallow and do not use more than once a day. If the drug is not suitable for one reason or another, the pulmonologist prescribes analogues."Spiriva"( doses of the drug are selected individually for each patient and depend on his state of health) - a medicine that can only be prescribed by a doctor, and if necessary, at the right time, the doctor will be able to cancel or replace this medicine. analogues of spiriva

Elderly, patients with impaired renal function, as well as patients with hepatic insufficiency, the drug is administered only at recommended doses. With a severe and moderate stage of renal failure, constant medical supervision is necessary. Capsules "Spiriva" are introduced exclusively by HandiHaler. It is designed specifically for this drug, and they can not be supplied to the body with other drugs.

HandiHaler inhaler consists of:

  • dust cap;
  • central camera;
  • bases;
  • mouthpiece;
  • piercing button.

First, the application is opened with a dustproof cap and pressed against the piercing button until it stops, after which it is released. Then the dust cap is reopened and lifted. Further, the mouthpiece is brought to the upper position. Capsule "Spiriva" is removed from the aluminum package and placed in the central chamber. The mouthpiece is closed until it clicks, and the dust cap is not touched - it must remain open during the procedure.

The inhaler should be kept holding the mouthpiece up. Only once it is necessary to push the piercing button to the stop, which will create an opening for the exit of the medicine from the capsule at the moment of inspiration. Then the patient tightly grasps the mouthpiece and keeps his head straight. Inhale should be slow and deep. During inhalation, the vibration of the capsule should be felt. Breathing is continued until the lungs are completely saturated. After as much time as possible, hold your breath and take the HandiHaler out of your mouth and continue to breathe smoothly and smoothly. So you need to make 6-7 approaches until the capsule is empty. At the end of the event, the mouthpiece is opened and an empty capsule is thrown out.

The inhaler should be cleaned once a month. To do this, open the base of the device, as well as the mouthpiece and dust cap. Pick up the button that pierces the capsule. All parts of the inhaler are washed with warm water until the powder disappears completely. The device is wiped dry with a paper towel and dried in the open state for a day. Outside, the inhaler is wiped with a damp cloth.

A strip with a capsule is detached on a perforated line. Dragee is opened only before the inhalation procedure. The capsule contains a little powder and looks to the end unfilled. Accidentally opened capsule is thrown out, as the medicine, which was under the influence of air, can not be used.

Such a careful treatment approach does not require all analogues."Spiriva"( the method of application of this preparation is described in detail in the manual) has a not very convenient form of release, and many patients do not immediately get the right breathing. Other preparations for patients with COPD have a more appropriate form of release: tablets, drops, powder.

Reviews of patients

Opinions about the drug "Spiriva", as well as about the drug "Spiriva Respimat", are mostly positive. Patients report an improvement in bronchospasm, aiding breathing in patients with COPD.Some remedies helped cure chronic bronchitis. People talk about the high effectiveness of this drug, which could not give analogues."Spiriva"( reviews confirm the quality of the drug) for this category of patients was more acceptable.

Reviews of people with COPD, say not only about the good result that the drug gives, but also about the importance of its proper application. Note that all the breaths should be slow and smooth, and quick and sharp manipulations can only be damaged or not get any effect at all.

Of the negative moments of the drug "Spiriva"( analogues of the drug do not always have this effectiveness), people note the high cost and inconvenience of the procedure. Sometimes patients do not get to inhale the drug as written in the instructions.

A small proportion of people respond negatively to the drug. Some say that the drug is useless and does not help. Others do not see the point of giving such money for him and prefer to use cheaper analogs. Still others say that, despite all the shortcomings, this medicine is worth the money spent.

