How to cure scabies in one day? Preparations against scabies."Benzyl benzoate"( ointment): instructions for use

Scabies is a skin disease easily transmitted from a sick person to a healthy one. Scabies mite - this is the causative agent, paving the way in the upper layers of the skin and laying eggs. The first signs of the disease: the affected area of ​​the skin becomes red and itchy, especially at night.

Preparations for the treatment of scabies

How to cure scabies in one day? The most effective means is a 20% emulsion of benzyl benzoate. The drug is easily applied to the skin, leaves no traces on bed linens and clothes, it is easily removed during washing. A slight lack of emulsion - the presence of a fuzzy specific odor.

Benzyl benzoate - ointment has no less effective properties. Instruction for use says that this drug treats scabies and skin diseases, which are based on parasitic etiology. The medicine is on the list of important and vital means.20% ointment is as effective as the emulsion.10% of the composition is not enough to treat an adult, but enough for use in a child.

how to cure scabies in one day

The parasitic group of medicines includes benzyl benzoate( ointment).Instruction for use contains the following information: the active components of the drug penetrate deeply into the skin and have a toxic effect on various kinds of parasites, including the scabies and its larvae, as well as pubic and head lice. No form of benzyl benzoate is absorbed into the blood. The effect of the drug is exclusively local in nature and does not have a negative effect on the body as a whole.

Symptoms of scabies

Next we will consider how scabies, symptoms, treatment at home are manifested. Between the moment of infection and the appearance of the first signs, it can take as long as 1 day, and a week, or even more. The course of the incubation period depends on the season and the number of parasites on the body.

The main symptom at the beginning of the disease is itching with gradually increasing intensity in the dark. This is because the activity of parasites increases by the end of the day. Another symptom of the disease are rashes. Some patients also call other signs, but without the rash still can not do, and it manifests itself in certain places. The appearance of small nodules in patients is observed in the interdigital zone and on the lateral surface of the fingers.

benzyl benzoate ointment

What are the symptoms of scabies? Treatment at home will be effective if you carefully handle all the affected areas. The most common rash is covered by:

  • wrist joints;
  • genital organs;
  • axillary cavities;
  • ankles;
  • folds of shoulders and forearms;
  • breast;
  • stops;
  • near-buccal region;
  • the lower back;
  • abdominal lateral surface;
  • popliteal cavities;
  • inner thighs.

The course of the disease

Many patients are concerned with the question: how to cure scabies in one day? Practically nothing. But you can not start the disease. After a few weeks, a mild rash will turn into papuloveziculosis. The organism thus reacts to the life of mites, shows an allergic reaction to their excrement. Some people even suffer from purulent eruptions and bloody crusts that are often symmetrical. scabies symptoms treatment at home

Typical scabies are characterized by group itching. If all members of the family begin to itch by the evening, then visit the dermatologist should not be postponed for long.

Manifestation of scabies in children

When a child gets sick, every mom begins to think frantically how to cure scabies in one day? First, you need to understand the features of the course of the disease in the child's body:

  • For rashes is not characteristic of a clear symmetrical localization. The rash can appear absolutely anywhere, even on the face.
  • Breast and toddlers up to 3 years old can suffer from exfoliation of nails.
  • In addition, children may experience general ailments: fever, tearfulness, irritability, loss of appetite, weakness and other diseases caused by decreased immunity.

About the general principles of

The first symptoms of scabies are already known, now you need to decide on the correct order of the fight. First, the treatment of all cohabiting patients should be simultaneous, since the risk of re-infection, even after the illness that was just transferred, was not canceled. The working collective undergoes general therapy only if there are at least 3 cases of the disease.

Anti-scratch should be applied once to the skin to anyone who has been in close contact with the patient. The patient should strictly adhere to the treatment regimen, since cases of self-infection and re-infection occur quite often. The application of the prescribed drug to the body should be carried out directly by the patients themselves, because the palms are usually covered with a huge amount of scab waste. Rub the product in the direction in which the hair grows, and reduce the intensity in areas with a delicate skin.

how to cure scabies in a child

How to get rid of scabies quickly? The application of the drug should begin with the cleaning of the nails, as a constant combing leads to the accumulation of parasite eggs under them. Female tick, which is the causative agent of the disease, is awake in the evening and at night, therefore, the procedures performed at this time will be most effective.

How to cure scabies in one day? It is almost impossible, but if from the first day to start drinking antihistamine and hyposensitizing( reducing susceptibility to allergens) drugs, the development of dermatitis can be blocked on the vine. At the end of the treatment course, you must necessarily change bed and underwear, and after 2 weeks visit a doctor.

Treatment of scabies in children

How to cure scabies in a child? It is necessary not only to buy the appropriate medicines, but also to take a number of measures aimed at eliminating ticks and their larvae from the clothes and bed linen of the patient.

