Strong asymmetry of the breast: possible causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment characteristics

Love for yourself, your body is inherent in every woman. Someone loves himself thin, someone full, but one detail remains unchanged - everyone loves himself symmetrical on the left and right. Especially frustrating asymmetry of the breast, because the breast - this is what makes the fair sex feminine. Why this happens and how to fix it?

What is breast asymmetry?

breast asymmetry

Everything that is created by nature has its differences. Our right hand is different from the left one, one eye smaller than the other, but all these errors are so small that no one notices them. Breast asymmetry - different sizes of the right and left breasts. But in the ordinary state it is invisible.

Begin to say that one breast is bigger than the other, when the difference is one size or more. This makes the woman uncomfortable and noticeable to the naked eye. Asymmetry can be congenital and acquired.

Types of breast asymmetry

Congenital asymmetry appears for unclear reasons. During puberty, one breast develops faster than the other. Usually by the age of 20 this defect is eliminated. If this does not happen, then correction of breast asymmetry will be necessary.

Acquired asymmetry appears for several reasons:

  1. Trauma. Hitting in childhood, very few people will remember this moment. Therefore, most often, asymmetry of the breast, obtained by trauma, is taken for congenital.
  2. Tumors. Any tumor can adversely affect the breast due to tissue proliferation. Therefore, when asymmetry is detected, it is recommended that the presence of pathological neoplasms is first of all excluded.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation. This is the most common reason.

Why in pregnancy can breasts be different in size?

asymmetry of the breast operation

During pregnancy, breast preparation for feeding takes place. The mammary glands swell and often bring painful sensations. Since the breast itself is slightly different in size, with the swelling of the glands this can become more pronounced.

Usually such asymmetry of the breast passes right after delivery. When milk begins to be produced. If this did not happen, you need to choose a smaller breast as more active and give it to the baby more often. Over time, the milk in it will be larger and it will increase slightly.

Causes of asymmetry during lactation

correction of breast asymmetry

Lactation, i.e., the production of breast milk, each woman has her own. At one milk too much and in a breast stagnation begin. Others have too little and the baby has to supplement the mixture. Breast size does not affect how lactation develops. Usually it settles for about three months and after problems does not arise, but this time is enough to make the breasts become of different sizes.

First you need to figure out what the amount of milk depends on. At the birth of the child in the first days only colostrum is allocated. At first this is quite enough for a newborn. Then comes the milk. And it is much more than a child needs. Therefore, the breast is poured and the size can be different simply during the arrival of milk.

The most important error in this period is the decantation. Let's say 100 ml of milk comes to the breast. The child ate 50 ml, the rest of my mother expressed it. For the body it's a bell, that the kid ate everything, and he may not be enough. Next time, 105 ml will be produced in the chest, but this will again be small. As a result, you will have to constantly decant to avoid stagnation.

If you do not express, then there is a natural setting of lactation. The child ate 50 ml of 100 ml. Next time, milk will be less. As a result, by three months of the baby's life, the breast stops pouring and changing its size with the arrival of milk. Why does breast asymmetry develop, the reasons for this are as follows:

Stagnation in the chest. When there is too much milk in the chest, the child does not eat it. The milk left in the glands "freezes" and turns into stones. The woman's chest becomes hot, painful. Stones hurt very painfully with a massage. Often a woman can not breastfeed. As a result, less milk is produced in this breast because of a break in feeding. Advice: in fact, it is feeding that can help in this situation. The baby is applied to the chest so that the chin "looks" at the painful area. The kid can easily help Mom deal with the trouble.
  • Breast trauma in a woman's life can also affect feeding. The bruised breast in the future can produce less milk, and accordingly will be smaller in size.
  • Breastfeeding. It can be convenient for mom, for example, feeding at night if a woman is practicing a joint dream. The child sleeps on one side, and is comfortably nourished with one breast. Or the child, for some reason, prefers a certain breast.
  • Injuries of nipples. The child can bite or on the nipples appear cracks. Then the woman tries to spare the sick chest and she gives it less often. As a result, milk in it is getting smaller.
  • Will the breast become the same after feeding?

    Everything depends on the original state of the breast. If a woman practiced sports, then, most likely, the breast will return to its previous form, although it will not be so elastic. Recovery will take time. After the completion of feeding will take about 3-4 months. But the breast is leveled in size. Even if the last few months, a woman fed only one breast.