"Spiriva": analogues, generics

The drug is not cheap, and sometimes many people with COPD start to look for a replacement. Is there an analog of Spiriva? Analogues that have exactly the same composition, no, but there are drugs with a similar effect on the body and significantly relieve the condition of patients. It is them that the doctor prescribes, if "Spiriva" for some reason did not fit the patient:

  • "Daxas";
  • "Sibri Brizhaler";
  • "Trententhal";
  • "The Ultimate";
  • "Spiolto Respimat";
  • Anora Ellipta;
  • "Atrovent"
  • "Foradil Kombi";
  • "Truvent";
  • «Ipravent»;
  • Ipratropium.

These and other analogs are similar in their properties. Their cost is not much different from each other. Many of them are issued for inhalation procedures. But there are other forms of release in the form of tablets, solutions, drops, etc.

"Daksas" drug

spiral analogs

The above were the most popular analogs for the drug called "Spiriva Respimat".Leading position among them is the drug "Daxas".The medicine is produced in tablets, which must be taken once a day, which, unlike Spiriva, is very convenient.

Used to maintain a stable condition in patients with COPD with a severe course of the disease, prone to frequent exacerbations. Reduces the content of neutrophils in sputum and prevents the inflow of neutrophils and eosinophils into the respiratory organs.

Patients can take medication without interruption for a year.

Has a characteristic anti-inflammatory effect. He, like "Spiriva", does not relieve bronchospasm - for these purposes to use them is meaningless. Contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women. Each tablet contains 500 μg of active substance - roflumilast.

Patients' reviews say that the drug is very strong and effective, so after long-term use in many patients begin to manifest side effects. Among the most common symptoms: sleep disturbance, nausea, diarrhea, rash, sudden changes in blood pressure.

This drug should not be used without the doctor's prescription, as well as increase or decrease dosages on its own. With extreme caution, it should be taken by people after 65 years of age.

Medication for patients with COPD "Sibri Brizhaler"

Spiriva respimat analogues

This medicine is different only from the active ingredient from the drug "Spiriva Respimat".Analogues, including this, in the rest are almost similar. The drug "Sibri Brizhaler" is available in capsules with powder for a single inhalation. Each package contains a special inhaler that is suitable only for this preparation.

Each capsule contains 63 μg of glycopyrronium bromide. The drug, like its analog, is involved in complex maintenance therapy in patients with COPD.It is not intended for relief of acute attacks of bronchospasm. It is well tolerated by patients and rarely causes side effects. Created exclusively for long-term inhalation.

Inhalation with this remedy patients should be taken once a day and strictly according to the instructions. If treated with the "Sibri Brizhalerom" in compliance with all the recommended rules, the drug will not affect the heart rate and blood pressure. It can be taken for patients 75 years and older.

Reviews of the "Sibri Brizhaler" are only positive. Patients after several inhalations already feel a significant improvement in the performance of the lungs, which is expressed in free and easy breathing. Some people say that they even forget about the present disease. Only in isolated cases, the sufferers experienced sharp changes in blood pressure.

The drug has serious contraindications, so without the doctor's instructions, this medicine can not be used.

Drug "Trententhol"

analogues of the spiral of condition

Another analogue of "Spiriva", created specifically for patients with obstructive pulmonary disease, is called "Trententhol".The medication enlarges the lumen in the lungs and, unlike its predecessors, removes and stops bronchospasm.

The product is available in special aerosol containers for inhalation of 12.5 ml and 25 ml. In one press, a single dose of Trventol is given - 40 μg and 80 μg, if a 25 ml bottle. The maximum daily dose is 160 μg. Inhalation should be done 4 to 6 times a day.

Bronchodilator effect is observed after 15-30 minutes after inhalation and lasts for 4-5 hours.

The drug is generally tolerated by patients, like other analogues."Spiriva", for example, can cause undesirable phenomena in the form of dryness in the oral cavity, a slight sore throat, slight disruption of accommodation - the same side effects are sometimes observed when taking Trentol. Depending on the situation, the dose is regulated or lengthened between the inhalations, after which, as a rule, side effects occur. If unwanted symptoms increase, then use the drug stop.

The drug should not be taken with closed angle glaucoma, women during pregnancy and with hypersensitivity to Trenthol.

