Eye drops Skulacheva: reviews and uses

The actual problem of modern man is the reduction of visual acuity, sometimes up to its complete loss. Eye diseases affect the elderly, young people, there are similar pathologies in children. There are a lot of reasons, including heredity, ecological conditions, nervous overstrain, complications after viral diseases. In this regard, before medical researchers is an important task - the development of fundamentally new drugs that contribute to the restoration of vision without surgical intervention.

eye drops skulacheva reviews

Large-scale medical project of the famous high school

Periodically, preparations from various eye problems appear on the pharmaceutical market. Many of them are really effective enough, but most of them do not cure serious problems, only delay the development of the disease. Within the walls of one of the most famous oldest universities in the country - Moscow State University. Lomonosov - in connection with this, started a medical project to develop a fundamentally new and effective cure for eye diseases, including those caused by age-related changes.

It took about six years to develop the drug, three hundred scientists and 50 laboratories and institutes took part in the project. Nevertheless, the new drug has an author - a scientist of world renown, Academician Skulachev. Eye drops, the use of which suggests that they are able to restore the vision to some extent, are now a certified medical product and are being actively implemented through the official pharmacy network. eye drops of Professor Skulachev

"Smart drug" directed action

The main function of the drug called "Visomitin" - protection for the cornea. Often the cornea of ​​the eye suffers from drying out, the person at the same time experiences discomfort and a feeling of "sand in the eyes," burning, often blinks, but relief comes a short time. As a result, redness and painful appearance of the eye.

Eye drops of Skulachev completely eliminate the symptoms of "dry eye syndrome", then its effect is directed to the natural production of tears to further moisturize the eye and prevent the appearance of new symptoms. The new drug itself was tested by the author himself - Academician Skulachev. He used drops constantly for a year, before that he was diagnosed with a "cataract".At the end of this time, the doctors who observed the eminent patient found that the operation was no longer needed. Eye drops Professor Skulachev primarily helped him himself greatly improve the state of view. eyebrows of a cheekbone

Studies of the prospective drug

To date, medical studies have shown the moisturizing effect of eye drops "Visomitin", so use this drug, primarily as a keratoprotector. It is shown with senile changes in the lacrimal gland, the drying out of the eyes of people who spend a long time at the computer, eye diseases with the concomitant symptom of a "dry eye".

The drug studies continue, the main promising direction is the possibility of using Skulachev drops from cataracts. The results of clinical trials available to date suggest that in some cases, cataracts in patients after the application of drops initially slowed the process of turbidity. This makes possible the assumption that Eye Drops of Professor Skulachev will be able to treat cataracts without surgery.

Application at this stage of the

research However, the assumption remains an assumption when it becomes a fact - a matter of time. Therefore, ophthalmologists do not exclude this drug from the medicinal list for the treatment of cataract and glaucoma symptoms, but it is recommended to apply the drops of Academician Skulachev as part of complex therapy together with other official antiglaucomatous drugs that normalize intraocular pressure. The break between the instillation of one drug into the eye should be at least ten minutes, so that they normally function."Visomitin", as a rule, is prescribed up to three times a day for 1-2 drops in the conjunctival sac. If another remedy is prescribed less often, then the remaining instillations are made only by Visomitin.

Use carefully. ..

Like any medicine, Skulachev eye drops have contraindications to the use. First of all, this is the age of 18, so the medicine is not prescribed for the treatment of children's eye diseases. Those patients who have increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, also do not prescribe "Vizomitin" in order to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions. Do not use the drug and during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding. In double instillations, different drugs observe the sensations, when a symptom such as blurred vision and blurred vision should be avoided, management of vehicles during the treatment period should be avoided. drops of a cheekbeek from old age reviews

Slowing down the aging of the whole body. .. Myth?

Active substance contained in eye drops "Visomitin", already in small concentrations has a sufficiently pronounced antioxidant effect. The author of the unique drug is confident that, in addition to restoring eyesight, these eye drops help to slow the aging of the whole organism. This opinion is based on the fact that in some diseases the biomolecule is damaged due to the increase in active oxygen. This leads to the fact that the cells of the body are deprived of their protection. According to Academician Skulachev, the introduction of Visomitin slows down the development of diseases such as cerebral stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, and kidney problems.