    If this does not happen, you need to correct the asymmetry of the breast. Of course, only in the case when it causes inconvenience to the woman herself.

    Breast asymmetry - what to do?

    It all depends on the reasons that led to a change in breast size.

    • During pregnancy this is a normal condition, and you just need to be patient.
    • If you notice a breast asymmetry during the period of feeding, try to give your baby a smaller breast as often as possible.
    • If breastfeeding is already completed, wait a few months.
    • With congenital reasons, only plastic asymmetry of the breast will help.
    • You can slightly adjust your chest with exercise.

    Breast plastic surgery

    chest asymmetry

    Beautiful breasts are a step towards self-confidence. Many women have different breast sizes in this regard. Corrupted intimate life, begin to misunderstandings with her husband. And all because of a simple internal embarrassment. It becomes difficult for a woman to undress and allow her to touch her breasts. In this case it is better to turn to professionals and correct the asymmetry with the help of plastic. Surgical intervention can be aimed at reducing the breast( if there is hyperplasia) or increasing( with hypoplasia).

    Preparation for operation

    correction of breast asymmetry

    The preparatory process lasts much longer than the operation itself. The patient gives a general blood test, undergoes an ultrasound examination, consults with a plastic surgeon and sometimes even talks with a psychologist. A check is mandatory, excluding the presence of malignant neoplasms. Only after this is the date of the surgical intervention appointed.

    A conversation with a psychologist is necessary in order for the patient herself to understand whether she really needs this operation. Plastic surgery involves correcting the nuances that violate a person's psychological balance. And it is very important to be ready for this morally, to understand all possible risks and be able to correctly correlate the expected result with possible complications.

    Surgical intervention

    Indication for the operation is a pronounced asymmetry of the breast. The operation can be performed by one method, and maybe by their aggregate. This is decided by the doctor on the basis of examination and medical history of the patient.

    The duration of the operation is from an hour to two. Most of the time, the surgeon will deal with the nipples, so that they look aesthetically pleasing. After the operation, the patient remains under the supervision of the doctor for another two days. It is necessary to see the development of possible complications in time. Then, after 8 days, the stitches are removed. And rehabilitation ends on the 14th day after the operation.

    Complications of

    Elimination of breast asymmetry can lead to a number of undesirable consequences. It can be hematomas, tissue necrosis, infection, etc., like any operation, the plasticity of the breast is a risk. Therefore, doctors advise women to think about their decision, when the breast size is less than a couple of sizes.


    Breast plastic surgery is contraindicated in girls under 20 years of age. Since at this time the mammary glands are still developing, and the problem can be solved independently. In addition, women with

    • with disrupted blood coagulation are not allowed to be operated;
    • infectious diseases;
    • with heart problems;
    • with diabetes mellitus;
    • tumors.

    Breast correction with the help of sport

    breast asymmetry what to do

    Even the asymmetry of the breast can push not every woman to the operation. If the readiness for such a step has not yet come, you can try to slightly correct the problem by exercises. Correction will occur due to the development of large and small pectoral muscles.

    1. Push-ups. This is the simplest exercise for the chest. It will help tighten the chest. Push-ups can be standard - off the floor. Can be modified - from the bench, from the bench with your back. It is best to combine all these types to work out all the muscles.
    2. Dumbbells. Exercises with dumbbells are very many and they all contribute to a tightening of the chest, make it more elastic. The simplest are lifting dumbbells on outstretched hands sideways and forward.

    Physical exercises can "lift" the chest and make it more elastic. Due to this, asymmetry is smoothed. But this is not a momentary process. For the result to become noticeable, it will take at least two months. So be patient and improve.

    Is it necessary to correct asymmetry of the breast?

    breast asymmetry how to fix

    No harm to health is caused by asymmetry of the breast. How to fix and whether it is worth doing it at all, only a woman decides. Of course, when she really sees this as a defect, she feels uneasy, then we must fix the asymmetry. A beautiful chest will return everything to its proper place.

    The correction method may depend on the difference in size. If the difference is small, then you can try to eliminate the problem by physical stress. The difference in size will be much less noticeable if there is an elastic and tightened chest.

    Operation is a more serious step. If it is decided to go for surgery, the main task is to find a good specialist. And in a few months the problem will disappear forever!