During treatment, undesirable thickening of sputum may occur. In this case, a doctor should be consulted to review the dose or remedy.


The newest drug for patients with COPD has undergone many clinical trials and fully complies with all world standards.

analog spiriva reviews Contains two active components: indacaterol in a dose of 110 μg and glycopyrronium in an amount of 50 μg. It is produced in capsules, which contain a solution for inhalation. In the kit there is a special inhaler designed for 30 applications. It is recommended to take one inhalation per day.

Inhalation procedure should be performed in the order described in the instructions. Do not use more than one inhalation per day. Duration of treatment is from 1 to 15 months.

The drug is designed to maintain a stable condition in COPD patients over a long period and reduce the number of exacerbations. Not intended to relieve acute bronchospasm. Has a pronounced anticholinergic effect. If the paradoxical bronchospasm develops during the use of the drug, the drug should be stopped immediately.

With prolonged treatment, adverse reactions may occur. The most common manifestation of cough and perspiration in the throat.

The drug should only be used for treatment after consultation with your doctor.

Characteristics of "Spioldo respimat"

analogs of the dose sweep

Another analogue of Spiriwa is Spiolo respimat. This drug combines the action of two active substances: tiotropium bromide and olodaterol. Produced in the form of metered solutions for inhalation, an inhaler is attached to them. The cartridge of one package is designed for 60 doses.

The use of this drug significantly reduces the likelihood of exacerbation in patients with COPD.Helps patients suffering from chronic bronchitis and emphysema, breathe after application easily and freely. Increases the inspiratory capacity and expiratory flow rate, especially in the morning and evening hours. Against the background of prolonged therapy, the patients develop a significant bronchodilating effect. Decreased obstruction of the respiratory system, shortness of breath. The number of exacerbations decreases. The drug increases physical endurance, significantly changing the quality component of life.

The drug is recommended to be taken once a day for a long period at the same time. Already in the first five minutes after the inhalation procedure, there is a significant improvement in the functioning of the pulmonary system.

The medication should only be prescribed by a doctor. It is similar to "Spiriva" in its functional action, form of release.

Analog "Spiriwa": "Anora Ellipta"

This is another tool that will replace, if necessary, the drug "Spiriva"."Anora Ellipta", as well as its predecessor, is produced in powder for inhalation. The drug has a special inhaler, which contains thirty single-dose 22 + 55 μg / dose. The device is equipped with a counter for inhalation and a mouthpiece. analogues of spirit way of application

The drug contains two active components: vilantherol and meuklikidiniya bromide."Anoru Elliptus" is recommended for patients to maintain bronchodilator effect. This effect significantly alleviates the condition in COPD patients.

The drug is taken once a day at a dosage of 22 μg + 55 μg. Some patients are prescribed a drug in the amount of 22 μg + 113 μg / dose. This dosage affects some patients in the most positive way: they have a significant improvement in the functioning of the pulmonary system and a reduction in the periods of exacerbation of the disease.

The drug is used only for the doctor's prescription, and the instruction should be studied before use, since improper breathing during inhalations can cause bronchospasm and exacerbation of the disease.

The drug is not recommended for people suffering from asthma. Also this remedy is not used for relief of bronchospasm attacks.

This preparation has an inhalation form of release and is therefore capable of provoking a paradoxical bronchospasm, like other analogues."Spiriva"( the conditions of use of this drug must be carefully observed to avoid the occurrence of side effects) should not be used, if this symptom is manifested - it is necessary to immediately stop treatment, as further use of the drug can be life threatening. Your doctor must find suitable analogues.

"Spiriva"( storage of the drug in an unchanged form can be achieved only at a temperature of + 25 ° C or less) is similar in its effect on the body with many medicines, but in spite of this, the replacement of the drug should only be performed by a doctor. All such medications have a strong effect on the body and help people with COPD improve their quality of life. But it is important to remember that self-medication should be completely ruled out.