Maternity hospital № 20 on Pervomayskaya: reviews. Maternity hospital № 20 on Pervomaiskaya: doctors, photo

Your life is finally ripe for happy changes, you are pregnant and are waiting for the family to replenish. Nature has enough time for a woman to prepare for childbirth. A very important point, and with it is to decide long before the appearance of the baby - the choice of a specialized medical institution in which your long-awaited child should see the light.

Choosing a maternity hospital

When choosing a clinic, women use a variety of criteria. Among them, the most common are trust in a doctor, the geographical proximity of a medical institution, the availability of high-quality equipment and equipment, and the conditions of stay.

maternity hospital 20 on May Day

20 maternity hospital( Moscow, Pervomaiskaya) has earned a well-deserved reputation among the women of the city, because it meets all the requirements and conditions that a modern woman presents for the delivery process, and has a lot of positive feedback from grateful patients.

Advantages of

Since the opening of this institution, tens of thousands of women in childbirth have already received the help of highly qualified specialists here.

In 2009, 20 maternity hospitals on the Upper Pervomayskaya was completely reconstructed, major repairs were made to the entire building. Today it is a modern clinic equipped according to the latest medical standards. Here the future mothers and newborns can be provided with the widest range of medical services, both on a paid basis and on a free basis. There is also a women's consultation at the 20 maternity hospital in Verkhnaya Pervomayskaya, 57, where patients can seek help.

The clinic operates the Mothers' School, and women of any age and level of education can obtain reliable information about correct and effective behavior in the process of delivery. Attraction to the practical occupations of psychologists and psychotherapists contributes to the elimination of negative emotions and, most importantly, to getting rid of fear of forthcoming births, which is inherent in many women in labor.

The school of motherhood is one of the important stages of comprehensive preparation for childbirth and future joint living with the child, especially for women giving birth for the first time.

Contact information

Phone: +7( 495) 465-93-08.Address: Moscow, Verkhnaya Pervomaiskaya street, 37 - the first branch;Moscow, st.7th Park, 21a - the second branch. The hospital has its own official website. For all questions, please call +7( 968) 947-14-04.

maternity hospital 20 on May Day reviews

Specialists of

The doctor who will take delivery, should enjoy the woman's full and unconditional confidence, because she gives into his hands the most expensive - the health of both her own and the baby. Doctors 20 maternity homes on May Day have already adopted tens of thousands of newborns. The staff of the clinic is staffed by qualified specialists, among whom are professionals in the field, such as the head of the admission department O. V. Gorbunova, the head of the 2 nd obstetric physiological department Panosyan SR, the head of the birth department A. Volkodav, the doctor-therapist KalachevaIM, head of the 1 st obstetric physiological department Rogozhina TN, head of the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation Markina G. A. They work in a hospital known all over as maternity hospital No. 20 on Pervomayskaya Street, doctors, photo of which is on the officialhospital's official website. There you can see the kind, smiling and calm faces of people who will certainly give confidence in their abilities to any woman in labor. Annually, the doctors of the clinic take 5-6 thousand births.

maternity hospital 20 on May Day doctors photo


Maternity hospital No. 20 on Pervomayskaya is equipped with the most modern diagnostic tools, thanks to which it is possible to quickly detect any changes in the state of the future mother, to observe these processes in dynamics and to maintain the normal course of pregnancy.

In the clinic, you can conduct the following studies:

  • Ultrasound.
  • Cardiotocography.
  • Electrocardiography.
  • All laboratory tests.

Here, in addition to the above methods of diagnosis, you can get advice from specialists such as ENT doctor, oculist, therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist. Department of Pathology of Pregnancy

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not always go smoothly and without various complications. On the basis of maternity hospital № 20, today the department of pregnancy pathology functions. Qualified health workers accept women from the 22nd week of gestation. The most common reasons why women may need to be hospitalized in the department of pathology are miscarriage, fetal development retardation syndrome, fetoplacental insufficiency, gestosis.

Terms of placement

In addition to quality medical care, maternity hospital No. 20( Upper Pervomayskaya, 57) offers a comfortable stay. Possible accommodation in 1-, 2- or 3-bed wards both before the birth and in the postpartum period. Postnatal rooms are designed for the joint stay of a woman with a child. The delivery is carried out in individual boxes.

maternity hospital 20 on the May Day photo

After reconstruction and repair of maternity hospital No. 20 on Pervomayskaya Street, photo of which it only confirms, it looks modern and high-tech.

Contract for delivery

If you want and availability of funds, patients who choose maternity hospital No. 20 on Pervomayskaya can contract for paid medical services. This can be done already at the onset of the 36th week of pregnancy. In this case, the future mother is given the opportunity to give preference to that doctor, whose experience and skill she trusts more than others. Beginning with the signing of the contract, the doctor will monitor the condition of the mother during the remaining period of pregnancy and take delivery.

In case of signing the agreement, the clinic undertakes to conduct consultations, ultrasound and CTG studies, hospitalization in the birth department, delivery in an individual box with the support of a specialist chosen by the patient, the use of epidural anesthesia, both at the request of the woman and by medical attention, finding a womanin a comfortable postpartum ward. If desired, from the side of the future mother, partner births are possible.

