Salicylic acid: reviews, user manual

There are so many skin care creams on the shelves of pharmacies that the eyes are scattered. But their prices are sometimes quite "cosmic".We will tell you about a very budgetary tool for fighting juvenile acne and acne, a rattletrap from rashes and dermatitis. This - salicylic acid, reviews of which, recipes for masks and peelings, we will introduce below.

What is salicylic acid?

The name of this remedy comes from the Latin word "willow".It turns out that this tool was first isolated from the bark of this tree. The acid is highly soluble in alcohol. It has a very good anti-inflammatory effect( by the way, all known "aspirin" is acetylsalicylic acid, which is a derivative of the substance discussed by us).

Salicylic acid( reviews and uses described below) was used to treat diathesis and rheumatism. Now this remedy is a popular aseptic, the area of ​​its application has significantly expanded.

salicylic acid reviews

Salicylic acid. Instructions for use

The drug is available in the form of a solution or ointment. The spectrum of action is an antiseptic with anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. It is used to prevent infection of skin lesions, purify purulent wounds from their contents.

The drug has the ability to inhibit the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which is well proven in dermatology and cosmetology. Salicylic acid( reviewed below) is part of most facial care products, especially in creams and lotions designed to combat hormone juvenile rash. They perfectly clean and tonify the skin, relieve inflammation.

Salicylic acid may be prescribed for the following conditions:

  • psoriasis and eczema;
  • burns and wounds;
  • pityriasis lichen;
  • warts;
  • acne vulgaris( common) and infected;
  • seborrhea in conjunction with increased fatty scalp.

Apply drugs( ointment and solution) externally, treating a particular damaged area.

Contraindications and special notes

Salicylic acid for the face( see reviews below), and also for other body parts used frequently. But do not forget that this medicine, therefore, like other medications, it has a number of contraindications.

Both ointment and solution are prohibited for use in renal( acute or chronic) failure. Children under 3 years old are also not prescribed a remedy, children older use it only under the supervision of a doctor. In case of an allergic reaction, its use is also prohibited.

Special notes when used: this acid in any form is prohibited for use in pregnancy or lactation.

It should be careful when applying the medication in the summer. Staying in the open sun after applying the product can lead to severe sunburn and pigmentation. When dry and peeling skin, cosmetic products with a high content of salicylic acid are contraindicated.

Levomycetin and salicylic acid from acne reviews

Salicylic acid against calluses. Reviews

One of the areas of application of salicylic acid is the treatment of calluses. This remedy very softens them, after which steaming and pumice help to get rid of this trouble quite quickly.

It is worth to distinguish between calluses and corns. Toads called coarsened dead skin. They appear because of prolonged negative effects on the skin. For example, uncomfortable shoes with a low-quality sole can cause them to appear. Hemorrhages are a natural defense of the skin from mechanical permanent damage. Injured skin creates areas of coarsening and keratinization.

Salicylic acid( reviews are positive in this field of application) can help get rid of burrs. However, the remedy will not save you from the reason that caused them. It must be searched and eliminated on its own. When applying the acid to the callus, you should try not to go beyond the corn, so as not to damage the healthy skin around.

Acne from acne with salicylic acid reviews


In this section we will talk about the effective cleansing and facial rejuvenation. Peeling with salicylic acid( reviewed below) is a good way to cleanse your face. It does not injure the skin, but gently cleans it from the keratinized particles. As a result, the face looks fresh and rested. Before proceeding to peeling, it is worth mentioning contra-indications and warnings. Do not use salicylic acid in pregnant and lactating women. If you have herpes and have a strong sunburn or sunburn, wait until the skin recovers. This procedure is contraindicated for dry and sensitive skin. Allergy sufferers should also look for other ways to clean and polish the skin.

