Adapepress: reviews and instructions for use

Do you feel an incomprehensible fear for the life and health of close people? Constantly crying for the loss of a loved one? Have you been fired from the prospective work and now you are absorbing food in unthinkable quantities? All these problems require urgent treatment, and the "Adapepress" medication can help. This drug is used by many psychotherapists in the treatment of their patients. Today we learn the basic information about the medicine "Adeptress": reviews about it, what is the form of release, dosage, cost. We will understand why this medicine has earned the trust of psychotherapists, and also for some reasons some people refuse to take this remedy. adepts feedback

When is it assigned? Country of origin

The drug "Adeptress" can be used in such situations:

- Severe endogenous, anxious, reactive depression.

- Panic fears( eg, fear of open terrain).

- Socially-disturbing disorders.

- Obsessive thoughts, ideas.

- Bulimia or anorexia nervosa.

adepress reviews of doctors

A drug is produced in Russia.


The drug "Adapepress", which will be reviewed below, is available in the form of tablets. One pill, containing 20 mg of the basic substance, is taken once a day, preferably in the morning. The tablet should be swallowed whole, washed down with water. The dosage of the pills is generally individual and depends on the diagnosis.

When depressed, the doctor appoints 1 tablet once a day. If necessary, the doctor can gradually increase the dose, adding once a week for 10 mg, that is, half the pill. However, more than 50 mg per day is prohibited.

If a person has panic disorder, then the initial dose is half a tablet once a day. Then, too, you can gradually increase the intake of pills to a maximum of 60 mg.

In socially-anxious conditions, the primary dose is 20 mg per day. If the effect is not observed, then you can increase the amount of medication taken to 50 mg per day.

In other conditions, the question of the dosage of tablets is determined by the doctor.

Important instructions

1. For older people, the amount of Adeptress taken should not exceed 40 mg per day.

2. To prevent the disease from disturbing a person, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance. Therefore, after the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to continue the course of therapy with tablets for no less than 4 months.

3. The abrupt reversal of "Adeptress"( antidepressant) is fraught with consequences. If the patient decided to stop taking this drug, then his condition may worsen. Therefore, the abolition of this medicine should be carried out gradually, competently. The doctor must inform the patient about this. patient feedback patients

Side effects of

The drug "Adeptress", whose opinions are ambiguous, has a number of negative reactions. So, the side effects of this remedy may be as follows:

- Drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia, dizziness, hallucinations, confusion, convulsions.

- Vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, upset of the chair, constipation, hepatitis, decreased appetite.

- Myalgia, arthralgia.

- Allergic reactions: itching, rash on the skin, hives, angioedema.

- Retention of urine or increased urination.

- From the genital area: lack of desire for intimacy, problems with ejaculation. adress reviews of people

Opinions of specialists

The drug "Adeptress" reviews doctors receives approving. So, psychotherapists believe that this medication of all antidepressants existing in the pharmaceutical market is the strongest. The advantage of this drug is that it can be used for people who are on an outpatient treatment. Also, doctors note that this antidepressant does not cause addiction in a person, it is safe and highly effective. In addition, the tablets "Adeptress" have a wide range of effects, as they help to cope with various psycho-emotional problems. Many psychotherapists say that they often use this drug in depressive states of varying severity, with panic attacks, etc. Although the effect of these pills is not very fast( it will take 10 to 14 days for the patient's condition to improve), but it is prolonged.

abolition of adress

The tool "Adeptress" reviews psychotherapists of a positive nature also because the patient can purchase this medication only with the prescription of a doctor. This is quite a serious medicine, so it should not be sold in free circulation. Of course, despite the fact that these pills are recommended by doctors, they are still in no hurry to prescribe them. Initially, doctors are trying to save a person from mental disorders by other methods: walking in the fresh air, playing sports, changing the familiar situation. But if these methods do not help, then the doctors go the other way - medication - and prescribe this antidepressant to people.

Positive feedback from people

The drug "Adapepress" reviews patients is different: someone praises these pills, and some of them zealously criticize. Those patients who were helped by this medication note that after the beginning of therapy with this remedy they have improved their psychoemotional state, a bright belief in the future has appeared, and life has become easier and more peaceful. At the same time, taking a pill in the morning, a person does not feel drowsy during the day, which can not be said about other antidepressants. Also, patients note that the drug "Adeptress", they are well tolerated, even during maintenance therapy. Still patients like the fact that there is no need to be on inpatient treatment. After all, the "Adapepress" drug is prescribed even for outpatient use. Therefore, you can safely sit at home, drink pills and do those things that bring positive emotions.

Negative responses of patients

Unfortunately, the "Adapepress" pills reviews of people have disapproval. So, many note that during therapy with these tablets, they observed numerous side effects, ranging from vomiting and ending with seizures. Some patients could not even complete the course of treatment and quit drinking these pills. However, this is strictly prohibited. If a person begins to show side effects, then he must necessarily inform the doctor about it. And it is unacceptable to cancel this medication alone, because the condition can only worsen. It's not for nothing that the drug "Adapepress" is sold strictly according to the doctor's prescription. This means that it is strong enough, and can both benefit and harm( with improper application).

adress feedback instructions

Also, some people say that this medicine does not work right away. A pier, it is necessary to wait some time that it has brought positive effect. However, this property is not only in the tablets "Adeptress".All antidepressants work in a similar way, immediately no immediate effect is present in any drug.


The price of this product in different pharmacies may vary. So, on average 20 mg tablets in the amount of 30 pieces need to be paid from 430 to 570 rubles. The price largely depends on the location of the pharmacy and its margins.


From the article you learned about such a serious antidepressant, like "Adeptress."Reviews, instructions, cost, side effects - all this has been described. This is a serious drug, so they are not allowed to be treated independently. Only the doctor can determine the desired scheme and dosage.