The contract provides for post-natal care - consultation of an obstetrician-gynecologist and ultrasound examination within a calendar month after discharge.

What to take with you on delivery

Your expectant mother in the last stages of pregnancy needs to have her "anxious suitcase", which will contain those things that will be needed in the pre- and post-natal period. Prepare it in advance. The list of things in the 20 maternity home on Pervomayskaya: identity card( passport), exchange card, a copy of the disability sheet, referral from the women's consultation( contract for childbirth), SNILS.If available - MHI policy, generic certificate.

In addition, the parental will need personal hygiene items - soap, toothbrush and paste, a personal towel, shoes that can easily be sanitized( rubber slippers), nightgown and bathrobe.

It is not necessary to take anything from foodstuffs, it may be necessary to use only bottled water. The charger to the phone and the phone itself can be taken with you before going to the clinic.

20 maternity hospital on the upper May Day

Immediately after birth, you may need to use disposable panties, a bra made from natural fabrics, breast pads and postnatal pads, a nipple treatment. For the born baby it is necessary to prepare diapers, a pacifier, children's cream and soap.

Extract from the maternity home

Finally, the most joyful event in the life of a woman happened, and I want to return to my native walls as soon as possible, to show the baby his house. If everything went well, the health of the child or mother does not threaten anything, and the new family is ready to take the new member under the roof of the new member, then the discharge after the delivery takes place on the fourth day, and after the operation of the cesarean section - to the fifth. On the basis of the consent of the relatives, two vaccinations can be made to the child, which correspond to the vaccination schedule - from tuberculosis and hepatitis B.

by Maternity Hospital No. 20 on Pervomaiskaya. Reviews

Find out about the reputation of a medical institution now is not difficult. It is only necessary to turn to the World Wide Web for help. The number of positive responses about such clinic as maternity hospital No. 20 on Pervomayskaya will certainly outweigh the scales when choosing a medical institution.

Future mothers and women who have already given birth, mark the high professionalism of doctors and nurses. The words of gratitude sound to specific doctors and teamwork of the team, which is able to make instant and correct decisions in emergency situations.

list of things in the 20 maternity hospital on May Day

Do not remain without the close attention of patients and the comfort of staying in the hospital. They note good conditions, comfort and cleanliness in the wards, the presence of shower rooms and toilets in them, the convenience of transformer beds in generic boxes and the optimum temperature in all rooms.

Of positive moments, the speed of processing the necessary documents upon admission or discharge to maternity hospital No. 20 on Pervomayskaya is also noted. The testimonies indicate that compliance with formalities takes no more than a few minutes, which distinguishes this clinic from other similar types of specialized institutions.

Very often words of gratitude and gratitude sound to the address of junior medical personnel. Patients note his friendliness and benevolence, and it is very important for a woman who is torn from her usual situation and can undergo physical discomfort or pain. The words of support at this point will not be superfluous.

Do not go unnoticed by patients and the policy of the maternity hospital on the paramount importance of breastfeeding. Toddlers, of course, give out, if necessary, a mixture. But a lot of effort is applied by doctors and nurses in order for a woman to be able to feed her baby with breast milk. With such a statement of the question it is difficult to argue. Of course, the decision on the way to feed your own baby is the prerogative of the woman in childbirth. But no one can refute the postulate that mother's milk provides maximum protection of the child's immune system, colonizes his intestines with the "right" microflora, is well absorbed, allows to avoid allergic reactions in the child.

There are sometimes not very satisfied patients among the women who share their impressions of the parturient women. Negative impressions were received by them mainly for one reason - the impossibility of partner births. For most of them, this is a disappointment. But with a deeper study of the problem, it turns out that the refusal on the part of medical personnel is caused by non-compliance with the mandatory requirements for partner births.

We give birth to

Recently, in Russia, and throughout the world, the practice of partner birth has gained wide popularity, and more and more fathers want to see their child from the moment of birth. The presence of a beloved husband in such a serious and crucial moment in the life of the family allows the mother to survive the physiological process with great comfort.

With success, the practice of joint labor is also practiced in maternity hospital No. 20.

If a woman decides to give birth in the presence and with the help of the child's father, it will be necessary to observe some formalities. The father of the child should be given the results of a fluorography, which is done no more than six months before the partner birth or chest X-ray, the results of this study are valid for one year.

In addition, a partner in childbirth should have shoes that can easily be sanitized( rubber slippers) and socks.

If the couple decided to give birth together, it is worth keeping all the requirements of the administration of the maternity home and medical personnel, especially since this does not cause any difficulties. The only purpose of these requirements is the health of the future mother and baby, adherence to the sanitary and hygienic regime.

Considering the advantages of

Going to childbirth, rest assured that your life will undergo a lot of changes. And they will all be for the best. Despite the fact that after the appearance of the baby, the mother will greatly add trouble and worries, in her life will appear the main thing - her child, the greatest happiness for a woman!