How to peel? We will not write his recipe here for several reasons. The most important - with all the positive effects of the procedure, it is still a chemical effect. A lot of salons offer this service for a reasonable price. No matter how trite it may sound, but it's better to use the services of a specialist. If for some reason this is not possible, there are many ready-made peelings based on salicylic acid in pharmacies. Before the procedure, it is necessary to cleanse the skin with the help of means for washing. Remains of cosmetics are best removed with milk, it nourishes the skin well, which will make it more susceptible. Next, put a mask on your face. Light tingling and burning are normal, but with more painful sensations, the remedy should be washed off immediately. Next, the standard for any peeling caution: the sun, a sauna and a sauna, a solarium - under the ban.

Briefly about the reviews: the photo of past peeling courses is pleasantly surprised. Skin tightened, clean, younger. Reviews about the procedure are only positive, women and men talk about a good effect already the first time. But it is worth considering that with the slightest error, the effect can be completely unexpected, from scars and rashes to thermal burns.

talk with levomitsetinom and salicylic acid reviews

Levomycetin and acetic acid from acne. Reviews

For treatment of youthful acne, hormonal and bacterial rash, salicylic acid is used in combination with a broad spectrum antibacterial agent called levomycetin. Often these drugs are prescribed in the form of a talker. A prescription is prepared by a pharmacist, but knowing the proportions and ingredients, you can mix the ingredients yourself.

Chatter with levomitsetinom and salicylic acid( reviews are mostly positive when used correctly) quite quickly eliminates the problem of acne. The recipe is given below, but before you run to the pharmacy for the components of the talker, you need to take into account that the cause of the rash does not always lie on the surface. Sometimes it is a signal about a failure in the endocrine system or the work of the gastrointestinal tract. A common cold or staying in a draft can also cause inflammation of skin areas on the face.

peeling with salicylic acid reviews

How to prepare the house chatter

For this you will need two clean glass containers( one for mixing, the second with a lid for storage) and such components:

  • salicylic acid 2% - 5 g;
  • boric acid - 50 g;
  • alcohol 90% - 50 g;
  • levomitsetin - 5 g.

All the constituents of the beater should be well mixed and poured into a prepared container. Next, you need to put the talker on the site, affected by a rash at night. It is done in a dotted way with cotton wool soaked in the medicine. In no case can not wet the birthmark. You can start the procedure of application only after thorough cleaning from dirt, grease and residual cosmetics( for this you can just wash with soap).

Boltushka from acne with salicylic acid( reviews about her deeratologists and patients are mostly only positive) - a very good remedy when applied correctly.

Before using the drug, make sure that there is no allergic reaction. You can check this if you apply the medication on your wrist and wait a little. Strong itching, rash, redness and pain in the place of application should not be. If there is, you can not use the talker.

salicylic acid for face reviews

"Levomycetin": instruction

"Levomycetin" is an antimicrobial drug( or simply put, an antibiotic) of a wide spectrum of action. To him, a lot of bacteria are sensitive, both gram-negative and gram-positive, among which streptococci, chlamydia, rickettsia and salmonella. This drug treats such serious diseases as pneumonia and meningitis, infections of the abdominal cavity: typhoid, salmonellosis, peritonitis of various genesis. The product is available in the form of tablets, solutions for injections and eye drops.

If you are focused on the use of medication, do not forget about contraindications and side effects. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation;Do not assign it to children under three years of age. It is a strong allergen, so you can not use it for people with hypersensitivity. In addition, the drug does not treat fungal skin lesions.

salicylic acid against calluses Reviews

"Levomycetin": how can it help the skin?

It is also used in dermatology. Many young men and women in transition age are uncomfortable because of youthful acne. Sometimes the hormonal rash is added and bacterial, getting rid of it is much more difficult. Can "Levomycetin" help and how? Above we already wrote about its antibacterial effect. It is he who helps in the fight against infected acne and rash, that is kills pathogens that cause a rash and inflammation.

It can be used as a component in the manufacture of various therapeutic ointments and talkers. This is done only on the advice of a doctor.