Phytothamps: reviews of women and gynecologists

Medicinal phytotampones are specially created to maintain female health. The reviews of many women note that they effectively cure thrush and many other gynecological diseases. Their composition is based on the foundations of ancient Chinese medicine. The products help women restore the vaginal microflora and normalize the hormonal environment. Have antibacterial properties. Before their application, the consultation of a gynecologist is mandatory, since there are contraindications.

Composition of tampons

Phytotampones( reviews of some women note that during use of the product, itching and burning sensation in the vagina may be felt) have the ability to fight pathogens. Warn the aging process.

The most common are the phytotampons Beautiful Life and Clean Point( the reviews note the similarity of their composition and say that the former act more delicately and softer than the latter).Products contain herbs that successfully defeat diseases that destroy the female body from the inside, these are:

  • Antihypoxants .They help to prevent and compensate oxygen starvation of tissues. Stimulate energy exchange.
  • Phytoncides .Relate to plant antibiotics. They inhibit the development of the pathogenic environment and destroy pathogenic bacteria. Stimulate the active production of antibodies. Suppress the development of fungal infection. They have bactericidal activity, which is several times higher than the action of medical preparations. They are completely safe for the human body.
  • Flavonoids .Are natural polyphenols. They are involved in oxidation-reduction processes. Make stronger blood vessel walls. Increase the body's resistance to external negative factors.
  • Antioxidants .Fight free radicals. Wilt the cells and tissues of the body to decay.
  • Phytohormones( phytoestrogens) .As close as possible to female hormones - estrogens. Prevent occurrence and development of hormone-dependent formations. Normalize the hormonal background. Help to eliminate gynecological diseases in this area( symptoms of menopause, menstruation and others).

phytothamps reviews

Therapeutic phytotampones contain extracts of such herbs as:

  • angelica, which is characterized by disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antiseptic and tonic qualities;
  • Mongier root cure, which has antifungal, antibacterial, antiallergic, antipruritic properties;
  • is the root of Stemona, known for its haemostatic, vasodilating, antitumor, antimicrobial and anthelmintic qualities;
  • kohija broom which is used as cardiotonic, diuretic, tonic and laxative;
  • Japanese motherwort, is a hemostatic, hypotensive and stimulant plant;
  • smilax, has a pronounced carminative, tonic and cleansing activity;
  • is characterized by antibacterial, analgesic, sedative and vasodilating effect;
  • borneol is used as an antiseptic, analgesic and antipruritic.

The composition of the product is completely natural and safe for the female body, which was confirmed by thousands of ladies using these products.

Indications for use

Have a fairly wide range of phytotampone applications. Reviews pay attention to the fact that in the process of using these products, a lot of "dirt" comes out, these are blood clots, secretions similar to mica, etc. The products are recommended to be used practically for any female diseases. The main indications include cyst, thrush, vaginitis of various origin, inflammatory processes, as well as erosion of the cervix. Recommended for use in hemorrhoids, premenstrual syndrome, endometritis and cystitis Phytotampons Clean Point.

Chinese phytothamps reviews

Comments ladies note that after the course of treatment with this product, there is an improvement in sensitivity during sexual intercourse. Also, Chinese products are effective for dysmenorrhea, incontinence. Apply the drug for polyps, myomone and infertility. Give a positive result with adhesions and tube obstruction. Eliminate viral infections.

Medical tampons are produced in conditions of absolute sterility. They do not contain chemicals and do not harm the microflora of the vagina.


Despite the effectiveness and naturalness, it is not always possible to use phytotampins in all cases. Reviews of some women argue that with their application you need to be cautious, as they are able to change the hormonal background and bring down the cycle to 52 days.

Products can not be used by virgins. Do not recommend them to pregnant and lactating women because of the strong concentration of active ingredients that can penetrate the placenta, breast milk and adversely affect the baby and embryo. Do not put tampons with diabetes, as well as in the postoperative state, when the body is weakened and has poor blood coagulability. Contraindications are allergic reactions of the body to this or that component. In this case, it is necessary to completely stop treatment with Chinese products.