The cure for such common ailments will slow the aging of the body and significantly improve the quality of life. The fact that Eye Drops Professor Skulachev contribute to the prevention of many diseases, data confirmed by official medicine, does not exist. This can be perceived as an assumption of the author-developer of the drug.

a drop of a cheekbone from cataracts

Useful properties of Visimitin

In addition to the assumptions, there are also facts of the beneficial directional action of eye drops of a new generation. In the first place, the antioxidant effect of Visomitin helps protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, greatly improves metabolic processes in the eye tissues. Drops of Professor Skulachev contribute to the normalization of the production of one's own tears, increase the stability of tear film, stop the degeneration of the lacrimal gland. With all this complex therapeutic effect, "Visomitin" removes the inflammation of the eyes in the form of redness, dryness, sensation of a foreign body. Existing drugs to eliminate the "dry eye syndrome" act on the principle of "artificial tears", so the patient requires frequent instillation. By the principle of "natural tears" only eye drops of Skulachev act. Feedback from patients who used the drug, allow us to conclude that its effect - a longer, and frequent instillation is not required.

Elderly patients and "Visimitin"

The specificity of elderly patients is that not all of their medications are tolerated by the body, different side effects or allergic reactions may occur when taking it. In the instructions for the use of many medicines, you can read that they are contraindicated to elderly people or recommended for use under the close supervision of a doctor. There are no such warnings to use "Visimitina".According to the developers, elderly patients are well tolerated eye drops Skulacheva. The reviews are mostly positive. People actively recommend the drug to each other, and many actually observe a positive dynamic. drops of the academician skulachev

Positive dynamics in elderly people

Some patients who were diagnosed with "age-related cataracts" were beginning to prepare for an operation to replace the lens. Usually doctors give about two months for preparatory procedures in the form of instillations. Learning about the new drug, the elderly people used drops for Skulachev's eyes. The reviews confirm that after five months of treatment the doctors canceled the surgery, fixing the decrease in the size of the cataract.

There are such patients who did not notice any changes after a three-month course of instillation with Visomitin. The developers claim that this drug has a mild and, accordingly, a slow action. Therefore, it should be used regularly and for a long time. Feedback from some patient patients confirm this opinion. Many indicate significant improvements in a year or more as a result of the regular use of drops. It is due to the non-aggressive action of the drug, it is particularly suitable for the elderly. Many people call this "Skulacheva drops from old age".Reviews of patients older than 70 years allow us to conclude that people regularly use drops to prevent cardiovascular problems.

drops of Professor Skulachev

"Visomitin" and the younger generation

Unfortunately, problems with vision arise not only in the elderly. And young people are increasingly noticing serious violations of their visual function. An increasing number of patients pay attention to the drops of Skulachev. The testimonies of young people testify to the observed positive dynamics and effectiveness of the drug.

Some patients report a slight burning sensation in the eyes at the beginning of the course, which occurs after a couple of weeks. The developers pay attention to the fact that this is not a pathology, this manifestation is associated with the physiological state of the mucosa. Positive feedback also concerns those young people who are forced to work hard at the computer. Those who did not believe in the efficacy of the drug, nevertheless, noted that after a few weeks the pain in the eyes completely disappeared, the redness was gone. There have also been cases of improvement in vision in patients with retinal detachment, although many admit that they are no longer in a hurry to the doctor, since they have become much better. To fix officially the improvement in these cases is not possible, as well as to determine the real state of view.

Opinion of ophthalmologists about the drug

Recently, more and more doctors specializing in ophthalmology, recommend to their patients "Visomitin".Especially often in the practice of ophthalmologists, he began to meet after the officially introduced to the list of drugs for the treatment of age-related cataracts and glaucoma eye drops Professor Skulachev. The doctors' feedback shows that the condition of their patients has improved significantly as a result of instillations with these drops. Ophthalmologists say that it is already impossible to cure age-related cataract by drops, but it is quite possible to compensate and improve the state of vision.

Compliance with the storage rules - the pledge of the effectiveness of the drug

There are several negative reviews, the analysis of which revealed that the patient had stored Skulachev's eye drops incorrectly. These reviews concerned the insufficient effectiveness of the drug, but the developers pointed to the patient's mistake: the drug is stored in the refrigerator. Storage at room temperature is allowed for not more than two days, however, direct sunlight and even light from lamps should be avoided. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be sure that Skulachev's eye drops were correctly stored in the pharmacy. Feedback on the ineffectiveness of the drug, while observing the patient's storage rules, suggests the violations committed by the pharmacist in the pharmacy, which may lead to a poor quality of the drug.