How to make an enema correctly?

Before answering the question: "How to make an enema?", It is necessary to clearly understand that washing is a medical procedure, so it is not recommended to do it without a doctor's appointment.

There are many conditions in which setting enemas is contraindicated, because it can cause harm.

With hemorrhoidal bleedings, acute appendicitis, curvature of the intestines, infringement of the hernia, many other conditions, the enema can be fatal. That's why before you start the procedure, you need to get a doctor's permission.

Cliches can be medicinal, nutritious and cleansing.

How to make an enema with constipation? Purification is not difficult. It will take directly an enema, a tip that can be rubbery or plastic, warm water. If self-washing is assumed, the container with a long hose is suspended at a height of just over 1 meter. The patient will have to take a knee-elbow position. Lubricated with petroleum jelly or special lubricant, the tip is inserted into the anus to a depth of about 7 cm. It is very important to inject it at an angle such that the flow of water moves along the rectum with a natural gradient. In this case, the procedure will be almost painless.

Putting a cliche to another person is even easier. Many do not know which side to make an enema. Doctors recommend the patient to lay down on the left side, located at the very edge of the couch or bed. Sometimes, when such a pose is impossible to accept, the patient is allowed to turn on his back and bend his knees. Naturally, the bed should be covered with oilcloth.

Pressing on the container or opening the tap, drain some liquid so that it fills the tip. Gently push apart the buttocks of the lying, inject the tip into the anus, adhering to the natural direction of the rectum. This is very important, because the tip, resting against the walls of the anus or intestine, can cause irreparable harm.

When the tip is immersed in 7 cm, you need to gently open the tap.

Usually an adult is injected simultaneously with more than 1 liter of liquid. With repeated constipation, it is recommended to flush in several stages.

If washing with plain water does not help, doctors recommend introducing colder water or a soap solution prepared from a spoonful of soap chips in a liter of water. Sometimes the soap composition is replaced with a mixture of water with glycerin or vegetable oil.

Slimming is sometimes used with water with salt, lemon, various oils or vegetable juices. When carrying out such procedures, it should be remembered that uncontrolled introduction into the body of any formulations can disrupt the microflora, thereby causing greater harm than simply overweight. Without the appointment of specialists, the procedure is prohibited.

How to make an enema for children? Just like an adult. Only the tip should fit the age and complexion of the child, and the amount of fluid should be less.

Medicinal or nutritious wipes are placed only when the intestine is washed with a usual procedure.

How to do an enema medicinal, can tell everyone who has experienced problems of inflammation of the intestines or stomach. The amount of medication administered should not exceed 100 ml, and it is recommended to inject it into the body with microclysters or syringes. Naturally, the medicine is prescribed only by a specialist.

Nutritional formulas are usually prescribed to patients who can not eat. Most often they are carried out in hospital conditions, but the doctor will tell the patient's relatives about how to do an enema nourishing at home.

When setting such a procedure, it is very important that the solution administered meets the recommended temperature and enters the body only by a drip.