To quickly and effectively get rid of this disease, you must adhere to the following principles:

  • treatment of co-living people should be simultaneous;
  • hands and other delicate skin are recommended to be processed most carefully;
  • nails should be as short as possible;
  • any fabric surface in the house should be heat treated, and clothes and underwear - boiling and ironing;
  • complicated form of scabies requires compulsory medical supervision;
  • period of quarantine is not less than 10 days.

Means to cure scabies in children

Most patients are concerned about severe itching. Scabies - a disease that can not be treated without taking an antihistamine. Also need synthetic scabicidal drugs, the form of which can be different: ointment, lotion, spray or emulsion. Severe form of the disease requires the connection of antibiotics.

how to cure scabies at home

Important! The medicine and the dose can be determined only by the attending physician after having performed an external examination and will examine the results of the tests. Independent treatment, especially children, can lead to poisoning of the body with a potent poison or to the incomplete elimination of ticks.

What ointments save you from scabies?

The most effective form for treatment of scabies in a child is an ointment:

  • Sernaya is the most inexpensive drug. Method of application - daily rubbing in the skin, affected by mites, for 7 days.
  • "Permethrin" is a highly effective drug. Completely get rid of the tick can be after 2 skin treatments.
  • "Benzyl benzoate" is an ointment that can kill adult scabies in just 2 applications.

Important! The above preparations have different concentrations, so when purchasing an ointment, tell the pharmacist that you are buying it for the baby.

Consistent development of the disease

Specialists identify the following stages of scabies:

  • Incubation - approximately 1.5 months. It is this long time that a tick needs to be fixed in order to gain a foothold in a new place. Depending on how strong the immune system is, the activity of the pathogen will depend. The more parasites got on the skin, the longer the incubation period lasts.
  • Re-infection. Manifestation of itching begins an hour after the tick has penetrated the skin.
  • Complications of the disease occur if a bacterial flora and an allergic reaction attach.

Forms of scabies

The manifestation of clinical symptoms may vary depending on the form of the disease:

  • With typical scabies, the skin surface becomes covered with a red rash. The localization of spots is observed in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, toes and hands.
  • Nodular is named so because the tick-sulcus ends with a nodule that serves as the site for the itching of the itch. how to get rid of scabies fast
  • Norwegian is a very rare type of disease. It can develop only if there is a sharply reduced immunity. The risk group includes HIV-infected, alcoholics, people with congenital and acquired immunodeficiency status. When asked how to get rid of scabies quickly, in this case it is possible to answer unequivocally that in any way, since Norwegian scabies are the most severe and most contagious form of the disease( the itch mite is concentrated in the crust as much as possible).

Folk ways to combat scabies

How to cure scabies at home? You can turn to folk medicine.

Among the most effective methods, the treatment with home ointment is given:

  • The Bay leaf and celandine are mixed in equal amounts. Ingredients should be crushed thoroughly and added to the prepared ointment base. If it is butter, then it must first be put in a warm place. The use of lard includes preliminary grinding it with the help of a meat grinder. Apply this drug should be for 5-6 days until the symptoms disappear completely.
  • 200 g thick cream and rastolchenny hunting powder in an amount of 50 g should be mixed until a homogeneous mass and leave in a warm. After 2 hours, the beater can be used to treat the skin. Duration of treatment is 1 week.
  • Preheated birch tar should cover every manifestation of scabies and do not flush the remedy for at least 3 hours.
  • For preparation of the onion and onion composition the following ingredients will be needed: laundry soap - 1 piece, onion and garlic head. The melted soap, as well as the chopped onions and garlic should be mixed and left to freeze. This composition is recommended to be applied to the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day( morning, evening).The use of a soap recipe, like other folk methods, gives a positive result, but only with mild illness.

The first signs of infection with scabies in an adult

It is believed that parasites that cause scabies can be obtained from an animal. In fact, this is far from the case. Transmission of the parasite occurs only with the bodily contact of the skin of one person with another. Scabies in adults are manifested by a small rash and itching, which intensifies in the evening.

itchy scabies

The following areas are the most susceptible to attack of the scabies:

  • interdigital zone of the hands;
  • inner elbow surface;
  • stops;Axillary part;
  • chest.

Mating occurs at night, after which the male dies, and the goal of the fertilized female is the making of the moves and the laying of eggs.
After 2 weeks, larvae appear, which become adult mites 10-14 days later.

Lifetime of the female is 1 month. Detection of scabies facilitates the application of iodine to the skin. By carefully examining the rash, the patient can see for himself the parasite moves-lines that have a whitish-gray color, the size of which varies from 1 mm to 1 cm.