Retinoic ointment: instructions for use, composition, indications and reviews

At the moment, created a huge number of medicines that allow you to quickly and permanently get rid of acne. It can be creams, gels, lotions and ointments. However, the principle of their action is almost the same. Not all are the same means. Someone is helped by Isotrexin, someone - Kuriozin. Of course, modern developments and researches in the field of pharmacology allow creating more effective medicines. But there are time-tested drugs, for example, retinol ointment. Instructions for this product are always attached. Therefore, there are no specific issues in the application plan. retinoic ointment

Retinol Ointment: Composition

The preparation has a unique composition. The drug contains one of the forms of vitamin A, which is excreted among the remaining increased biological activity. In addition, the drug contains isotretinoin, which is usually used in the manufacture of all kinds of gels and ointments. Often this substance acts as the main active ingredient.

How does the drug

Retinol ointment is very often prescribed by doctors in acne and comedones in a mild to moderate form of the disease. The composition of the drug includes a biologically active component - isotretinoin. This substance stimulates the processes, which, in turn, allow to normalize the differentiation of cells. In addition, scientists in the course of research have revealed other properties of the drug. Retinol ointment has a positive effect on the epithelium lining the sebaceous glands. This reduces its growth. The drug allows you to normalize the composition, as well as to facilitate the withdrawal from the secret of the secretion of sebaceous glands, which are located under the skin.

retinoic ointment instructions

All of the above processes lead to a significant reduction in the amount of subcutaneous fat. In addition, its composition also changes. As a result, less inflammation occurs. Retinol ointment, reviews about which are mostly positive, with external application has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and antiseboric effects. Those who tried this drug say that after using it, there is a marked improvement in all regenerative processes of the skin.

When should you use the drug

You can use the drug in the presence of many skin diseases. Retinol ointment perfectly copes with:

  1. Pink eels.
  2. Oral dermatitis.
  3. Papular pustular acne.
  4. Nodular-cystic acne, occurring in severe form.
  5. Seborrhea.

Often, the drug is used to eliminate wrinkles, as it increases blood circulation. And this, in turn, increases the production of collagen. retinoic ointment reviews

Retinol ointment: instruction

The price of this medicine is from 160 to 270 rubles. Low cost makes the ointment available to everyone. However, when you use it, you must follow certain rules. Apply ointment should be twice during the day. Pre-skin should be cleaned. After conducting the preparatory procedures, you should wait a while, about 20 - 25 minutes. The skin should dry. After this time, you can apply the drug to the affected area and distribute it with a neat thin layer.


Retinol ointment is a medicinal product. The drug is sold in pharmacies and, of course, has contraindications. Specialists do not advise to use ointment if available:

  1. Hyperlipidemia.
  2. Individual intolerance to certain components of the drug.
  3. Hypervitaminosis A.
  4. Hepatic failure.

The drug is also prohibited for pregnant and lactating women. retinoic ointment for face

Side effects of

Retinol ointment can also have side effects. During the first week, the use of the drug does not affect the body. But after another seven days, there may be a burning sensation and dry skin. In this case, redness and peeling of the skin. Often there is itching. In some cases, there is a small puffiness and even new acne.

In cases where side effects are pronounced and cause a feeling of severe discomfort, it is recommended to stop the day for three courses of therapy. After this, you can continue treatment according to the prescribed scheme.

If, after just a few days after the start of the first course, there was itching and severe swelling, as well as spotted rash, this is a clear sign of intolerance to retinol ointment or its components. If these side effects occur, you should consult a doctor to replace the drug with a softer one. retinoic ointment instruction price

What will happen with prolonged use of the drug

Prolonged use of retinol ointment is undesirable, since the drug contains isotretinoin. This substance is capable of provoking hypervitaminosis A. Symptoms of this ailment are conjunctivitis, dry skin and mucous membranes.

The locomotor system can respond to such an intervention. In this case, tendonitis, arthritis, pain in the muscles, as well as in the tendons and joints can appear. In addition, with prolonged use of the drug, convulsive seizures, migraine, or depression may occur. Also, the senses can respond to therapy. Often there are violations of perception of certain sounds and shades, keratitis, cataracts, night blindness, photophobia. A list of side effects that can occur with prolonged use of the drug, replenish leukopenia, erythrocytopenia, bleeding, inflammation of the intestine, pancreatitis, nausea and so on. retinoic ointment composition

Compatibility with other

preparations Very often retinol ointment for the face is used. It helps to get rid of many problems. However, in the process of its application, the use of medicines containing retinol, retinol acetate, retinol palmitate should be excluded. In order not to increase intracranial pressure, you should stop taking antibiotics related to the tetracycline series. It is also worth noting that isotretinoin is able to reduce the therapeutic effect of progesterone. If a woman uses contraceptives that contain this substance, then another way of protecting her from unwanted pregnancy should be chosen.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that in case of an overdose, the symptomatic symptoms of hypervitaminosis A increase. In such cases, the course of therapy should be immediately discontinued and specialists consulted.