Chinese phytothamps( reviews of some doctors say that they can cause a burn of the vagina, and their use should be treated with extreme caution) should not be used during menstruation. Here you need to endure 3-5 days after the last day of the month and 7 days before the start of the critical days.

For the period of treatment, you should completely stop using alcohol. It is impossible at this time to have sex. If there was such a need, then you can have sex after 3 hours after removing phytotampone from the vagina and syringing with a solution of chamomile flowers.

It is not recommended during the application of tampons to drink hormonal contraceptives, and also use tampons with a similar effect.

Instructions for use

Chinese phytothamps( reviews say that the tampon is so small that it does not feel at all after use) is advised to insert into the vagina slowly to a depth of 5-7 cm. It is recommended to perform this procedure before going to bed and after evening hygienic procedures. Before this exercise, you should thoroughly wash your hands and treat them with any disinfectant.

Before you open the package, you need to make sure its integrity. If there is damage, then such an article can not be used. Next, remove the tampon from the package and unwind the thread that is at the base. This is done so that after the procedure the product can be removed from the vagina.

Phytotampon is placed in the vagina for three days, after which it is removed by pulling the string. On the swab after removing it from the vagina, there may be mucus and discharge. Take a break 1-2 days, then inject a new tampon for three days and so on until the end of treatment, avoiding critical days. At this time, the product can not be introduced into the body.

After the tampon has been removed, you need to make a bath or syringing from a decoction of herbs such as chamomile, dog rose, St. John's Wort. The broth is prepared from pure filtered water.

phytothamps beautiful life reviews

The course consists of six procedures, but this is the case if there are gynecological diseases. For preventive purposes, it is enough to put phytotampones( reviews of gynecologists do not recommend using this product, since it does not apply to medicines and is not sufficiently studied) 1-2 times a month.

The tampon used for prevention inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora. At times reduces the likelihood of hormonal disruptions. Helps to support women's health in the cold season. Promotes rapid healing of wounds.

You can not put tampons in the second half of the cycle if a woman is not protected from pregnancy, as it is possible for her to interrupt. If there is dryness in the vagina, then before the procedure the product is placed in boiled water or in olive oil for a couple of minutes.

If phytotampone is used for the first time, then it is recommended to inject it for several hours.

During the treatment period it is necessary to drink a lot of clean water, at least 1.5 liters per day, this will make the procedure more effective and help to remove toxins from the body.

The principle of the action of phytotampins

Chinese phytothamps( reviews of some women claim that they are able to cure myoma of the uterus) are working to purify the vagina from blood clots and dead cells. I contribute to the elimination of pathogenic flora.

Chinese phytothamps beautiful life reviews

There are several types of secretions that arise after using Chinese tampons, this is:

  • Light clots. They mean dead cells of the vagina, which have stopped working and only contaminate the uterus.
  • Water. It turns out, if there is a disease of an infectious and catarrhal nature.
  • Blood clots are dark in color. Remains of menstruation, with which go out and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Selections of brown color. Observed with prolonged inflammation in the small pelvis.

All this symptomatology shows that the woman's sexual organs were not all right and tampons removed all unnecessary "dirt" from the body.

Medicinal herbs in the product not only purify the uterus, but also heals it. Direct the action of active components in the problem area, heal even old wounds. Stimulate blood circulation and saturate the injured zone with all necessary nutrients. Plants in the product heal wounds and successfully fight the pathogenic environment.

Phytotamposons from China have four main functions, these are:

  • bactericidal qualities, helping to remove pathogens;
  • anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect;
  • normalization of the hormonal background;
  • restorative effect.

For certain diseases, treatment is advisable to carry out in complex. Before using tampons, you should fully examine the gynecological area and get advice from a specialist.

Additional benefits of

Beautiful Life( the reviews of some ladies note that their effect gives only a short-term effect, but after the course treatment all problems return again) in addition to the stated positive results have additional "bonuses".Clearing the sexual organ of a woman, they have a beneficial effect on the entire body from the inside.

phytothamps beautiful life negative reviews

Products narrow the vagina, because of what deserve special popularity in women in labor. Herbs that are part of the tampon provide a tonic effect to the muscles of the small pelvis, which rejuvenates the entire body. Restore the hormonal balance, because of what happens the disappearance of pigmented spots. Improve and smooth the complexion. Renew and rejuvenate the mucous membrane of the vagina. Phytotampones contribute to the normalization of microflora and the elimination of many female diseases. Increase the chances of successful conception of the child.

Side effects of

Unfortunately, not always the treatment with phytotampins gives a noticeable effect. Many ladies when using Beautiful Life and Clean Point, there were negative phenomena in the form of itching and burning. The manufacturer advises not to be afraid of these symptoms, as, from his words, there is an increase in blood circulation in the vagina, which makes the treatment more effective and causes such discomfort.

During the therapy, there may be malfunctions of the menstrual cycle. Developers of tampons do not advise to be frightened of this reaction, because the medicinal plants, restoring the functions of the small pelvis, normalize the natural cycle, and menstruation will eventually come on time.

Some women, when using Chinese products, felt headaches and spinal pains. This indicates a violation of blood supply in the body. Do not be afraid of them and cancel the use of tampons, eventually they disappear.

Cost of products from China

Phytotampons Beautiful Life( reviews say that they should not be used at a young age, but better for women after 40) do not differ in democratic value. So, for 12 items ask 1200 rubles on Russian sites, and for 5 pieces - 500 rubles. In the Russian market for these products, the spread of prices is quite large and the difference in value sometimes reaches up to a thousand.

You can buy tampons on "Aliexpress" and save considerably. There for 10 tampons ask 350-400 rubles. The spread of prices here is not as big as in Russia. It is best in this situation to choose a trusted seller and read reviews about the store. The more positive recommendations, the better. The cost of Phytotampons Clean Point does not differ from the products of the brand Beautiful Life.

Chinese phytothamps: reviews of gynecologists

Not all doctors in Russia know about these tampons and welcome their use. Therefore, opinions about them were very different. Some doctors note that they can cause a severe chemical burn, negative changes in the hormonal background and cycle failure, these phytotampins. The doctors' recommendations recommend not to rush with this purchase at the first advice of a friend, but to begin to seek advice from a gynecologist. Take into account all contraindications and recommendations of a specialist when using. When allergic reactions appear, you need to stop using the phytotampons Beautiful Life.

phytothamps reviews of gynecologists

Reviews of gynecologists note that products can not replace medicines and affect obstruction of fallopian tubes and ovaries, since they simply do not come into contact with them. In this case, completely different methods of treatment are possible.

Also, doctors recommend to pay attention to this purchase and try not to run into a fake. Throughout the course, it is advised to be examined regularly by a gynecologist. It is believed that tampons can not replace a medical product, they only complement therapy.

Phytotamposons: testimonials real

phytothamps beautiful life reviews of gynecologists

Products are novelty for the gynecological sphere. As a result of their application, a number of various reviews were formed. With a positive result, women are considered almost a panacea for all ills Chinese phytotampons Beautiful Life. The reviews of these ladies state that they quickly remove the inflammatory process. Heal the thrush. It is noted that the product effectively affects the microflora of the vagina. Eliminates pain syndrome with menstruation and malaise with menopause.

Women have undergone a course of treatment perfectly. At this time, they did not experience any significant ailments. It is said that when the tampon is first introduced, too much mucus, films and other harmful elements go out. With each introduction, the amount of such substances is markedly reduced, and the vagina becomes clean and narrow, which can not but rejoice for women giving birth. These people order them repeatedly, and products for them are a kind of wand-zashchalochkoy.

Some note the short duration of Chinese products. It is said that after using them all problems return back. It is believed that they give a temporary and rather short-term effect. They did not cause side effects of the phytotampons Beautiful Life.

Reviews negative create an absolutely unsightly picture. They note the most serious chemical burns, as a result of which a prolonged recovery treatment was required. It is claimed that the use of these products only aggravated the disease, causing a serious violation of the menstrual cycle, changes in the hormonal background, bleeding, which was difficult to stop. They indicate unbearable itching and burning after tampons. They note that their use had to be stopped.

Phytotampons Beautiful Life and Clean Point should be administered after consultation with a gynecologist, otherwise the consequences from their use may be sad.